Make $100 Daily: 10 Proven Ways You Can Earn $100 Every Day

Make $100 daily? How can you make that happen? I know you are somewhat curious to know if it’s possible to earn this amount every day working from home. If you have been wondering or wanting to know the legitimate ways to make money, at least $100 daily, this post is for you, so stay glued till the end and you will learn valuable things.

However, I’m going to share my personal experiences and what others have done too to make this a reality, and even earn more on the internet with no strings attached, and it’s not a get-rich-quick-scheme.

Moreover, if you want to increase your earnings in whatever you do, here are three tips to go about it (though two tips basically);

  • The Aggressive Method: If you desire to increase your income aggressively you have to work really hard and smart to augment your income or daily earnings.
  • The Defensive Method: If you want to tackle increasing your income by being defensive, you need to cut back on expenses, cut costs, and stop living above your means.
  • The Dual Method; Combining Both Aggressive And Defensive Methods: However, combining both the aggressive and defensive methods can greatly increase your income, which is actually the best way to make it work. READ THIS POST FOR MORE INSIGHT.

Hence, what I’m going to share in this post is all up to you to contemplate on your path, and please note, never believe that the ways to make $100 daily are easy to just jump on and become rich instantly, it requires hard work to get there, so settle that in your mind. If you don’t implement whatever you will learn here accurately, I won’t guarantee you the result.

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10 Ways To Make $100 Daily

1 Graphic Design

To make $100 daily in graphic design you have to learn and become an expert in it. You can start out by taking free or paid courses on Google Skills Site. You can as well copy several creative designs you find on flyers, flexes, posters, and whatever you can lay your hands on, practice, till you become and pro, then the possibility to make $100 daily, will be visible.

Silver and Black Imac's
Make $100 Daily – Graphic Design

The basic thing is to perfect the graphic design skill and be willing to pay the price of giving yourself consistent learning and improving till you are worth more than $100.

2 Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is another powerful way you can make $100 daily. One of the top portrait photographers in Nigeria Amazing Klef is so good at what he does, to a point that his photography skill has expanded to making shows with top celebrities in Nigeria.

Close Up Photo of Woman's Face
Make $100 Daily – Portrait Photography

He charges a minimum of $200 per portrait, that is huge right? Yeah! That is because his job is top-notch when it comes to portrait photography. However, at the moment everybody wants to have a session of photoshoot with him, but he is busy upgrading his skills and becoming known internationally.

3 Videography

Videography is one of the top ways to make $100 daily, especially now the global economy is becoming digital and advanced, companies and business owners are actually searching for video experts to be able to tell their stories in an epic video, how about you being that person they looking for?

Black Rode Camcorder
Make $100 Daily – Videography

Videos are more creative when it comes to capturing the minds of people and telling a story lucidly. For you who has been procrastinating learning this skill because the excuse is “there is no money on the ground,” there are thousands of free tutorials on Google, YouTube and so on, that can guide you to begin.

4 Wedding Coverage

Top 10 Best Wedding Blogs In Nigeria (2021) - Nigerian Guide
Make $100 Daily – Wedding Coverage

The wedding market in Nigeria is a multimillion-dollar industry, that Nigerian ranks the highest on Google searches as the country with the most celebrity weddings taking place every Saturday. Videographers and photographers that cover these events charge more than $2000 (N1 million).

5 Coding/App And Web Development

Coding and web development is undoubtedly one of the top money-making machines in the world. If you know this skill, you can be paid as high as $10,000 to code or build an app for a company.

Gray Laptop Computer Showing Html Codes in Shallow Focus Photography
Make $100 Daily – Web Development

You can as well create or develop your own app and upload it to the Play Store/App Store or build your own website and run your digital agency on it and make money through advertising. But this takes a lot of time, hard work, and discipline to scale through.

6 Selling Assets Online

A Man Using Tablet while Sitting with His Feet on Table
Make $100 Daily – Online Assets

If you have reached the climax of your career and you wish to earn passively, selling assets online is another lucrative way to make $100 daily. You can sell your designs, photos, ebooks, tutorials (courses), and other skills you have mastered in the long run.

7 Affiliate Revenue (Affiliate Marketing)

Free stock photo of achievement, business, composition
Make $100 Daily – Affiliate Marketing

This is a gamechanger indeed! Affiliate revenue is a great way to make $100 daily passively. If you are conversant with my blog, then you should know how much I emphasize making money in affiliate marketing. Register on any of the affiliate networks such as Learnoflix Affiliate Program and earn massively. I have been with them for the past 8 months and I can tell it’s extremely easy to make your first $100 within 24 hours of starting. Learnoflix guides you step-by-step to make your first $100 by giving free courses worth $5000.

8 Invest In Cryptocurrency And Stocks

Cryptocurrency, as I mentioned in my previous post, will be the next generational wealth. You would agree with me about how much people make these days from just spending a few hours on Binance trading crypto pairs. It’s time to take advantage of this space and make $100 daily. Though cryptocurrency is risky it’s a cool well to make $100 daily.

Bitcoins and U.s Dollar Bills
Make $100 Daily – Cryptocurrency And Stocks

You can also invest in the stocks of big companies in the world like Microsoft, Facebook, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Amazon, etc. Nigerians can take advantage of financial apps such as Bamboo and Trove to invest in American stocks and Webull for those living in the US.

9 Social Media Promoters/Influencers

Social media promoters and influencers can also make a lot of money. It is now more like an established fact that almost everyone with a huge following on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok is an influencer in one niche or another.

Focused black blogger applying makeup and recording video
Make $100 Daily – Social Media Influencer

Be that as it, if anyone attains a following of at least 5000 followers, they get categorized into the micro-influencers hub. And as such, marketers and companies use these kinds of people to promote their products because they are somehow affordable for these companies due to the fact that they may not charge much. However, if you happen to fall in the micro influencers’ category with at least 5,000 to 15,000, you can charge from $20 to $50 per post depending on the niche or products/brands.

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10 Original Content Creator

This is one of the surest ways to churn in hundreds of dollars daily because it’s a long-term method, though takes time. Like starting a blog, YouTube channel, podcast, etc. For this method, the chances of gaining income immediately are zero to little. However, this kind usually kicks off from a standpoint of passion whereby you really love what you do, not necessarily income-focused at first when starting out.

Person Using Laptop Computer on Table
Make $100 Daily – Content Marketing

It takes consistency in creating valuable content like this one for people to consume and thereby build a list of loyal followers who love visiting your space to enjoy fresh content. With this, you can make anything from $100 to $300 daily depending on hard work and consistency.

Final Note

It’s quite interesting to know that a lot of young people are in this space making more than $100 every day. It is pertinent to grasp that $100 is the minimum any serious person can make daily. But it is only those who don’t push beyond limits settle for a few bucks like $30 to $50 daily. Though starting small is permitted, over time you should be able to increase your level of earnings per day.

Do you believe one can make $500 a daily? What has been your journey to making $100 daily, or more? How much do you make daily currently? I would like to know your own story and what you do in the comment box below. Thank you for reading!


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