Marketing Assistant Jobs: What You Should Know Before Qualifying

Marketing Assistant Jobs: Marketing i.e buying and selling is an important aspect of life, but it goes beyond buying and selling. It also involves promotion, distribution, research, and advertising which a  marketing assistant should be involved with. As simple as it may look, it requires a lot of hard work.

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About The Marketing Assistant Jobs

A marketing assistant job is being a subordinate who is involved with supporting the marketing executives to carry out projects that maximize the company’s gain or profit and to create strategies in sales advertising and marketing.

Responsibilities Of a Marketing Assistant

A marketing assistant undertakes administrative tasks like:

  • Organizing marketing campaigns and participating to ensure its success.
  • Planning and conducting market research
  • Updating the company’s database or spreadsheet with accurate statistical analysis and financial information
  • Directly communicating and maintaining cordial relationships with clients
  • Planning, organizing, and hosting presentations and promotional activities
  • Writing and analyzing client’s evaluation reports and questionnaire
  • Creating online content for the company on social media and the company’s website
  • Working with other employees in other functions


Requirements Of a Marketing Assistant

By requirement– we mean special skills and qualifications/training.


  • Good written and oral communication skills
  • Bold and confident
  • Ability to multitask and meet up with deadlines 
  • Cooperative and organizational skill
  • Market awareness
  • Information technology skill
  • Knowledge and understanding of marketing principles and techniques
  • Creative
  • Adaptive
  • Ambitious
  • Good team player
  • Well-mannered approach and management of clients

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Bachelor’s degree or Higher Diploma in any discipline is required, but it is more advantageous if the degree is in marketing or any marketing-related field like a business. 

Young school leavers who haven’t obtained a higher level degree but want to delve into marketing can enroll in part-time and online courses and be certified.

Also, experience in sales and marketing is an added advantage as most companies require some level of experience before employment.

However, marketing assistant jobs can be found in various organizations such as Charity organizations, public and private sector organizations, local authorities, legal firms, consultancies as well as production and distribution companies.


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