Top 10 Real Estate Photography Near Me In The US

Real Estate Photography Near me

Real Estate Photography Near Me: Real estate photography is the art of creating and capturing images of a property or sets of properties that are listed by an agent for sale. They are images for marketing.

Real estate photography is the bridge between mental and visual reality in the real estate market. It saves the agent the energy and time of trying to paint vivid pictures to clients in a bid to convince them beyond a reasonable doubt.

It is a proven fact that pictures speak very loud in the real estate market. The availability of images adds conviction to listings and creates a pre-experience for the client. 

Photography in real estate is a very strong marketing agent on its own, and when combined with juicy content it creates a magic that does something to the mind that just words cannot achieve.

Hence an agent listing a property for sale or lease without appropriate images can best be described in one word, “BORING’’.

When it comes to photography there is hardly anything that cannot be photographed anywhere. As long as it can be seen and touched it is at the mercy of photographers who always seem to make the most of moments, objects, and persons by capturing them in their natural state with the whole of their essence flowing through the images to produce a long-lasting effect and preserve a favorable memory.

Real estate has not been left out of the photography quest and conquest if I must dare to add as many photographers have been able to capture many real estate properties through their lenses and put the images out there for commercial purposes. 

The Niche of Real Estate Photography

Over time the real estate photography field has gained a lot of attraction from photographers who had earlier specialized in some other areas.

Besides photography for the love of it and passion, you must understand that it is a business and demands a high degree of creativity. Just as taking wedding photos and covering other occasions demand creativity so does real estate photography and there are individuals who are well experienced and capable of giving the training to make you a worthy real estate photographer.

These real estate photographers are everywhere around you and this article will seek to inform you of the real estate photographers who are around you if you are living in the United States of America.

Top 10 Real Estate Photography Near me

#1 HomeJab

HomeJab is America’s most popular and reliable on-demand home photography agency. They are available in every major US market in all 50 states. HomeJab is a professional real estate photography agency that helps you boost your sales with professional and appealing photos of your property.

HomeJab Photography Agency | Digitalvaluefeed

With HomeJab you get professional photos, videos, and interactive 3D tours in 24hrs. Their high-end photography and videography make them one of the best in the business of real estate photography.

They work with a team of local professionals who have been adequately vetted and have been found worthy and capable.

Also, HomeJab delivers your photo within 24hrs after the shoot. The quality of their photos is public and web worthy and is guaranteed to pull in fast sales.

You can visit their website and schedule a shoot with them at your own convenience.

#2 Blu Lemonade Photography LLC

Blu Lemonade Photography is a real estate photography company located at 4 Accord Pond Drive Hingham.

With over a decade of active business presence and experience, Blu Lemonade Photography has served the Michigan, Hingham, Massachusetts, and the greater Boston area with great real estate photography experience.

Blu Lemonade Photography - Real Estate Photography Near Me | Digitalvaluefeed

The company offers aerial and real estate photography. Their photos highlight design and architectural features. 

The company is reputable for excellence both in service and delivery all the time. The company has had its works featured on the cover of South Shore Magazine, Boston Magazine, and the Boston Globe.

#3 EckFoto

EckFoto specializes in real estate, landscape, event, and portrait photography for clients in the Boston metro area.

The company is owned by Jack-Louise Frank. Jack believes in excellent photography and the impact it can create beyond just the present. He believes the most important elements of photography are lighting, composition, posing, expression, and mood.

EckFoto - Real Estate Photography Near Me | Digitalvaluefeed

The company has been in the photography industry for more than two decades, almost three decades. 

The company will provide a 3D showcase feature where a customer’s property is stitched together with photographs, creating a 3D model for potential buyers to view. 

EckFoto stands highly recommended with a sea of satisfied clients pouring accolades at their feet and hoping to work with them again in the nearest future.

#4 Visual Grip

Visual Grip is a real estate photography company in the city of New York. The company is located at 78 John Miller way.  They are dedicated to the real estate photography industry and have a poise for marketable photos that get any property sold with speed.

Visual Grip - Real Estate Photography Near Me | Digitalvaluefeed

The company uses high dynamic range shooting techniques to produce commercial property photos.

They don’t shoot normal photos, their photos have contrast intensity, and depth. 

Visual Grip has a long-standing record of excellence in the real estate photography industry and they have served well. They have equipment that gets the job done easily and excellently. 

#5 Danzi Photography

Danzi Photography was founded in 2010. It is based in Jersey City, New Jersey, and have their base at 270 Marin Blvd 11b Jersey City.

Danzi Photography - Real Estate Photography Near Me | Digitalvaluefeed

Danzi Photography specializes in real estate photography and has been serving the area with commercial property photos. They have a commercial and residential client base.


Part of their specialty is to provide 360-degree interior and exterior shots, interactive 2D and 3D floor plans. They have no limit even in the air as they are capable of shooting drone-powered photographs and videos. 

Danzi Photographers are fully insured and FAA-certified remote pilots with a nag for excellence.

#6 Capture 360 LLC

Based in Philadelphia this company has been in the industry for 30years.  They have consistently provided commercial photographs for property owners. With their depth of experience, they have been awesome at delivering both video and photo production services for all classes of clients.

Capture 360 LLC | Real Estate Photography Near Me | Digitalvaluefeed

They give HDR real estate photography and offer 3D video production services for virtual tour purposes. They also use drones to create shots and create a 3D map of the property. 

Feedback from clients has reflected their degree excellence and high standards. They stand with a depth of experience and continue to reckon with the present times as they adapt and stay on top of the industry.

#7 Commercial Pictures

Commercial Pictures have been in business for more than 10 years. The company is based at 2733 Spring Meadow Drive Warrington, Philadelphia.

Real Estate Photography Near Me | Digitalvaluefeed

Commercial Pictures is certified by Zillow as a recognized real estate photography firm. 

They aim to produce and create photos that will help increase the market presence of listed properties by several agents. They use dynamic range technology and editing techniques with soft artificial light to produce bright true-to-life photos for clients.

#8 Home Snappers

Home Snappers are a leading force in real estate photography. The lease with professionals to deliver exciting and sellable property photos.

Home Snappers Real Estate Photography - Real Estate Photography Near Me | Digitalvaluefeed

The company specializes in interior and exterior estate and property photos. These stunning photos have a professional touch and have helped many agents sell homes faster.

HomeSnappers photographers are certified, FAA compliant and their editing is top-notch. They take Ariel’s photos and video shots.

They offer walkthrough and cinematic videos which showcase the layout and key features of properties to create depth and context. The company also gives a simulated view of the property with a dollhouse virtual reality tour.

Their services are quick, simple, and qualitative.

#9 Michigan Real Estate Photography

In Fort Washington, MD 20744 is Photogenesys which is a freelance group of photographers who help realtors sell properties with the power of real estate photography. They have helped and served numerous clients with their services.

Photography Studio Real Estate Photography in Michigan | Digitalvaluefeed

They have actively served the Washington area for more than 20 years with drone photography and videography which highlight the features of properties and increase their chances of getting sold. 

They also give virtual walkthrough photos and video services to their clients. 

#10 Michigan Real Estate

Michigan Real Estate is one of Michigan’s leading photography companies. They are a top full-service real estate photography company.

Real Estate Photography Near Me | Digitalvaluefeed

The company creates digital media for any type of listing with 3D videos, drone shots, matterport 3D tours, and photography.

They work with a team of dedicated and professional photographers who are skilled enough to ensure that there is excellent service delivery.



You don’t have to struggle to get that property out there, all you need to do is get the best real estate photography company to come to give your property that photographic exposure and watch your property go viral, and bring in buyers with ease. 

There is a saying that seeing is believing, allow real estate photographers to help you get noticed and seen.

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