How To Make Money In 2023 On WhatsApp, Instagram, And Snapchat

How to magnet money in 2023

How to magnet money in 2023 may seem difficult to you just because you tried a few things and failed in 2021. However, I have good news for you; you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars in 2023 if you follow this article to the end and apply what I will say!

It’s really amazing how WhatsApp, Instagram, and Snapchat have metamorphosed into money-spinning machines in just a few years since their potential were unearthed. Young people now create digital products, more like a blueprint or guide to teach people how to utilize the full potentials of these social media platforms to make money.

Therefore, it is pertinent that you know how to make money in 2023 using these social media products because of the billions of users actively involved; which are great marketplaces to display whatever you have to make money with.

Meeting With Sheila…

Yesterday, I was talking with a new friend of mine named Sheila whom I met last November. She is a simple magical businesswoman from Chicago.

She buys nice clothes, bags, shoes from Pulaski Discount And Clothing – Chicago, Illinois, etc and she sells them for an extra $250 – $500 profit.

How To Make Money In 2022; How Does Sheila Do That?

She uses her social media (Mainly Instagram and Snapchat) to send people to her Whatsapp list. Then she sells to people by advertising these goods on her Whatsapp story. As of yesterday, she has about 1,400+ people on that Whatsapp list, and these people are buyers.

Anytime she advertises new products for sale, they swoop in and buy and buy and buy. Actually, she made a little over $180k last year, that’s about $15k a month. That is net profit too. Not total revenue.

Why Am I Telling You This Story?

It is because it is another opportunity to remind you of how important it is to build a money nest if you want consistent sales and money in 2023.

By now, you should know that a money nest means a list of people who are interested in the type of products you sell and who have money to spend.

The majority of people have no money nest. That is why they always struggle to sell. If you pick a market, you can keep adding people to your money nest so that you always have people who are ready to buy your offers.

How Do You Build a Money Nest?

(1) Pick a Market Audience: You start by picking a market audience that is interested in the type of products you will be selling. It is important that you are able to define this audience or else nothing else will work.


My friend who sells clothes, bags, etc knows that her market that buys is made up of mostly young women between the ages of 22 – 35 who have a career or a business.

These people like to pay attention to their outlook and they are ready to spend money to look good. Also, they are the same audience who spends a lot of money on beauty and make-up.


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(2) know Your Market Audience: Once you know your market audience, the next thing is to think of something you can offer to attract them. We usually call this the lead magnet.

In many cases, the lead magnet can be a piece of valuable information that the audience is interested in. So, a market audience of email marketers for instance will be interested in a lead magnet that is a file of effective email subject lines.

You can present the information lead magnet as a report, a video, a Whatsapp group training, a webinar, an email series, a book, etc. For my friend Sheila, she attracts people to her Whatsapp list by offering to send them an update of highly affordable quality designer clothes, shoes, etc

By the way, if you are giving away something valuable for free to get people into your list, you have to be careful with the way you position it so that you won’t attract all sorts of tire kickers. Tire Kickers are people who will only join your list and won’t buy anything. Some people make their lead magnet a low-cost offer so that everyone who joins their list is a buyer.


(3) Market Your Lead Magnet: When you have your lead magnet, the next thing you should do is to create a system to expose the lead magnet to as many people as possible.

When people see your lead magnet, some of them will join your list if your lead magnet is very attractive. There are various ways to do this.

Ways To Drive People To Your Lead Magnet

(i) You can run paid ads on sites like Twitter, FB, Instagram, etc

(ii) Promote the lead magnet to your social media audience if you have one.

(iii) Pay someone to promote it to their social media audience.


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(4) Convert Them To Buyers ASAP: Finally, you need to have a system of quickly turning a good amount of the people joining your list into buyers.


The first thing is that it helps them to understand that you are doing business and that you sell stuff. The people who are not okay with this reality will bounce off at this junction and that is okay. Also, it helps you make some money back if you are spending money on adverts.

So, let’s say you spent $50 a day on adverts and you make $500 back in 48 hours, that is a good one. It means you have made your advert money back and you can reinvest it in more ads to get more people to your list.


Summarizing How To Make Money In 2023

Overall, this is how you build a money nest. Of course, a few parts will be different based on your market and your understanding of the market. But this is how you do it.

Once you have the money nest, you can start selling stuff to people on your list. The way you sell to the people on your list will be based on the market.

For example, if your list is like that of my friend selling clothes, shoes, etc, all you need to do is show them compelling offers every day. They are okay with it and will keep buying.

Some other markets will need a bit of information, entertainment, or both to go with your promotions. Also, when it comes to building a money nest, quality is more important than quantity. So, let’s say we both sell fairly priced women’s clothing.

But you have a list of 10,000 ladies who are mostly students. Meanwhile, I have a list of 2000 ladies who are mostly young professionals earning an average of $2,000 a month. I will be making more money than you do despite your 10,000 lists.

What is better is if you can have both quality and quantity. Then, always attempt to add people to your money nest on a daily basis. I add an average of 100 people to my lists on a daily basis for free.


I get free traffic from Twitter and Instagram.

I have a link on my profile that allows people to join my list. I could do better if I put more effort into it though. For example, the message to join my list on Twitter is weak. It just says – Signs up to get my emails.

But that still gets me 100+ new subscribers daily. That is about 3000 people added to my list monthly from free traffic.

Of course, it has to do with the fact that I have a lot of followers and my account is very active. Mind you, I don’t even remember to promote the list in my tweets. I shared this because the main thing is taking action. Something as simple as this can work for you too.

I hope this has been helpful to you.

If you learned something valuable, kindly share this article for others to get informed as well. It’s still my pleasure having you around on this blog! Cheers!



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