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10 Top Alaska Multiple Listing Services

Alaska Multiple Listing Services: So you have this really awesome property with countless cool features and a really fair price. You’re ready to sell it, but there’s only one problem: there is no buyer. Plus, you have no idea just where to find the right buyer or any at all. 

And as though that isn’t frustrating enough, you’re also planning to buy a new property from the returns of selling off the old one. You’re in a big dilemma and have no clues about what to do.

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The first idea that may pop into your head might be to browse through realtor or broker sites online and go through their catalogs, however, while this may suffice, you would be limiting your options. Rather than do the tedious job of checking different listings from various realtor sites, you could just use a Multiple Listing Service (MLS). 

What Does Multiple Listing Services mean? 

A Multiple Listing Service is an electronic database listing properties for sale, their features, locations, pictures, and other necessary details of those properties like the square footage, number of bedrooms, etc. 

The concept of the MLS began in the 1800s when real estate agents and brokers discovered that they could make more sales and gain greater exposure if they merged their brokerages and their listings. 

How Does MLS work? 

An MLS is not some brand or trademark for a particular company or group of companies. Rather, it serves as an agreement where each real estate agent accepts to list their properties and necessary details together or cooperatively in a single database to enable each agent or broker to gain access to all of it. As such, each agent can see the entire house or properties listed in a particular area by various agents. 

What this means for a home buyer is that rather than roaming endlessly for hours on different realtor sites to search for listed properties in the area of their choice, they can simply access the MLS and find all available properties and their prices in a particular area. 

For the intending house seller, he can hook up with a realtor and ask that his home be listed on such MLS to increase his chances of getting multiple offers from which he can choose. 

Can Anyone Access the Multiple Listing Services? 

Every local area has its own regional Multiple Listing Service which can be accessed by realtors and real estate brokers who have paid the stipulated membership fee or dues. Only licensed agents and brokers have access to the MLS database. Therefore individual home buyers or sellers may need to get in touch with a licensed realtor or broker in their area. 

If you’re a buyer in Alaska or you want to list your Alaska property, then you can contact any of these ten realtor companies through their websites:

  1. Redfin –
  2. Fraser Elliot Group –
  3. Alaska Multiple Listing Service, Inc –
  4. Wasilla AK Homes –
  5. Flexmls –
  6. Synergy Real Estate –
  7. Realty Simple –
  8. Aspire Realty Group –
  9. Jack White Real Estate –
  10. Alaska Real Estate King –



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