IHOP Near Me: 9 Menu Items You Should Never Order At IHOP Restaurant

IHOP near me…No one is going to IHOP anticipating a connoisseur or gourmet dinner, however, a portion of the dishes that the International House of Pancakes serves is a piece more awful than others.

From questionable steaks to “healthy” pancakes that are not so good, all things considered, here are all the menu cuisines you should never order at IHOP.

#1 IHOP Steakburger

The principal reason you should never order an IHOP burger is on the grounds that you don’t need the chain thoroughly considering we’re that “IHOB” rebranding, which was a fairly adolescent name change. Indeed, even IHOP themselves let it out that it was simply one major fakeout, and no one needs to be tricked by a pancake house.

Steakburger | IHOP | Digital Value Feed
IHOP Steakburger

Regardless of whether you’re the generous kind, you may still need to stay away from the Ultimate Steakburgers since, in spite of the exaggerated name, they’re simply not all that great. IHOP strategy commands that burgers be cooked to 158 degrees, which is near USDA recommendations, however, it restricts your choices to all-around well-done, and that’s the long and short of it.

#2 IHOP Syrup

Likewise, you need to ask for ketchup, which appears somewhat strange. What’s more, the fries that accompany them aren’t anything to think of taking home, all things being equal.

In addition, you can’t wash down any of those inadequacies with a decent chilly beer, since most IHOPs don’t serve liquor. At the point when you think about that the burger choices in the overall sense are not even too cheap, with most floating around $10, there’s not an obvious explanation to take your burger venture to IHOP.

For a spot whose hallmark dish is pancakes, IHOP sure has some questionable syrup. While the conventional, antiquated syrup is a little bit fair, the fruit-flavored ones take after cough syrup excessively much.

Tragically for most syrup enthusiasts, there is just a single IHOP anyplace that offers something else for pancake addicts who are demanding with regards to their garnishes.

IHOP Syrup - Digital Value Feed

At the point when Burlington, Vermont got its initial IHOP in 2009, the establishment proprietors appealed to have the option to serve their state’s genuine attraction maple syrup.

Albeit the item came as an extra at an extra charge, it demonstrated so famously that it is as yet being served. “Never tired of maple syrup. You put maple in or on anything, and it makes it better.” The Questionable flavor isn’t the main issue with IHOP’s syrup.

One area in Amarillo, Texas was shut down on three separate events for salmonella the epidemic that made in excess of 125 individuals sick. Neighborhood health monitors went through months following down a potential reason, at last understanding that it was the syrup that was polluted due to a tainted heated water shower used to warm the pitchers.

Workers additionally uncovered that the pitchers were not washed or cleaned prior to being topped off. Claims followed, costing IHOP more than 1,000,000 dollars in settlements. In the event that you’re the working out, carb-ignoring type, IHOP most likely isn’t your beloved spot to chow down.

Be that as it may, assuming you’re actually ready to spend time with companions who aren’t exactly as committed to building biceps, perhaps you’ll go along with them at the local IHOP for breakfast and trust that there may be something on the menu you can eat.

#3 IHOP Sirloin Tips

So you would be really satisfied to view as the sirloin tips breakfast platter, which comes with two eggs, barbecued onions and mushrooms. And furthermore, pancakes, which you can simply bum off to your buddies. You may very well be wonderfully astonished to find out that these edible steak tips are quite, truly delicious.

IHOP Sirloin Tips - Digital Value Feed

However, you may proceed to find out that those tips are cooked, with sickening dread of detestations, Coca-Cola syrup! Furthermore, that will be supportive of the present carb count. Exactly when you thought you’d made a brilliant disclosure, you understand that IHOP has pulled the good old hustle on you. Perhaps it ought to truly be known as the “Global House of Carbohydrates.”

#4 Appetizer Sampler Platter

An appetizer should be a thing that sparks your interest, similar to getting ready for the bigger meal to follow. Yet, this can’t really be the situation with IHOP’s appetizer sampler platter.

How should in excess of 1500 calories of broiled monochromatic wreck potentially cause diners to do something besides stay away from food forever, or if nothing else the remainder of the day?

Appetizer Sampler Platter - Digital Value Feed
Appetizer Sampler Platter

The sampler comprises mozzarella sticks, chicken fingers, and onion rings, and it comes with marinara sauce, in addition to a selection of honey mustard or cranch. However, regardless of which sauce you pick, the outcome probably will not be positive.

Most importantly, the platter isn’t tastefully satisfying, as pretty much everything is the same exhausting, beige tone. Yet, that is not really a dealbreaker, as food doesn’t need to be bright and colorful to be tasty. Unfortunately, the messy and fried choices in the sampler platter are probably going to make you gassy, making this appetizer wait for all the way into the main course and presumably long after also. “I have a question. What’s closer, the men’s room or the ladies’ room?”

#5 Cheeseburger Omelet

Whoever brainstormed the monster known as the Cheeseburger Omelet must’ve been a psycho. That is the main conceivable clarification for putting pickles on an omelet, that or perhaps pregnancy brain. A more critical observation at IHOP’s cheeseburger omelet makes it clear exactly how profound this madness lies while incurring this questionable creation after clueless clients.

Cheddar and onions in an omelet are exemplary, while ground meat and tomatoes are surely satisfactory. Moreover, spurting ketchup and mustard everywhere on the top, also those tacky dills, is over a little difficult to stomach. Indeed, even the ingredients don’t put you off, a fast look at the nourishment information may prevent you from requesting this monster.

cheeseburger omelet IHOP | Digital Value Feed
Cheeseburger Omelet

It packs in 1,240 calories, 88 grams of fat, 905 milligrams of cholesterol, and 3,030 milligrams of sodium. Additionally, that data seems to apply to the omelet alone, without including any side dishes.

Indeed, the Center for Science in the Public Interest satisfied its name by granting this dietary calamity a 2017 Xtreme Eating Grant as a dish ensured to statement, “add a notch to your belt and a blow to your heart.”

#6 IHOP Tilapia Florentine

Might there be a more exhausting fish than tilapia? What’s more, in addition to the fact that it is dull, it’s pretty gross. A 2009 USDA report on Chinese imports uncovered that ranch-raised tilapia are frequently bred in lakes where they feed on poultry and domesticated animals feces. Furthermore, that carries us to IHOP’s Tilapia Florentine.

Regardless of the amount, it’s spruced up with flavors and spinach, “Tilapia Florentine” is still simply an extravagant name for crap-eating fish. To add salt to injury, it’s not even satisfying once it hits your mouth, with reviewers noting a weird taste and a dry consistency.

Tilapia Florentine - Digital Value Feed
Tilapia Florentine

If you need any more reasons to pass on this supposedly healthy menu item, it should be noted that tilapia really isn’t that healthy after all. A study by Wake Forest University revealed that this fish is quite high in omega-6, the bad kind of fat, while low in omega-3, the good kind.

Researchers went so far as to call tilapia “detrimental,” pointing out that the average serving of farm-raised tilapia may have higher levels of harmful fats than bacon or even doughnuts.

#7 IHOP Harvest Grain ‘N Nut Pancakes

IHOP’s Harvest Grain ‘N Nut pancakes might sound like they’d be one of the more nutritious menu options. But it turns out that all those hearty grains and wholesome oats pack quite the caloric wallop. The pancakes alone, with no sides, butter, or syrup, come in at 800 calories a stack, which is 110 calories more than the chocolate chip pancakes and even 10 more than the cupcake pancakes.

If you’re not ordering these pancakes for their so-called healthiness, you sure shouldn’t want to order them for the taste, either. Reviews of this stack have been harsh. One problem is that dicing up nuts into a batter that’s notably soft and fluffy does not make for a very satisfying combination.

Harvest Grain Nut IHOP Pancakes - Digital Value Feed
Harvest Grain Nut IHOP Pancakes

Furthermore, these pancakes might just be too chunky and not very sweet at all. So if it’s not great taste, what exactly are IHOP diners getting out of those 800 calories anyway? A heaping plate of disappointment, that’s what. There is one place you can get a beer with your plate of IHOP pancakes, and that’s at the new location at Camelback Colonnade in Phoenix, Arizona.

It’s the first non-airport IHOP in the country to have a full bar, although depending on how things go, some IHOP franchisees might just consider adding bars to their restaurants, too. They’ve even come up with a cutesy name for their bar menu: the “Rise and Shine.”

Plus, there’s a range of specialty cocktails, such as the Mulemosa, the Blue Roof Bloody Mary, and the IHOP-best cocktail of all, the Frozen Rooty Rita. So are these cocktails worth a trip to Phoenix? If it’s just for the novelty factor, then absolutely.

But as far as the taste factor goes, they’re not even worth a trip across the parking lot, even if you’re already in Phoenix and cruising the Colonnade. A writer with the Phoenix New Times tried four different cocktails. He found the Irish coffee to be fairly decent and the Mulemosa, which consists of ginger beer, orange juice, and sparkling wine, to be tolerable.

But the frozen drinks were a whole different, and much sadder, story. The Frozen Cookies & Cream made him gag, but the worst of the worst was that darn Rooty Rita, which he declared to be the nastiest thing he’d ever consumed. Maybe the world really isn’t ready for the International House of Booze.

#8 IHOP T-Bone Steak

If you’re going to order a steak from IHOP, you’re going to have to understand one thing: these are not Ruth’s Chris steaks. Heck, they’re not even Sizzler steaks. Nope, they’re just IHOP steaks, and you can pretty much expect to be disappointed, that is unless you have really low standards when it comes to steak.

Pan Seared T-Bone Steak Recipe | Digital Value Feed
T-Bone Steak

Don’t be surprised if your steak is either overcooked or raw if it looks horrible if it appears to be colorless or grayer than pink if it seems like it might’ve been cooked in a microwave, or boiled, or even created on a 3-D printer. But then, you should’ve known better than to order it in the first place.

Comedian Leonard Ouzts performed a stand-up routine on Conan in 2016 in which he talked about his stint as an IHOP server, and what he had to say about the steak was a bit disconcerting.

“Just ’cause something’s on the menu don’t mean you got to order it. Like, IHOP sells T-bones but if you don’t have health insurance, turn the page.”

Leonard Ouzts

Ouzts’ reason for warning diners off was that the steaks came out of the trunk of some guy’s car. That may be a bit of comedic license, but nonetheless, if you want a steak that tastes anything like a steak, or at least a near-relative of something that might once have come from a cow, then IHOP’s not the place for you.

“First off, you want your T-bone from IHOP. That’s where this joke should end.”

#9 IHOP Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘N Fruity Pancakes

What’s in a name? If that name is something as ridiculous as “Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘N Fruity,” it’s a whole lot of shame. As in, everyone should be too embarrassed to order these pancakes. And when you think of the poor IHOP servers who have to say this name multiple times a day, that has to be pretty soul-crushing.

IHOP Rooty Tooty Fresh 'N Fruity Pancakes - Digital Value Feed
Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘N Fruity Pancakes

Maybe the IHOP PR department will come to its senses and think up a less rooty tooty name change, or perhaps just an abbreviation like RTFF. Urban Dictionary, after all, has some unsavory alternate definitions for this pancake stack.

But perhaps IHOP thinks that any kind of publicity is good publicity, but maybe they should reconsider because some of this stuff isn’t exactly what they would want associating with a family restaurant. If diners can somehow make it past the name, or just point to the menu picture and order these without speaking, they’re still in for a pretty mediocre pancake.

Ultimately, they’re nothing more than the chain’s original buttermilk pancakes ruined by a syrupy canned fruit topping. Once again, this sounds like a case of IHOP trying to get one by us with the old bait-and-switch. They may be rooty, they may be tooty, they are regrettably fruity, but they are anything but fresh.

Final Note

Hey readers! Hope you got thrilled by some of the menu items you should avoid. You may have some objections, perhaps something to say about your own experience at any IHOP restaurant near you. Your health should be your top priority as to taking in junks that would end up making you sick.

Drop your comments below because I’d really love to hear your opinions. Don’t forget to share this article to help others get informed as well. Cheers!

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