Is Pepper Spray Legal In NYC? Acceptable For Self Defense In NYC?

Is Pepper Spray Legal In NYC

Is Pepper Spray Legal In NYC: In a world where people term free, they seem to do whatever they please. Insecurity is on the high side, pepper spray can pose as a very useful device for self-defense. But it is important to know the laws surrounding the use of pepper spray, especially in a place like New York City.

What Is Pepper Spray?

Pepper spray is a mixture of substances that causes displeasure to the eyes, it causes pain, tears, and temporary blindness. It is mainly used in crowd control, policing, self-defense, and even defense against dogs and bears. The burning sensation caused by pepper spray causes the eyes to close and temporal loss of vision. It also causes burning of the lungs and it leads to shortness of breath.

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Originally, pepper spray was produced mainly for defense against lions, wolves, bears, and other dangerous animals. It was usually known as bear spray.

The person who developed pepper spray was Kamran Loghman and it was mainly to control riots, with guidance on how to be used by the police department.

Types Of Pepper Spray 

Pepper spray can be categorized according to its use. They are mostly for:

  • Crowd control and law enforcement 
  • Self-defense 
  • Animal control use.

— Crowd Control And Law Enforcement Spray:

This type contains only oleoresin capsicum (OC), or it can also be called tear gas, containing 2-chlorobenzalmalononitrile (CS). 

— Self-Defense:

Civilians do not normally carry guns, they need a particular type of pepper spray that is effective to ward off attacks like the use of pepper spray that contains CS or OC as the major ingredient or both. It allows one to escape from any attacker and call the police.

— Animal Control:

Before now, pepper spray was produced to be used to scare wild animals like bears, rabid, stray dogs, and other large animals. This type of pepper spray is mostly used in nature excursions, camping trips, and adventure treks.

It helps you to protect yourself against wild animals as it causes temporary blindness in animals and temporary difficulty in breathing. Also, animal pepper spray is more effective than pepper spray intended for human attackers.

Is Pepper Spray Allowed In New York City?

In New York City and all other states in the US, pepper spray is legal to use for self-defense. Though some states only permit the use and carry of pepper spray under some circumstances.

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Pepper spray is however legal in New York City, but there are laws concerning pepper spray which you should know about. There are also some exemptions to these laws. New York Consolidated laws and Section 265.20 Exemption of the Penal Laws dictates the laws concerning New York Pepper Spray Laws and its exemptions. 

  • The law states that the pepper spray to be used by a civilian must be a pocket-sized canister.
  • It adds that self-defense spray may contain a chemical substance that is aimed at producing disability through vaporization and discomfort physically.
  • It further adds that the device may comprise tear gas, pepper, or any other agent that causes disability.

However, the exemptions include:

  • The New York pepper spray laws state that the use of pepper spray is disallowed for anyone younger than age 18 to own or carry around.
  • Also, pepper spray is exempted for criminals convicted of committing crimes punishable by imprisonment or death and also for persons outside New York convicted of a felony.
  • This exemption stresses that no person under this exemption is allowed to own, carry around or use a pepper spray device.

Places Pepper Spray Can’t Be Carried To

Pepper Spray is not allowed to be carried in the public. Though, there are certain situations where pepper spray must remain hidden, or even banned from most buildings and establishments.

 For Instance,  pepper spray is not allowed in airlines, especially commercial airlines. It could be very dangerous if sprayed accidentally. Carrying Pepper Spray on an airline is a crime that attracts a fine of over $20,000. 

Also, pepper spray is disallowed in secured buildings like state establishments and government buildings. This really took effect after the 9/11 event that happened in 2001. These laws are being enforced in New York City and other states without excuses. Anyone who falls victim will face the penalty or pay a fine.

 Summarily, It is important to note these laws surrounding the possession of pepper spray in New York City, not to fall, victim.


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