Money Man Net Worth 2022: Bio, Career, Girlfriend, Income, Crypto Biz

Money Man Net Worth In 2022

Money Man Biography

Money Man Net Worth: Tysen Jay Bolden popularly known as Money Man was born on February 27, 1986, in Soundview, Bronx, New York, USA. He is a 35-year-old American rapper and songwriter. He is also called Big Money and his style of music stands him out distinctively.

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In addition to rapping Money Man is also known as a cryptocurrency investor and is the first artist to be paid in Bitcoin through a cash app by the Empire Label. He is known for his hit mixtapes. Money man has continued to gain attraction since his emergence in 2016 and he also leads a luxurious life with a good sum in his account to fund his daily desires.

Career And Songs

Money Man was attracted to music from a young age. At the age of 7, it is said that he used to compose his own rhymes and vibe to them alongside others. He was also exposed to the operation of different musical instruments which he practiced with. He started writing his own songs from that early age and nurtured that dream of becoming a star until it budded and began to bear fruit.

Money Man is reputed for his mixtapes and good beats which have made him successful in the music business over the years. He started an independent label called the Black circle in 2016. Money man rose to fame in 2016 after the release of his hit mixtape the black circle which featured hit tracks such as ‘’Boss up’’, and ‘’how it feels.’’

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In 2017, following his debut album’s success, he signed a contract with Cash Money Records and Republic Records. Under this label, he released 3 mixtapes which were a secret society, Harvest season, and Grow God. After the release of these mixtapes in 2018 Money Man bought his way out of his contract with the label.

In 2019 his Paranoia mixtape was ranked at number 36 on the billboard 200 album chart. His Long money mixtape release added to his tally of success in 2020. He released Epidemic and State of Emergency under the Empire label alluding to the Covid-19 outbreak and the song stayed on top of the US peak charts. The former contains the single ‘’24’’ which later featured Lil Baby for a remix.

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Ever since he gained fame in 2016 Money man has been unrelenting in giving and continuously dishing out good rap music which has seen him become one of the top fast-rising artists in the United States and a force to reckon with and watch out for.

Lifestyle Of Luxury

Money man lives a luxurious life and loves to spend his money on expensive, shiny, and fast things, I mean the man even owns a white horse in addition to his Porsche and Rolls Royce among many other cars. Money man is known to associate himself with popular clothing brands like Louis Vuitton and is also a lover of shiny diamonds, gold rings, and chains. He has a diamond chain with his name BIG MONEY embedded in it.

He is not trailing behind on social media because we know that Money Man has over 1.3 million followers on Instagram which is a huge fan base for his music. Also on YouTube he sometimes remains live for 24hrs just to thrill his fans. 

Net Worth

Money Man has an estimated net worth of about $5 million in 2022. He earns an annual income of $1 million+ and his monthly income is more than $100,000. 

His main source of income has remained his music which has continued to develop over the years while gaining more attraction from the world as he aims to rise higher and become one of the best and most prominent rappers in the US.

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Cryptocurrency is also another source of his income as he is an investor in the crypto market. He is sometimes seen to share ways that many can invest in cryptocurrency on his social media platform. He became the first artist to be paid in cryptocurrency by Empire Record Label in advance. He made his first cryptocurrency purchase in 2013 which he spent around $300 to purchase back then and by the time he cashed out that initial investment he was on a profit of $18,000.

Money Man continues to push on with his music and in the years to come, he is sure to rise to a higher net worth.



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