Boxwell Real Estate: The Complete Info On Their Listing

Boxwell Real Estate

Boxwell real estate is a property management company in North Carolina. Boxwell real estate has carved a niche for itself in the real estate trade in America. They saddle themselves with the utmost responsibility of property management, rentals, and sales.

Boxwell Real estate is located at 4310 Cumberland Road, Fayetteville, North Carolina, United States of America.

Boxwell real estate is being run by drew Boxwell who is the broker in charge who accumulated a truckload of experience which ensures that you only get the best whenever you choose Boxwell.

With over 25 years of consistency and excellence in service, Boxwell Real Estate has been at the forefront of providing rental and management needs of the greater Fayetteville area.

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With a keen sense of customer service Boxwell Real estate has stayed poised at providing the best of both management and rental services. Boxwell real estate is passionate about giving its clients the best real estate experience they can ever have.

With a team of highly dedicated and motivated personnel who have come from a long paragraph of experience, they are able to serve the needs of the area effectively. The Boxwell real estate team is solution-oriented and always aims to deliver on their services with a great bang of success.

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Whether you want to purchase a house or manage an existing property Boxwell real estate has got you covered. For property owners, Boxwell offers recommendable property management services for homes, apartments, and HOAs. You can trust Boxwell to place a high value on your property investment and manage it as a priority.

Overview & Company Description

Boxwell real estate has a total of 3 employees across all of its locations and the company according to sources generates annual revenue of $500,000.

Boxwell real estate is a second-generation real estate company that was established in 1995. From this time on the company has grown and evolved while meeting the needs of the people. 

Part of the reason why Boxwell real estate has experienced longevity has been because of its strong value sets. These values are seen and maintained in their high degree of professional and ethical standards. 


As earlier stated Boxwell as a firm specializes in a residential estate. They offer seller, buyer, and management services. The company advocates innovation and educates on matters that are real estate-related. 

They have the interest of their clients as an utmost priority and serve the best way they can at all times


For rental properties, once your property is in rent-ready condition Boxwell real estate will do the following

  • Boxwell real estate will place the property in the local multiple listing service which automatically uploads to 200 other websites.
  • Place appropriate signage on the property and remove all other signs.
  • Boxwell will also advertise the property in newspapers and other advertising agencies at an expense that the owner will be willing and able to cover.
  • The property will also get an advert placement on the Boxwell real estate site.
  • Boxwell real estate will help in establishing a connection with other realtors through local boards and affiliates.
  • Being local and having a reputation other agents and previous clients refer business to Boxwell real estate consistently. This makes it easier to rent your property.
  • Boxwell real estate also ensures that the building is accessible to a prospective buyer at every time until a deal is reached and sealed on the property.

The management of your property can be guaranteed with Boxwell real estate.


Many loud praises have poured in over the years from clients who have expressed high satisfaction from the professional management of their properties by Boxwell real estate. The company’s management is commendable within the area. The company’s performance has brought about many recommendations from clients and other realtors.

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When it comes to property management within the Fayetteville area Boxwell real estate has built a reputation over time that allows them to stand out as one of the best. Their services are offered professionally with high ethical standards and morals. 

The company allows you to enjoy peace of mind while they manage your property on your behalf for as long as you desire to enjoy their services.

With the wealth of experience, the company has amassed it is safe to say that they are one of the best and get better as time goes by because they adopt and adapt ensuring that they deliver the best.


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