How To Make $5,000 Every Weekend With IPC Trading Bot

IPC Trading Bot, to start with, making money online these days is very easy as compared to a couple of years ago when we didn’t really understand our way of navigating through the internet.

Fortunately, if you are a forex trader, this is good news for you because Intelligence Prime Capital Bot is a gem indeed! If you want an automated trading system that does not require your input or monitoring, yet gives you a 97% win rate and 3% loss, IPC AIA Bot is the real deal.


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Almost all the time it does 100% win every month without any loss. Woah! Woah! Hold it right there! Do you mean that? YES! Its evidence is very glaring, as investors are smiling looking at their crypto wallet every weekend!

It’s true that there is no forex trading bot out there that does not lose a trade, and most of them blow up accounts in the long run, but IPC Trading Bot has come to change the game plan; history is rewritten!

What Is Intelligence Prime Capital?

Intelligence Prime Capital Is a Canadian Fintech Company fully registered with FINTRAC and regulated by ASIC. It’s a global platform that is a forex broker and also acts as a copy trading company. With their AIA Genius Bot that does excellent copy trading and gives trading 97 – 100% wins for every trade executed, you are covered.

Moreover, this is a first of its kind, because no broker out there has a bot that is connected to its system that trades on behalf of its clients, but Intelligence prime Capital does that with top-notch professionalism.

How Does IPC Trading Bot Work?

IPC AIA Genius Bot is the most profitable bot out there as far trading the forex market is concerned, with precision and execution. Even when the forex market’s volatility is high, the bot brings you profits daily. I know this seems unbelievable, but I’m talking from experience!

Genius Bot does copy-trading with the highest accuracy in entry points and exit points. It doesn’t trade frequently, but only picks 4 profitable trades in a day, giving you up to 5% profit of your equity daily. It’s the most subscribed bot with a 5-star, and AI Analysis speed of 5-star rating as well.

Features of IPC Trading Bot (Genius Bot)

  • Costs $99.90 (one-time license purchase)
  • Up to 45% Monthly trading profit (based on the size of your equity); that is to say, if you make a minimum deposit of $1000 for trading capital, you will be making $450 monthly, hands-off!
  • Automatic withdrawals
  • Minimum deposit of $100 to no limit
  • 4 auto trades per day (best strategy to get you profits consistently without any loss). Greedy traders with a lack of risk management blow their accounts.

NOTE: Intelligence Prime Capital Bot is recommended for both experts and newbies who are just new to forex trading. That means it’s a leveled ground for both expert and novice traders to make money.

Requirements To Join/Use IPC AIA Bot

  1. A Smartphone with an internet connection
  2. A minimum capital of $199.90 (approximately $200) to start
  3. Binance or any other crypto exchange account. If you don’t have one, CREATE A BINANCE ACCOUNT HERE.

Important Notice: The reason why you will need a Binance account is that Intelligence Prime Capital uses the most popular stable coin called USDT and Bitcoin for a deposit, and only USDT for withdrawal.

How To Get Started With IPC Trading Bot

  1. Register an account >>HERE<<
  2. Verify your email to receive your MT4 login details
  3. Do your KYC to verify you are a human, not a robot (for security purposes)
  4. After approval, make a deposit
  5. Activate your IPC Trading Bot
  6. Download Meta Trader 4 App on either Play Store (for Android Users) or Apple Store (for IOS devices)
  7. Get the login details you got from your email and access your MT4
  8. You are done! Congratulations, you are set to make money!

N/B: To get the full guide to carry out the registration to the end successfully (in case you are stuck on the way), SEE THIS POST.


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The IPC Trading Bot Referral Program

In Intelligence Prime Capital, you are not obliged to refer anybody. However, this is just a bonus aspect where you earn an extra income aside from your trading profit.

So, if you choose to participate in their referral program, then you will be entitled to enjoy mega referral commissions from the IPC Trading Bot platform. Thus, the commissions you stand to enjoy are as follows:

  • 5% referral commission on IPC Trading Bot activation
  • 5% every time your referrals make a deposit
  • Management bonus every weekend (total earnings from your downlines’ trading)

Breaking It Down…

#1 When you start out as a beginner you only earn from your trading

#2 When you move a step further to recruit your friends, you enjoy 30% (management bonus) from your first generation downlines. This means you will be given 30% of the total profit made by all your downlines from their trading every weekend, consistently. Of course, the weekend is our green day (payday)!

#3 You earn up to 20 levels deep as you rank in Intelligence Prime Capital, ranging from Leader to Shareholder Director. For instance, if you rank as a Leader, you will only earn 30% from your first generation.

If you become a Supervisor, you enjoy 30% (for the first generation) and 20% (for the second generation). When you rank as a Senior Manager, you qualify to earn from your 1st (30%), 2nd (20%), and 3rd (10%) generations, and so on.

Is IPC AIA Bot Legit?

IPCapital Bot is 100% legit at the time of publishing this article. There are a lot of proofs out there (including mine) showing its genuineness. However, what may be real for me may not be for everybody, so it’s not financial advice, do your research before joining.



Moreover, if you feel you are chicken-hearted, it’s best you steer clear. But if you are bold enough to make money like us in the system, then you are welcome to the millionaires’ club! If you enjoyed this simple article, kindly share and comment. Cheers!


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