Making Money Sites In Nigeria: See Top 6 To Earn Online Daily

Making Money Sites In Nigeria

Making Money Sites In Nigeria: Is it true that you are looking for online lucrative websites in Nigeria that are genuine and dependable, and you can earn some passive income from home?

All things considered, in this article I’ll show you my main 6 sites to make month-to-month pay in Nigeria. These are sites that give online jobs that pay every day. The money you make will be highly subject to the accessible jobs and the number of tasks finished by you.

Nonetheless, let me inform you ahead and very quickly that these sites will not get you rich rapidly. Additionally, there are insufficient tasks to take care of all workers available on these sites. jobs are added and refreshed day by day relying on the number of sponsors that need freelancers.

Besides, the sort of jobs you’ll be occupied with on these sites are such that are small. Tasks like youtube subscription, social media following, likes, watching videos, and so on. However, the initial four websites I will make reference to are totally allowed to enroll without paying a dime, though, the last two websites expect you to purchase a one-time access fee to enjoy the full benefits of these sites.

Making Money Sites In Nigeria – Top 6

1 Nairaworkers

Nairaworkers is a website designed for freelancing, crowdsourcing, and outsourcing marketplace. The Platform connects freelancers all over Nigeria. This is a hub where workers are needed to carry out tasks and get paid for free without paying a registration fee to join.

Nairaworkers Review; Is Nairaworkers Legit or Scam? - The Tech Ninjas
Making Money Sites In Nigeria – Nairaworkers

How it works is job creators, upload jobs like Facebook page likes, YouTube subscriptions, Instagram and Twitter following, promoting social media networks, writing, data entry, testing websites, searching, downloading and installing, using mobile apps, etc.

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After registration, you will be sent a 4-digit activation code to activate your account for full access. When that is done, you will see available jobs, when you click on it, there are two categories you will come in contact with; Most Recent and Highest Paying. In the recent, you will find jobs that pay between N20 to N100, while in Highest Paying you will see jobs that pay from N50 to N150 per job. CLICK HERE TO JOIN.

2 Picoworkers

One of the making-money sites in Nigeria is Picoworkers. On this platform, you can make money without investing a dime. The only two withdrawal methods they have are PayPal and cryptocurrency. If you don’t have a PayPal account that receives and sends funds in Nigeria, either you search online and know how to set up one or you can possibly use cryptocurrency instead of stressing yourself.

Picoworkers: Tareas pagadas (todo el mundo) |
Making Money Sites In Nigeria – Picoworkers

Picoworkers has varieties of jobs ranging from Facebook likes, comments, YouTube channel subscriptions, Gmail sign-ups, app installations, and more. Commissions for each job completed successfully can be from $0.04 to $1. Picoworkers can earn you some good money, but you will labor really hard to make that happen. JOIN HERE FOR FREE.

3 Rapidworkers

RapidWorkers Review - Legit Micro Jobs or Big SCAM?
Making Money Sites In Nigeria – Rapidworkers

As one of the making money sites in Nigeria, it’s very similar to Picoworkers, but the difference is that Rapidworkers has more jobs as compared to Picoworkers. That means you are guaranteed good earnings, only if you put in a great effort.

You can earn from $0.05 to $1.2 for every job you complete successfully on Rapidworkers. And you can only cash out via PayPal. Like I said before, there are free resources scattered all over the internet that can show a step-by-step guide to creating a PayPal account that can send and receive funds right here in Nigeria.

4 Humanatic

Humanatic call reviewing
Making Money Sites In Nigeria – Humanatic

Humanatic is a website you review calls and get paid. It’s a very simple site that only pays via PayPal. But recently they have been working to add more payment methods other than PayPal. Here the minimum you earn per call reviewed is from $0.005 to as high as $0.43. Calculate how much you can make daily if you review more than 500 calls. However, I did a comprehensive review on this, CHECK IT OUT HERE!

5 AfricGold

AfricGold is currently one of the making money sites in Nigeria with over 2500 people registered already. The site is still very new and you can make some passive income from there if you wish to try it out, though it’s not free to join.

Africgold Review: Legit or Scam? Read Before Joining - Bloginsense
Making Money In Nigeria – AfricGold

The platform has three packages namely; Musk, Pentium, and Skyway, which cost N3,000, N5,000, and N10,000 respectively. It is different from the read news and gets paid websites that have gone extinct, in AfricGold, you mine cryptocurrency every hour depending on your package.

Be that as it may, you earn between N15 per hour to N110, and withdrawal is made directly to your local bank account. Some withdrawals can be instant and some within 24 hours. Before joining, please take a little time to go through the review I made about them HERE.

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6 Learnoflix Affiliates Program

Learnoflix Affiliates Program is an affiliate network in Nigeria that is fast-rising but has gained some ground in the global marketplace. People register from around the world, and the platform pays in 4 currencies; Naira, Dollars, GH Cedis, and Bitcoin. However, everyone earns dollars as the global currency.

Learnoflix affiliate#1
Making Money Sites In Nigeria – Learnoflix

Learnoflix provides premium courses worth $5000 for free to its affiliates upon a successful registration, and its courses are top skills you can rake in over $10,000 monthly.

Learnoflix affiliates are called traffic hackers due to the training they get on the platform because they know how to make solid sales through the secret traffic strategy they learn in their dashboards. I have done a detailed post on this, CLICK HERE TO READ ALL.

Final Thought

These making-money sites in Nigeria are cool spots to consider if you want to earn passive income. However, truth be told, personally, I will never tell someone to look out for free money online, because the time and energy you invest in trying to earn pennies, can be made use of to earn a better income.

Moreover, are you aware if you make a sale on Leanoflix, you can earn more than $50 per sale, and earn 40% commissions on referrals (which is N25,000)? I was once an advocate for free things online, but now never! Because my eyes opened to discover I wasted a lot of time trying to make $0.5 daily when I could equally, with the same vigor, earn $100 per day.

Just change your mindset and see better opportunities. Nigerians are making so much from affiliate marketing, those that show you how to earn these small pennies are actually cruising jeeps, did they get the money from those free platforms to buy? Make up your mind to change your financial level, if you want real money, sacrifice your money to join profitable sites and get paid till Jesus comes.

Be that as it may, I hope you have learned something valuable from this post, do well to share and comment. Thank you!


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