Intelligence Prime Capital: How I Make $11,607 Weekly With AIA Bots

Intelligence Prime Capital is about to make a lot of people millionaires (has already begun) in 2022. Are you ready? You may be wondering if it’s possible to earn $11,607 in a week trading the forex market you are not even monitoring at all.

Perhaps just sleep, wake up in the morning only to discover 3 to 4 successful trades have been executed already for you in profit. The experience they say is always the best teacher, when you have had an experience of a particular thing or situation, you will be more careful next time if the lesson wasn’t pleasant at all.

In a crypto space, they will tell you we have developed a bot which you will use your API to connect with their platform, that you are not going to lose, but it’s always a lie because whenever BTC starts going into a dip then all the altcoins will follow suit, and it will definitely affect your main capital/principal whether you believe it or not.

But in Forex we have a BOT which is created by Intelligence Prime Capital (IPC – AIA Bots), although a loss will occur it won’t affect your principal. In Intelligence Prime Capital we promise you 97% gains, 3% loss and it rests assured.

However, gone are days where we strain our minds to set up Bollinger bands, bear power, bull power, moving averages, RSI, and so on. Now rest your emotions when trading on Forex with Intelligence Prime Capital BOT where your profitability is rest assured daily.

What Is Forex?

Forex or foreign exchange market is a global decentralized market for currency trading. And as such, this marketplace decides the rates for every currency in foreign exchange. Therefore, forex involves all facets of buying, selling, and the exchange of currencies at a defined price or the current one (market price).

What Is Forex Trading?

Forex trading in its actual sense is the buying, selling, and exchanging of currencies by individuals who agree to trade at a specified price or rate. Forex trading is the means by which central banks, companies, and individuals change one currency for another.

Be that as it may, now that you know a brief background of what you will be into, we will now dive deeper into the details of Intelligence Prime Capital.

About AI/Bots

Artificial Intelligence is intelligence exhibited by machines other than humans’. It stems from the branch of computer science that has to do with the development of intelligent machines with the capacity to carry out the tasks that normally require human IQ. The intelligence of humans is captured in bots to be able to perform functions or activities that require a high level of IQ.

How AI/Bots Works

Artificial Intelligence works in place of humans. The need for these machines cannot be ignored because they are programmed to function intelligently and to execute certain commands in the absence of human interference. That is to say, even while you are asleep or busy with other important things, these smart machines can still perform accurately (though may not be 100%).

In the Intelligence Prime Capital ecosystem, the type of AI/Bots utilized is known as Robo-advisors. Robo-advisors are operated, virtual financial advisors. These are a type of optimized expert system to cater to financial services, especially for portfolio management advice and investment. Robo-advisors are not physical robots but an example of software.

Moreover, Robo-advisors make available automated, algorithm-driven financial services with little to no human supervision or involvement. Now, this type of AI (software) is mostly used in top forex traders brokers’ accounts to automate trades.

Forex Trading Robot

This is algorithm trading established on a set of forex market signals that aids to decide whether to buy or sell (trade) a currency pair (E.g AUD/USD) at a specific situation or time. This system is mostly automated entirely and integrated with forex brokers online of exchanges.

Enough of the lecture, let’s ride! Though it is pertinent you know the preliminary of the Intelligence Prime Capital AIA Bots ecosystem so as to be armed with the knowledge of what this platform is actually doing.

About Intelligence Prime Capital

Intelligence Prime Capital is a global company dedicated to providing international users with a concise suite of digital asset services. IPC major in research and development into the future of Fintech, such as quantitative trading, leveraged AI trading systems, cloud storage systems, and enterprise management software.

At Intelligence Prime Capital, we have sworn to uphold the principles of professionalism, innovation, collaboration, and integrity to constantly create and redefine value for our users. By analyzing new opportunities, continuously building relationships, and executing the best strategies with our clients in mind.

Intelligence Prime Capital – AIA Bot System

We are proud to serve users and enterprises from over 10 countries. With an emphasis on continuous innovation, we will continue to build high-quality products and services to serve, inspire and drive every individual and business in the world.

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Intelligence Prime Capital is a Canadian Fintech company founded by Mr. Walter Stefan that has been licensed to regulate by the Canadian Financial Regulatory Agency. IPC also holds a digital asset management license. In 2021, Intelligence Prime Capital launched officially its global financial products and digital asset trading platform, making available the opportunity for global users to enjoy a one-stop diversified financial service platform.

IPC AI analysis trading system, the AIA BOT System operates by accumulating market data, transaction volume, as well as other notable information to predict accurate market trends. Following several months of test-run, the AIA BOT System has accomplished or attained an average win rate of 97%, setting a brilliant record. Now, we are very set or equipped to serve individuals and enterprises as they traverse through the confronting financial markets.

Intelligence Prime Capital is currently in 10 countries of the world namely;

  1. Canada
  2. United States
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Nigeria
  5. Singapore
  6. Hong Kong
  7. Taiwan
  8. China
  9. Cameroon
  10. Ghana

How Intelligence Prime Capital Works (As a Forex Broker & AI)

Intelligence Prime Capital is a broker just like ICMarkets, Forex Time Limited (FXTM), Deriv (formerly Binary), XM, HotFX, and many others. It is also an AI Analysis and Trading System that automates forex trading and helps users to trade for them.

Intelligence Prime Capital happens to be the first broker (if not one of them) that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to trade the forex markets. That means every user that registers with them and activates their robots enjoy profits every day with them doing little to nothing.

The responsibility of analyzing the forex price action or charts to get trade entry signals is the company’s, not you. Your own part is to deposit money into your dashboard, activate your bot and relax, while Intelligence Prime Capital AIA Bots takes over from there, and you harvest your profits every day.

How Intelligence Prime Capital AIA Bot Trade The Forex Market

Intelligence Prime Capital AIA Bot performs one of the best trading analyses and strategies to trade successfully with a 97% win rate and only 3% loss. And as such, this has endeared the company to many huge individual investors that invest a minimum of $600,000 for just trading capital into the AIA Bot System.

# Built In AI Copy Trading System To Ease The Burden Of Trading

  • AIA BOT SYSTEM is specifically developed to address the pain points of forex traders
  • Dispense an excellent and most relaxing trading adventure
  • Works 24/7 to execute a concise analysis of market conditions at any point in time
  • Unique AI-driven technical settings
  • Automatically retain trading strategies with high winning rates

IPC Built-In AIA Bot System – Trading Analysis


Tailormade trading system with various currency pairs and numerous time periods. Analyze the entry signal based on a fusion of 5 indicators.


Utilizes 28 currency pairs to calculate the current intraday trend and determine the accurate intraday entry points.


Customized trading system, using 5 cycles of indicator calculations to evaluate entry signals.


Uses 28 currency pairs to assess the strengths and weaknesses of each currency during the day, and analyze the trend direction of the day.


The trading panel is suitable for basket trading. Easily trade the 7 currency pairs available.


Customizable trading panel to deal with multi-period, multi-currency and multi-index analysis.


Strategic analysis of current trends to determine trading direction.


The FIBO MUSANG panel is combined with TPSL to create short-term trading strategies.


UWAIS’s SETUP panel can conduct simultaneous analysis of multi-period and multi-currency pairs.

10 MAX

Customizable trading panels and meters to determine currency strength with MA and STO indicators.


BBMA EXTREME panel paired with H4 candlestick analysis for auxiliary data analysis.


A STOCHASTIC digital panel that displays multi-period and multi-currency pairs.


SNIPER panel that makes it more convenient to analyze market strategies.


5 cycles of RSI and PIVOT are added to the SNIPER panel for strategy analysis.


Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of three different currencies for analysis and entry decisions.


Automatically analyze, record, and retain trading strategies with high odds of winning.

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Intelligence Prime Capital AIA Bot System Main Trading Products

Intelligence Prime Capital is more like an all-encompassing system that makes room for users to benefit from a wide variety of tradable assets in the global financial marketplace. The products they trade are as follows;

  • Foreign Exchange
  • Gold CFD
  • Commodities CFD
  • Oil CFD
  • Cryptocurrency

Cost Amount To Join IPC – AIA Bot System Subscription

Intelligence Prime Capital is one of the cheapest forex auto trading platforms in the world at the moment with only a one-time subscription for any of the bots listed. There are three highly profitable AIA Bots in IPC namely; Smart Bot, Brilliant Bot, and Genius Bot.

# Smart Bot ($19.90)

Smart Bot is the least of the bot subscription and the cheapest that goes for an activation fee of $19.90. This bot can give you up to 15% profit monthly on your invested capital. Though it’s a cool bot, don’t expect much.

# Brilliant Bot ($39.90)

Brilliant Bot is a great one too, its profitability is a bit cool, and it goes for $39.90. BB can give you up to 30% ROI monthly on your invested capital.

# Genius Bot ($99.90)

This bot is the most profitable of them all with a possibility of 45% ROI monthly on your invested capital. It cost $99.90 to subscribe once and for all, and it’s applicable to all other bots.

Intelligence Prime Capital – Bot Subscription

Intelligence Prime Capital MT4 Trading Capital

AIA Bot Activation Fee MT4 Trading Capital
1 Smart Bot $19.90 $100 MIN. – $300 MAX.
2 Brilliant Bot $39.90 $100 MIN. – $1000 MAX.
3 Genius Bot $99.90 $100 MIN. – NO LIMITS
Intelligence Prime Capital – Bot Subscription Summary

NOTE: If I chose to subscribe to the Smart Bot, I pay $19.9 and decide later to upgrade to the Genius Bot, I’ll have to pay the full cost of $99.9 for the new bot I want. Meaning I have discarded the old Bot (robot) I bought initially. So be guided in selecting Bot type. I will always recommend the Genius Bot.

How To Register On Intelligence Prime Capital

Registration in IPC is quite simple though a little complicated, follow the steps below to get started:


Intelligence Prime Capital – Registration Page

From the screenshot above, fill in your details accurately. Note, those boxes with a red asterisk are compulsory to fill before processing your registration.


  • Leave the REFERRER REFERENCE NO. the way it is and continue filling other empty boxes.
  • Insert your active email address because you will be sent a verification code and the login details for your MT4 trading app account.
  • First and last name
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Mobile phone
  • Nationality (choose your country)
  • Input your password and confirm it
  • Click on the “SEND CODE” blue button, you will receive your verification code instantly in your email, copy the code and paste it into the verification box.
  • Accept their “Terms Of Use” and “Privacy Policy.”
  • Then click on “SIGN UP”
  • Voila! You are registered!

How To Do Your KYC In Intelligence Prime Capital

For you to be fully accepted into the system to deposit and withdraw, you know to do your KYC so as to protect your account from theft. However, doing your KYC is immediately after you have confirmed your email and logged in, you will be shown automatically that the next step to perform is KYC.

In case you don’t see the KYC prompt, just follow the steps below as the second option.

  • Login to your account, on your dashboard, click on the three horizontal lines at the top right corner of your device screen.
  • Click on “Profile”
  • Under “Profile” Click on “Manage Profile”
  • Then you will see your “Contact Information,” “Address,” and “Supporting Documents.”
  • Check the “Supporting Documents” and upload any document from National ID, Driver’s Licence, Voter’s Card, etc.
  • Then submit

How To Make Deposit

  • Login to your account, on your dashboard, click on the three horizontal lines located at the top right corner of your screen.
  • Click on “Transaction”
  • Click on “Funding”
  • Choose either of the two available deposit options; USDT or BTC
  • Click to copy your deposit address
  • Go to your Trust Wallet, Binance or any other platform you have your USDT or BTC stored and send the amount for both activation and trading to your Intelligence Prime Capital wallet (which is approximately $120 for Smart Bot, $140 for Brilliant Bot, and $200 for Genius Bot). Note, make sure the USDT network is set on TRC20.

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How To Activate Your AIA Bot

  • Again, log in to your account, on your dashboard, click on the three horizontal lines located at the top right corner of your screen.
  • Click on “Subscription”
  • You will see the three Bots listed, pick the one that suits your choice and click on “Subscribe”
  • Fill in the deposit amount, subscription fee, then you will get the total amount you will be paying.
  • Then click on “Confirm”

See the screenshot below for guidance;

Intelligence Prime Capital – Bot Subscription

NOTE: From the screenshot above, for you successfully subscribe to a bot, you need to input the right amount. For instance, if you are subscribing for Genius Bot ($200), don’t fill the whole amount in one box, or else you will get an error, instead of doing the other way round, do this;

Deposit Amount: Type in $100

Subscription Fee: Type in $99.90

Total Payout Amount: What you will have as a total is $199.90, then $0.10 will remain in your dashboard.

See how an activated account looks like on the dashboard below

Intelligence Prime Capital – Dashboard


How To Link Your IPC To MT4 Trading App

When you have activated your bot, your capital is automatically deposited in the MT4 trading account, so all you have to do now is get your login details from your email and log in to your MT4 app.

# Go to Play Store or App Store and download MT4 Trader App

# Open the App

Intelligence Prime Capital – MT4 Trading App

# Click on the spot the two red arrows are pointing at and proceed.

Intelligence Prime Capital – MT4 Trading App

# Click on “Manage Accounts” and continue.

Intelligence Prime Capital – MT4 Trading App

# Click on the + sign to add your IPC account.

Intelligence Prime Capital – MT4 Trading App

# Click on the “LOGIN TO AN EXISTING ACCOUNT” and proceed to add your IPC account.

Intelligence Prime Capital – MT4 Trading App

# On the “Find Broker” search tap, type in “IntelligencePrime-live” and log in to your IPC trading account.

Remember your MT4 trading app login detail is in the email you received from Intelligence Prime Capital when you verified your email at the initial time you registered. The email content will look like the screenshot below.

Intelligence Prime Capital – MT4 Trading App Login Detail In Email


How To Withdraw In Intelligence Prime Capital

As far as investment and making money online is concerned, withdrawal is the best part of the deal. So how do you withdraw your earnings from Intelligence Prime Capital? Before you make withdrawals, you need to first of all set up your payment account.

Setting Up Your Payment Account

  • Click the three horizontal lines and locate your “Transaction”
  • Under the “Transaction” click on “Payment Account”
  • In the “Manage Payment Account” section, click on “Create Crypto Account”
  • You will see a pop-up, then go to your external wallet (either on Trust Wallet or Binance) and copy your USDT deposit address (Please make sure it is selected on TRC20 Network).
  • Where you see “Crypto e-Wallet Name” type whatever name you want your wallet to be called, it may be your nickname, anything!
  • Where you see “Please Select Protocol” is where you will choose “USDT – TRC20”
  • Then paste the USDT deposit address you copied in the “Wallet Address” box.
  • Then click on “Confirm”
Intelligence Prime Capital – Payment Account


  • When you have logged into your Intelligence Prime Capital dashboard, locate the horizontal three lines at the top right corner of your screen.
  • Click on “Transaction”
  • Under “Transaction” click on “Withdrawal”
  • Input the amount you wish to withdraw, select the crypto account you added at the payment account section.
  • Then click on “SEND CODE,” a withdrawal code will be sent to your email to verify if you are the one initiating the withdrawal or someone else.
  • Locate your Google Authenticator and copy the verification code, then paste it into the “Google Authentication Code.”
  • Then click on the “Submit” button, you are done!

How Much Can You Make In Intelligence Prime Capital?

This is the amount you will be making monthly on your bot. That is just passive income without referrals. Just on your trading capital. Bot subscription is not inclusive.

Invested Capital Amount Estimated Minimum Monthly Income
$100 $45
$200 $90
$300 $135
$400 $180
$500 $225
$600 $270
$700 $315
$800 $360
$900 $405
$1,000 $450
$2,000 $900
$3,000 $1,350
$4,000 $1,800
$5,000 $2,250
$6000 $2800
Intelligence Prime Capital – Profit Forecast

If you are a networker like me. You are going to make more than this. Wise up and make the right decision!


The Intelligence Prime Capital Affiliate System (Billionaire’s Club)

If you want to make real money in Intelligence Prime Capital, the affiliate system (referrals) is the main sauce! You wondered why I said I make a minimum of $11,607 every week, that did not come from trading only, the bulk of my income from my large team.

How Intelligence Prime Capital Affiliate System Works

The Referral System in IPC is very unique and lucrative in the way it operates. One person that joins your network earns you $35 and above. There are three bonuses you enjoy in IPC.

# Bot Bonus

This is the commission you earn each time your downlines activate their bots. Here you will enjoy 10% of the activation amount.

# Sponsorship Bonus

You earn a sponsorship bonus whenever your downlines make a deposit into the MT4 trading account (internal transfer). Irrespective of the deposit amount your downlines carry out, you will earn 10% instantly.

# Management Bonus

This is a commission you earn as your rank increases in Intelligence Prime Capital. You increase in ranking when your team or network enlarges, this can be achieved in two types of SALES;

  • Personal Sales: This is the total of all  investments of your Direct Downlines (Excluding Subscription for bot)
  • Group Sales: This is the total of all  Investments of all your indirect downlines i.e from your second level downwards

Management Bonus In Intelligence Prime Capital (Ranking: Level 1-20)


This is When u Register yourself and activate your Account, then Register someone under you, and the Person Funds and Activates his or her Account too.


When  you have a Personal Sales of $500 and Group Sales of $1,000


When you have personal Sales of $1,000 and Group Sales of $3,000


This is when you have Personal sales of $3,000 and Group Sales of $10,000


This is when you have Personal sales of $5,000 and Group Sales of $30,000


This is When you have Personal Sales of $10,000 and Group Sales of $100,000


This is when you have Personal Sales of $30,000 and Group Sales of $300,000. 



As a leader in IPC, you will be earning 30% of all profits each of your downlines make from their trades on a weekly basis.

E.g. If your Direct Downline earns $200 for the whole week, you will receive 30% of his or her $200 which will be $60 for you on that person alone.


 30% of all profits on Level 1  

 20% of all profits on Level 2


30% of all Profits on Level 1

20% of all Profits on Level 2

10% of all profits on Level 3


30% of all profits on Level 1

20% of all profits on Level 2

10% of all profits on Level 3 

5% of all profits from Level 4 to 6


30% of all profits on Level 1

20% of all profits on Level 2

10% of all profits on Level 3 

5% of all profits from Level 4 to 6

3% of all profits from Level 7 to 9


 30% of all profits on  Level 1

20% of all profits on Level 2

10% of all profits on Level 3 

5% of all profits from Level 4 to 6

3% of all profits from Level 7 to 9

 2% of all profits from Level 10 to14


30% of all profits on Level 1

20% of all profits on Level 2

10% of all profits on Level 3 

5% of all profits from Level 4 to 6

3% of all profits from Level 7 to 9

2% of all profits from Level 10 to 14

1% of all profits from Level 15 to 20.


Withdrawal/Earning Proofs


You may never know how much you could make in this company in just a week of joining. This opportunity is not worth ignoring at all! In my first week, I made over $500, I attained the rank of a Senior Manager the first week too. Intelligence Prime Capital is more than real!

The ball is in your court right now, you can choose to take on this immediately and thank me later or you give excuses of other businesses that have failed, and how much you lost. Well, it’s not just you, I’ve lost millions but that did not pull me back from trying other genuine opportunities, and because of this perseverance, I recoup the funds I lost.

However, I have an offer if you wanna fly higher in this business, join my team and let’s roll. Click THIS LINK AND REGISTER. After you have successfully activated your Bot, reach me privately let me coach you on WHATSAPP CHAT only, no CALLS.

Please feel free to REGISTER WITH MY LINK! Even If you have a prospective upline, overtaking is allowed, lol ????????????! But this article is detailed enough to get you started from the beginning to the end. Thank you for your understanding!

Final Thought On IPC

Intelligence Prime Capital is still new, that’s the more reason you should jump on this right away. I won’t promise you these guys will last for 20 years, and I can’t say what I don’t know, I only believe they will stay a little bit longer. Be that as it may, this article is detailed and concise indeed, please do us a favor by sharing this with others who might love to read this post to gain deep knowledge on how IPC AIA Bot System works.

Finally, Intelligence Prime Capital fees are very considerate (affordable) as compared to other platforms. If you are to trade the forex market on your own, you’d like to blow your account as I did to mine in 2020. The surprising thing is that I used robots, but they still damaged my account. But IPC AIA Bot will do the work for you without you laying a finger or straining your brain to analyze the market for trade entry signals. Hope you enjoyed the post, thank you!


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