5 Billion Sales: Join Now For Free And Earn $400 Using The Internet

5 Billion Sales will be charging $199 for the registration fee to join after its official launch 28 days from now. It’s advised to join now for absolutely free! When I first heard about 5 Billion Sales a few months back, I reluctantly registered because I didn’t believe it would turn out profitable.


However, from the recent updates I have been receiving, it seems it’s becoming more real than before. Then I would suggest you REGISTER NOW to secure a space for yourself and be among the pioneers when it’s eventually launched since you are not paying a dime to join.


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5 Billion Sales

Hey there! Digital Value Feed has come your way again with another important post, this time on 5 Billion Sales! You may have heard about 5 Billion Sales, perhaps confused as to what the platform is all about as I was initially until I did thorough research recently to demystify its potential. So, in this post, I’m going to explain the little I know about the 5 Billion Sales platform.

5 Billion Sales: About The Company

5 Billion Sales claims to be a British Company that has holding multi-national companies situated in six (6) countries of the world. They promise to monetize the web (internet) for the benefit of users. That is to say, users will be earning while utilizing social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and search engine such as Google.

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They also claim 25 digital platforms across the web are operated under their control, in which their new website 5Billionsales.com is their latest development. Be that as it may, their idea is that Users will be afforded the opportunity to earn from 5 Billion internet users.

How 5 Billion Sales Work

The company insinuates that users will be paid $400 to use the internet. I don’t know how neither am I able to figure out what it would be like to use the internet and get paid.

However, I know you can earn so much money from the internet through Affiliate Marketing, Digital Marketing, Blogging, and other Passive Income Skills as the case may be. But in the 5 Billion Sales, we are not clear on how it would operate in the long run, probably after launch.

But I derived a few notes that would be a pointer to how the platform will run.

  1. At this initial stage, you are given an opportunity to refer as many people as possible to join the system while it’s still at the pre-launch level.
  2. Each person that registers successfully through your link gives you a potential commission of $400 when they are in Service 1

When You Join 5 Billion Sales In Pre-Launch The Following Happen

  1. Affiliates register in the platform for free
  2. Those who are affiliates are only qualified to register on the site
  3. At the pre-launch stage, Service 1 and Service are not live yet
  4. You are not paid any commission to enroll in the platform
  5. You don’t receive a $100 commission for registering an affiliate

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What You Stand To Benefit After Launch

  1. Affiliates earn a $100 commission when a user signs up to Service 1 through their referral link
  2. Since you registered as a 5 Billion Sales pioneer affiliate way before the launch, you can join Service 1 without paying a dime!
  3. Those who are qualified users of Service 1 will earn a $400 passive income while using it (including affiliates)
  4. Affiliate Sponsors that joins Service 1 receives a $100 commission
  5. Sponsors enjoy a $5 override commission from 16 levels deep for every User in Service 1

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And as such, all affiliates that sponsor other affiliates in pre-launch and the actual launch stages will receive a $100 commission on the condition they join Service 1 as Users for free. Then all affiliates that register in pre-launch and after launch will be rewarded $400 when they enroll in Service 1 for free.

The 3 Mysterious Services Available In 5 Billion Sales

Service 1

Service 1, according to them, is free of charge to join after launch. Where you will be given the privilege to invite people already using the internet for different purposes to their revolutionary service (which is not explained).

Service 2

5 Billion Sales aims to give revolutionary services to increase sales by 1000% and beyond for website owners and marketers. When that happens, clients now share the profits with them from the sales they have made.

They provide software known as “Sales Booster” that would help those with websites to market and sell their products efficiently, which includes subscription and membership.

Moreover, the bulk of the information you would need can be found on the 5 Billion Sales FAQ Page. Registration is very simple and straight to the point, so if you wish to be part of this system before it’s launched, you can go ahead and CLICK HERE TO REGISTER. And the next thing to do is try to recruit as many people as possible if you can.

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5 Billion Sales based on my own opinion may be a great venture in the long run as far as investing your hard-earned money is not involved. Though the information they have supplied on their site is sketchy; it holds no water at all, because we don’t really know what they are actually up to.

There is no accurate roadmap as to what they intend to do, but they are just promising earnings that are vague! In all this, don’t be too excited to think you may earn millions at her launch without doing anything, that would probably turn out a scam. So let’s keep our fingers crossed while we participate hoping we will smile in the end. Thank you for reading!

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