5 Top Realtors In Chicago You May Need To Find An Apartment


Realtors In Chicago: If you’re in Chicago and you’re looking to rent a house or own a property or sell yours, then this article should serve as some guide to you. 

Finding a home, whether a leased apartment or your personal property can be draining and laborious. However, hooking up with a realtor company can ameliorate the stress

Below are some of Chicago’s top-rated realtor companies.

  • Dwell Chicago, Inc

Located in Chicago at 5100 N. Ravenswood Suite 244, this realtor company “is a full-service real estate brokerage with a heavy focus on residential leasing,” says their website. 

If you’re not looking to own your own home yet but rather to move to a better apartment in Chicago, then Dwell Chicago, Inc is the realtor company for rent that you should be shooting for.

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With over 20 years of combined experience, the company’s founders – Daniel Delaney and Eric Hoener are always forward-looking with a desire to earn the trust and dependability of their clients in the large, confusing rental market of Chicago. Visit their website at dwellchicago.com for more information. 

  • 24 Hour Real Estate LLC

If you need to sell or rent out your property, whether for residential or commercial purposes, then this company may just be the right one for you. If you’re probably looking to invest in real estate as well, or you are a home buyer smoking out the perfect listing just for you, then their services may benefit you as well. 

German Llanos, the company’s owner, founded the company in November 2006 after going through terrible ordeals in the hands of realtors while he was still running a commercial lending business.

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He discovered that agents were more interested in the commissions from sales than in giving the right quality and delivery of service to their clients. So with his financial background and dissatisfaction with the status quo, he uncovered an opportunity and founded the 24 Hour Real Estate LLC located at 1925 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60622.

With a passion to dedicate their time and resources to help residents in Chicago make quality housing decisions, 24 Hour gives clients a free list of foreclosures as well as advice on investment deals and opportunities. You can contact the company at [email protected]

  • Luxury Living Chicago

The name speaks a lot for itself. Maybe you’re not into affordable housing necessarily, but want something chic and luxurious. This company has got you covered. Their services majorly focus on renting for residential purposes. 

The company has worked with a plethora of clients and persons and as such has a wide variety of luxury apartments that would definitely suit your taste in downtown Chicago. 

Don’t despair that agents might try to sell you a property you’re not convinced about because according to them, their agents have not just great listening skills but also actually use clients’ feedback to snuff out the property that best suits the taste of their clients. For more details, please visit their website. 

  • Gold Coast Realty Chicago

According to their website, they are “Chicago’s premier website for searching homes, condos, lofts, and apartments in the Gold Coast, River North, Streeterville, West Loop and all of the great neighborhoods Chicago has to offer. Along with providing users with a wide range of advanced search tools, our website also features a wealth of hyper-local information, making it the best resource on the web for all things Chicago real estate.”

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If you want to get your home, condo, or apartment search started, all you need to do is choose your preferred neighborhood on the website. Visit their website at goldcoastrealtychicago.com 

  • Peak Realty Chicago

What do you imagine would be the result of a husband and his wife who are both into real estate and own a real estate company together? Well, find out for yourself. 

Helen and Sean own PRG which according to their website is “a full-service apartment leasing, property management and real estate investment firm specializing in multi-family real estate. Having gained multiple certifications and experiences respectively, the couple is bent on ensuring the maximum satisfaction and benefit of their clients.

You can contact them at [email protected] or visit their website 3039 N Lincoln, Chicago, IL 60657.

What other realtor companies in Chicago have you worked with? Did you like their services? Please share your comments below. We’d love to hear your feedback.


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