How Much Does Whippoorwill Holler Make On Her Recipe YouTube Channel?

Who Is Whippoorwill Holler?

Whippoorwill Holler is a celebrity chef who lives with her husband in the hills of Northeast Arkansas. She loves to cook and has a YouTube channel with over 266k subscribers. Together with her husband, they have raised four children, are blessed with 5 grandchildren, and doing great in a little cabin.


Whippoorwill Holler -


Where Whippoorwill Holler Lives

However, I will take you through Whippoorwill Holler’s income sources and see how much they make on YouTube, and be sure to read to the end because I will tell you how much they make per hour.

Whippoorwill Holler lives a simple life alongside her husband and family in many ways, which depicts that they can still learn to live off the land even in the present day. Now let’s take a look at their income sources!

Whippoorwill Holler Income Sources

#1 AdSense

Her social blade metrics show that she gets an average of 40,765 daily views according to Income Stream Builders she gets a $2.50 CPM, as her content mainly focuses on cooking, while Looxcie puts her CPM between 5 and 8 dollars as her channel is based in the US adding the lowest and highest rates then averaging the result gives her a $5.25 CPM.

To calculate her AdSense revenue, divide the daily views by 1000 then multiply the result by the average CPM, giving her $214 a day. YouTube then takes $45 of this amount leaving her with $118 a day, which sums to $3,531 a month, and $42,375 a year.


#2 Amazon Store

Whippoorwill Holler also runs an amazon store where she sells household items at an average price of forty dollars ($40). Assuming one percent of her daily viewers visit the storefront, we estimate five percent of them or 20 people purchase the items on sale giving her a total daily income of $800.

If 20 of this amount is her profit, she earns $160 a day, $4,800 a month, and $57,600 a year. As such, adding her annual income gives $99,975 without expenses.

When it comes to the expenses, she spends about twenty percent of her annual income on expenses such as buying groceries and production costs for her videos which equates to $19,995, leaving a taxable income of $79,980.

Talking about the taxes, since she lives in Arkansas she will pay about $10,658 federal tax, $6,118 FICA tax, and $3,705 state tax, leaving a take-home pay of $59,498.

Now for the moment of truth, how much does Whippoorwill Holler make per hour? she makes $4,958 a month, $229 a day, and $29 hourly.

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