Intelligence Prime Capital Bot: How To Make $150 Daily In Forex Trading

Intelligence Prime Capital Bot is a forex broker that has an inbuilt AI Bot that analyzes the forex market and picks trades on your behalf through an advanced system of copy trading.

Intelligence Prime Capital Bot is designed to only trade early in the morning, and it has a 97% win rate and 3% loss. So, if you have ever wanted to make money in forex trading, Intelligence Prime Capital Bot is the game-changer for you; the best option so far presently.


Whether you believe it or not, there’s a limit to which you can trade the forex if you’re such a person that lacks the time to sit down, analyze the forex market, and pick trades. Though some expert traders can, at a glance, see a trade entry immediately and take advantage. But not all are doing that!

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My Little Story

In March 2020, I began a journey into forex trading. I paid a tutor who only took me on forex trading class just once, afterward we connected on Telegram to continue the classes. But it turned out he only showed me how to trade with indicators like the moving averages, RSI, Stochastic, MACD, etc. When I applied these settings, I blew my account.

Furthermore, since I was very determined to make money with forex trading, I resorted to purchasing different kinds of forex trading robots, all to no avail. I lost everything; the bots blew my accounts! I lost a lot of money! From there I put a stop completely because I didn’t really have the time anymore, because everyone mustn’t be a forex trader.

Fast forward to 2021, a year later, I came in contact with Intelligence Prime Capital Bot, and since then I’ve recouped the money I lost the previous year.

My Advice For You

Listen, it’s not a must that you keep on blowing out your money when you can equally multiply the same money you’d burn trying to be a forex trader! There’s absolutely no wisdom in that if you’d look at it from the perspective of a personal finance advisor.

Intelligence Prime Capital Bot will help make that trading dream come true. All you have to do is Invest in this broker and sit back to watch your profits grow exponentially.

How Intelligence Prime Capital Bot Work

Intelligence Prime Capital Bot is programmed to give you sure profits in forex trading even though it has to pick on three trades for a day. It doesn’t trade when the market is not favorable at all, so you are sure your fund (capital) is well optimized for profitability.

There are three AIA Bots available in the Intelligence Prime Capital Bot System. And these bots trade profitably in the forex market with a very high level of accuracy, in which a 97% win rate is guaranteed. They are listed below;

  • Smart Bot (BB)
  • Brilliant Bot (BB)
  • Genius Bot (GB)
  1. Smart Bot: This bot is worth $19.90 to subscribe. With this bot you may not make that much daily, because it’s capacity is not developed to do so. Its monthly ROI is 15% based on your capital.
  2. Brilliant Bot: Brilliant Bot is more profitable than Smart Bot in the sense that it yields more forex trading profits daily. It cost $39.90 to subscribe. And it has a 30% monthly ROI on whatever capital or equity you have.
  3. Genius Bot: As its name implies, GB is the most preferred bot in the Intelligence Prime Capital Bot System that has 45% ROI on a monthly basis. The subscription fee for Genius Bot is $99.90. With this bot, your equity of $1,800 can give you a minimum of $94 trade profit daily. GB has the highest subscribers in the system with over 8,700 investors following this bot, and over $11.9 million invested. has a comprehensive analysis of the Genius Bot’s excellent trades over the months.

How To Get Started With Intelligence Prime Capital Bot

To begin you need to register an account with Intelligence Prime Capital Bot by CLICKING HERE.

When you have registered successfully, follow the simple steps below:

  • Verify your account via email
  • Do your KYC
  • Fund your account with $100 for bot activation and a minimum of $100 to a higher amount for trading capital. Note, the higher your equity the higher your daily profits.
  • Download Meta Trader 4 app (MT4) from the play store
  • Activate your Genius Bot in the Intelligence Prime Capital Bot dashboard
  • Get your MT4 trading app login details from the email you received when you verified your IPC Bot account.
  • Search for Intelligence Prime Capital – live
  • Then log in your trading account
  • You’re now ready to make money!

In case you get lost along the way, refer to this comprehensive POST ON INTELLIGENCE PRIME CAPITAL BOT I published a few days ago. From here you will know how to register, verify, deposit, activate, and finish up everything.

Weekly Earnings/Withdrawal Proofs

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IPC Bot is a very lucrative adventure as far as trading the forex is concerned. It’s more like putting your money to work for you and spinning profits consistently.

However, I won’t promise you a get-rich-quick-scheme because the bot will not give high profits consistently. You may see $94 today, $85 tomorrow, and $98 the next. That doesn’t mean it’s not profitable. Moreover, your level of equity will determine the outcome; whether you’ll earn more or little.

And as such, don’t expect to earn $50 or $150 daily with $100 equity. That won’t work! If you find this article helpful, kindly share and comment below if you need more clarification.

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