10 Reasons Why You Should Trade With Intelligence Prime Capital Bot

Intelligence Prime Capital Robot is an AI software that trades the forex market with precision and a high level of 97% accuracy which leads to more profits and fewer losses.

Right from the onset of its launch in June 2021, it has recorded profitable trades consistently. And with the bot’s track record of closing trades in profit in the course of 6 months, a lot of investors have secured their equity with Intelligence Prime Capital Bot System to churn in profits daily.

Therefore, in this article, I will unveil the 10 Reasons why you should partake or invest with Intelligence Prime Capital Bot. So, without much Ado, let’s proceed.

10 Reasons Why You Should Invest With Intelligence Prime Robot

1. Extra Source Of Income

Having multiple streams of income is a great way to seal up financial loopholes. Investing with Intelligence Prime Capital Robot will help suffice for funds to settle some financial demands that other means of income may not provide immediately.

2. Access To Immediate Funds

One of the major reasons I joined the Intelligence Prime Capital Robot System was to be able to gain full control of my withdrawal schedule. Unlike other Investment opportunities or platforms where you are required to withdraw once in 14 days, or 30 days, if you need immediate or emergency funds to settle a dire need, you may not be able to access that easily. But in Intelligence Prime Capital Bot, you access your funds anytime any moment, and from a minimum of $10, you are good to go.

3 Referral Is Not Compulsory

In the Intelligence Prime Capital Robot System, the referral is very optional, and you won’t be given conditions if you don’t refer. There are other systems that tell you that referring people is optional but with unbearable conditions that make room for limitations as to the benefits you should enjoy fully. Intelligence Prime Capital Bot will give you full access to enjoy what everyone else is enjoying apart from referral benefits.

4. Attractive Commissions

If you join Intelligence Prime Capital Bot as a networker, you will enjoy massive commissions. Even as a trader, you are sure of exponential and consistent profits daily.

5. Dual Earnings

You have the opportunity to earn from two aspects; as a trader and as a networker. This is the first broker that takes responsibility for your trading profits and commissions for building a network.

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6 Passive Income

Any income that requires little labor to earn is called passive income. Intelligence Prime Capital Bot can be captured in this perspective if you want to reason making money passively. This platform gives you the open hand to earn even without being actively involved in the business.

7 Time Management

Investing with Intelligence Prime Capital Bot helps you to manage and save your time because you don’t have to be online all the time to manage your business.

8 Minimal Risk In Forex Trading

This is very basic as to why Intelligence Prime Capital Bot existed. The company’s in-built copy trading AI does the analysis for you and knows when to enter a trade and when to close, thereby bringing you steady profits daily without many losses.

9 Opportunity To Learn About Cryptocurrency/Forex

Intelligence Prime Capital Bot System is designed or programmed in such a way that it utilizes the cryptocurrency platform to execute its fintech expertise in the forex market. Now, there are so many people who are naive about how cryptocurrency works.

From joining the platform, they now know how to register an account with Binance or Trust Wallet, fund it, transfer, and carry out other transactions they never knew how to do before courtesy of Intelligence Prime Capital Bot. Also, the forex market becomes more clear, though not actively involved, but some level of insights is exposed in the process.

10 Enjoy Financial Freedom

One of the major goals of taking advantage of Intelligence Prime Capital Bot is to increase our financial wealth. Whether you like it or not, nobody joins an investment platform because of passion or just to observe, but for one aim; make money! Everybody on the surface of the earth desires financial freedom to be able to achieve specific goals and live the life they want. From this space, you are guaranteed exponential income if you know what to do.

Be that as it may, one of the recommended ways to earn huge commissions is by building a network or team. And I’m going to discuss the benefits involved in the Intelligence Prime Capital Bot Affiliate System.

I did a full guide on how to go about Intelligence Prime Capital Robot registration and everything, SEE FULL GUIDE.

Benefits/Commissions Networkers Enjoy In Intelligence Prime Capital Robot System

  • You will get 10% when your downline activates his or her bot
  • You get 10% each time your downline makes a deposit of any amount from $100 upward. So that means if you have a referral who deposits $1000, you’ll receive $100 instantly. And as he/she continues to make deposits, you will enjoy the same.
  • You will enjoy 30% on all your downlines trading profits weekly for life. For instance, if you have a downline that makes a trading profit of $500 weekly, you will earn $150 which is added to your wallet every Saturday.
  • You enjoy Management Bonus from 1-20 levels deep.
  • You enjoy rankings in the system that helps you to accumulate more wealth for yourself.


The Benefits Of Moving From Rank To Rank In Intelligence Prime Capital Robot

I hope we all know the importance of all these ranks, but for the benefit of those that don’t, I would like to explain it one after the other. There is much benefit in moving from one rank to another.

Firstly this is the list of ranks we have in IPC:

1. Leader 

2. Supervisor

3. Senior Manager

4. Departmental Manager 

5. Regional Manager 

6. Managing Director

7. Shareholder

Before we start, I will like to explain these two terms;

A. Personal Sales

These are sales (total investment) of your Direct Downline

B. Group Sales

This consists of the Total Investment of your 2nd generation downward 


This is When you register yourself and activate Your Account, then Register someone else under you, the Person Fund and Activate his or her Account too.


When u have Personal sales of $500 and group Sales of $1,000


When you have personal Sales of $1,000 and Group Sales of $3,000


This is when you have Personal sales of $3,000 and Group Sales of $10,000


 This is when you have Personal sales of $5,000 and Group Sales of $30,000


 This is When you have Personal Sales of $10,000 and Group Sales of $100,000


 Is When you have Personal Sales of $30,000 and Group Sales of $300,000. 


1. LEADER (Only level 1)

 Will only earn 30% of each of his/her direct downline’s Profit every Saturday. 

e.g. your direct Downline earns $10 on Sat. your own 30% on it will be $3


  Earn  30% on Level 1  

           20% on Level 2


  Earn on 30% on level 1

                20$ on level 2

                10% on Level 3


  Earn 30% on Level 1

               20% on Level 2

                 10% on Level 3 

                5% on Level 4-6


       Earn 30% on Level 1

                 20% on Level 2

                 10% on Level 3 

                5% on Level 4-6

               3% on level 7 – 9


       Earn 30% on Level 1

                 20% on Level 2

                 10% on Level 3 

                5% on Level 4-6

                3% on Level 7-9

            2% on Level 10-14


       Earn 30% on Level 1

                 20% on Level 2

                 10% on Level 3 

                 5% on Level 4-6

                 3% on Level 7-9

            2% on Level 10-14

           1% on Level 15 – 20

 Breaking down of these data will help us to understand each level’s benefit.


Final Thought

Investing with Intelligence Prime Capital Bot can be very lucrative. But at the same time, the forex market is highly volatile indeed; going up and down in crazy patterns/movements.

Don’t be deceived, to earn money in forex trading is not as easy as people may think. It involves a lot of learning and practicals in order to master the forex market (especially candles, charts, indicators, and so on). To become a pro at trading the forex market, you may have to learn for at least 1 year 6 months, or less if you are very smart.

Disclaimer: Forex trading is extremely risky. Understand that you can lose all your money and can also make money. With this exposure, you will be armed with the knowledge that when you meander around the forex market, settle in your mind that you may win or lose, period! So, I won’t be held responsible for anything that goes wrong in the course of investing with Intelligence Prime Capital Bot.

They are only a broker with a 97% win rate and 3% loss, if you don’t earn as much as you expected, just know it’s part of the trading system. There are days your profits will be high and there are days they will be average or low. You may experience a few losses as well, though minimal, in a nutshell, expect the good and the bad.

Finally, I hope you have gained some insights on why you may likely want to consider investing with Intelligence Prime Capital Bot. And if you must do it, do it right away! Thanks for reading!


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