Baby Milk Bath: Is Breast Milk Bath Necessary For babies?

What Happens When You Fill A Bathtub With Milk Instead Of Water?

Baby Milk Bath: Apart from breastfeeding, your baby can also benefit from breast milk. Giving your baby a milk bath makes them scent fresh and it remedies some common skin issues as well as health. It is easy, try it out and give your baby a spa-like experience.

Meaning Of Milk Bath For Baby

A milk bath is adding breast milk to your baby’s bathtub containing lukewarm water. It helps to protect and nourish your baby’s skin and helps to treat and heal some skin problems both internally and externally.

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Benefits Of Breast Milk Bath

A lot has been written about the benefit of breast milk and how it helps to develop infants’ immune systems. They are however nutrients like minerals, carbohydrates, vitamins, fats, and bioactive substances that are found in breast milk and they also consist of healing properties that can help the baby’s skin. 

Breast Milk Contains The Following:

  • Oleic acid fights aging indications and moisturizes the skin.
  • Lauric acid serves as an antibacterial agent and also helps to moisturize the skin.
  • Palmitic acid is also a good moisturizer.
  • Vaccines acid nourishes and protects the skin.
  • Linoleic acid diminishes inflammation and lightens spots.
  • It also contains a blood protein called immunoglobulin A that helps fight infection.

Some common skin problems in an infant which can be solved by breast milk bath includes:

  • Acne: Lauric acid which consists properties of antibacterial can help to fight your baby’s acne which occurred as a result of the hormones absorbed by the baby from your blood in the uterus.
  • Diaper Dermatitis or diaper rash: this is inflammation of the baby’s skin caused by a diaper. The presence of linoleic acid in breast milk helps to reduce inflammation and treat diaper rash.
  • Eczema: breast milk also helps fight and treat eczema.
  • Dry and flaky skin: the presence of palmitic acid in breast milk helps to moisturize your baby’s skin.
  • Cuts: immunoglobulin A present in the breast milk helps to soothe minor cuts on your baby’s skin.

For nursing mothers, you don’t need to neglect yourself but make use of your breast milk.

  • You can apply breast milk on your nipples to help heal their soreness.
  • Some drops of breast milk can also help with obstructed tear ducts and infection.

How To Give Your Baby a Breast Milk Bath

  • Fill your baby’s bathtub with lukewarm water
  • Add breast milk to the lukewarm to make the water cloudy and milky as the case be
  • Place your baby gently in the tub.
  • Allow them to soak for 10-15 minutes while you plash the water over your baby’s body
  • While sprinkling the water all over their body watch out for irritations.
  • Take your baby out of the water, needless of rinsing
  • Carefully pat and dry them
  • Use a moisturizing lotion to massage your baby’s skin to lock the hydrating agent that has been absorbed from the milk bath.

What To Note About a Milk Bath

  • You can give your baby a milk bath once or twice a week
  • When giving your baby a milk bath, don’t apply much milk in the water so that your baby will not be smelling milky.
  • You can collect extra milk, freeze and store it in advance for other baths. But thaw it before use.
  • Do not use expired or soured milk. The milk must smell nice and be okay for use. 

There’s no harm in giving your baby a milk bath. With all being said and done, watch out as your baby’s skin becomes soft, supple, and smooth.

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