Pioneering Advertising | All You Need To Know About Launch Campaign

Pioneering Advertising: The main objective of advertising is to inform, convince, or persuade, and to remind the target audience about the existence of a product and its benefit. 

About Pioneering Advertising

Before a new brand of product is launched, awareness has been created and its advantage explained, thereby, causing the public to anticipate it. This is known as Pioneering advertising. Pioneering advertising is a marketing strategy that businesses and companies employ at the introductory stage of a product stating its features and benefits to the public and where they can find it.

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This awareness stirs up excitement in the public because of the features stated in the product which was previously unavailable. Creating this early awareness makes people talk about the product pleasingly.

However, some businesses prefer to begin their advertising after the release date, while others prefer to start their campaign before the release date of the product.

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Nevertheless, the main aim is to communicate the product to the public. It also involves launching a campaign which at this point is expensive thereby creating awareness and demand for the product by the public, in most cases, they are given a trial.

The product life cycle determines the type of promotional strategy to be employed. At the introductory stage of a product, companies offer potential customers a trial of the product in order to make it known to them. Meanwhile, at the maturity stage of a product, companies tend to offer discounts.

Example Of Pioneer Advertising

A perfect example of pioneering advertising is advertising the new features of a mobile phone which were not available previously. For instance, there were certain exciting features in an iPhone 11 which was stated when launched that were not available in an iPhone 6. This usually puts the product in demand.

Channels Of Pioneer Advertising

The communication channels used in pioneering advertising include:

  • Social Media
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Print media
  • Billboards
  • Direct mails
  • Catalogs and leaflet

Two majors types of advertising

Consequently, there are two major types of advertising; 

  • Institutional advertising
  • Product advertising. 

Institutional advertising is that which promotes and improves the image of a company than a product. Meanwhile, product advertising is aimed at promoting the product or service to the public and stating the benefits. Most companies engage both types by promoting their products at the introductory stage and at the same time improving the company’s image and brand.

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Moreso, most companies criticize products from their competitors and tend to promote theirs and show superiority. 

Conclusively, pioneering advertising is an important marketing strategy to apply in advertising new products as it creates excitement and anticipation in the hearts of the target audience.


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