Google Digital Skills For Africa: The Best Hub For Digital Marketers

Google Digital Skills For Africa: The Best Hub For Digital Marketers

Google Digital Skills For Africa…This is a Digital Skills acquisition course system designed and established by Google, where Google experts (trainers) help to train people with practical steps, to convert digital knowledge into action, which in turn will produce results.

Why The Google Skills Initiative?

Google Digital Skills For Africa is a hub for digital skills, especially for Digital Marketers. So, if you are just starting out or looking for a free online space to get trained on digital marketing without paying a dime, Google Digital Skills For Africa is the right hub, as an African as the name implies.

Specifically speaking, this initiative is targeted at young African entrepreneurs who desire to venture into the digital marketing sphere. Google Digital Skills For Africa provides a platform for people to learn reputable digital skills for free and help put these skills into action; that is to say, monetize the skills.

Google Digital Training Certificate Awarded

However, they have a special certification online course known as Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing with 26 Modules and 40 hours stretch, which you can actually take advantage of as a beginner.

More so, Google Digital Skills For Africa boast 156 courses developed by Google and other experts from top universities in the world. These courses are designed to teach you everything and the tools you need to become successful online.

How Does Google Digital Skills Work?

  1. Learn new skills through the short video tutorials and practicalize the knowledge you have acquired by passing a fast quiz test.
  2. You will be presented with an examination that carries 40 questions, which you can glance through in 5 minutes for your certification.
  3. Lastly, you will be given access to download your certificate and showcase it to your client to gain more confidence in your expertise.

What Google Skills Certification Will Do For You

1. Curriculum Vitae (CV) Improvement

Becoming certified by this Google course program will boost your knowledge and understanding of digital marketing core before your employers or clients. You can as well present it as an appendage or part of your CV and file it for job application online on LinkedIn, Fiverr, Upwork, Google My Business Space, Freelancer, WhatsApp Business credentials, Facebook page, your website, etc.

2. Job Hunting

Getting jobs online these days is very competitive, so for you to stand out amongst the best qualified, you have to be certified. Google Digital Skills For Africa will make this dream come true by making you show exceptional or genuine digital skills. And as such, demonstrating the skills you have acquired can help increase your chances of getting employed or closing jobs.

3. Career Growth

By acquiring these digital skills with Google, you can start a new career online and build a very profitable business.

Free Online Marketing Courses From Google - Google Digital Skills for Africa

13 Most Outstanding Digital Skills In The World Available

These skills are taught in the Course “Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing.These skills are beginner-friendly indeed because of the way the modules are structured.

1. Web Optimization

This will teach you how to identify the proper digital channels to help you gain success on your business targets and thereby build conducive user experiences online.

2. Video

Learn how to integrate the video strategy to run ads on a specified budget or amount and optimize in such a way that you are visible to the right people or targeted audience.

3. Social Media

Discover the strategy of identifying the right social networking sites, write awesome contents users will prefer, and build your brand.

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Know the differences that are associated with organic and paid search, as well as discover ways to develop the most efficient SEO plan and optimize web pages so that users can gain access to content easily.

5. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

You will learn the introduction and nitty-gritty of Google Ads. Understand the diverse tools available for research online, and how to make use of keywords to optimize campaigns for a profitable ROI.

6. Mobile

Know the differences between mobile sites and apps and create the most active mobile SEO and strategies deployed in advertising.

7. Local Marketing

Learn how to gain access to and engage your potential customers close by using mobile marketing, utilizing local directories, and as well building a local search presence.

8. Email Marketing

Gain mastery in the fundamentals of email marketing, tracking responses, using A/B testing, and building simple awesome landing pages.

9. E-Commerce

Building an online store with all the recommended tools and strategies, optimizing user experience, and selling online profitably.

10. Display Advertising

Understand the strategies on how to be visible online to the targeted audiences via utilizing the right tools such as ad networks and roadmaps for your display ads.

11. Content Marketing

Learn the strategies on how to build brand awareness to achieve more conversions through creating and distributing valuable content to potential customers.

12. Business Strategy

Understand how to interpret and trail explainable goals, section audiences, and examine data to help enhance your marketing endeavor online.

13. Analytics And Data Insights

This will guide you practically on how to collect and analyze user information for real customers or paying clients.

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Learn Digital Skills with Free Training - Google Digital Garage

Google Digital Skills Online Courses Fundamentals

They have designed a well-articulated interface where you can glide through free courses, in such a way that, to the end, you are established to grow your business and kickstart your long-awaited career.

You can begin your learning journey by choosing from the variety of course modules made available on the platform for you to either select any of them or drive in from the beginning right to the end.

However, there are three categories available; 

  • Digital Marketing
  • Career Development
  • Data and Tech

And there are course lengths that range from a minimum of 1 hour to 20 hours plus.

Google Digital Skills For Africa also has two certifications;

  • Free Certification
  • Paid Certification

They also offer courses based on your level of assimilation, thus; Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels.

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Google Partners

In this Google Digital Skills For Africa, Google is not working alone to build these courses, it has trusted training partners that are very professional in the courses outlined in the platform. Below are the Institutes they partner with;

  1. AJIRA Digital
  2. Mind The Gap
  3. Sanstonz
  4. Konverge Media
  5. Haptics
  6. eMobil Is
  7. Africa Information Services Solution
  8. Wineloya Digital Advertising
  9. ZTallion
  10. Digital Republic

Tools To Improve Your Learning

One of the major reasons people should take advantage of this free opportunity is the availability of tools to help you accelerate your digital marketing training program, which are;

Social Media Tools:

  1. DigitalSkills4Africa
  2. @Digitalskillsaf
  3. @Digitalskillsaf

Mobile Tools:

  1. Google Go
  2. YouTube Go
  3. Files Go
  4. Datally

Advertising And Marketing Tools:

  1. Google My Business
  2. Google Ads
  3. Google AdSense
  4. Google AdMob
  5. Google Analytics
  6. Mobile-Friendly Test
  7. Market Finder By Google
  8. G Suite – Gmail, Docs, Drive Etc

Insight And Learning Tools:

  1. Think With Google
  2. Rework With Google
  3. Applied Digital Skills
  4. Applied Digital Skills For Career

As well as Job Search and Connect Your Job Posting.


Seeing such a great opportunity as this is a goldmine! Courses such as these are what many digital marketing gurus charge thousands of dollars to get you enrolled. In as much as this is a fact since it’s free, many people will trivialize it and ignore its importance.

Through Google Digital Skills For Africa Initiative, many young and advanced Africans have benefitted immensely and have set up their businesses. If you are a beginner, then I recommend you start from here!

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