Is Prostitution Legal In California? Find Out What Lawyers Say

Is Prostitution Legal In California?

Is Prostitution Legal In California: In California, there has been an increase in the number of people arrested for engaging in the act of prostitution, either by soliciting or agreeing. But it is important to be sure about its legality.

What Prostitution Is

Prostitution is engaging in sexual activity or promiscuity to get compensation. This compensation could be money or something valuable. It is usually a willful exchange and it involves a prostitute or sex worker and a customer.

The purpose for this may be for gratification or to satisfy sexual arousal. Also, It is seen as a lewd act people engage in exchange for money or other forms of compensation. 

Is Prostitution Lawful In California?

America’s attitude towards prostitution has taken a different turn and has attracted different reactions.

Prostitution in California is not legal but illegal. This is both soliciting prostitution and engaging in prostitution. Under California law, they are both ‘acts of prostitution and are usually punishable by a fine or a short term in jail.

According to California law, prostitution is engaging in lewd behavior for the exchange of money or something worth value. At times the lewd act does not necessarily take place for the act to be complete. That is why there are specifically three kinds of prostitution that the California law prohibits:

  • Soliciting prostitution
  • Agreeing with prostitution
  • Engaging prostitution

It is not legal to ask another person to indulge in prostitution. This is soliciting prostitution, if one is being convicted of solicitation, the prosecutor must have evidence, and this is usually proof of the defendant offering money or any other thing for compensation.

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It is illegal to deliberately engage in touching buttocks, female breasts, and genitals (a lewd act) to cause sexual arousal in exchange for payment.

It is also illegal to consent to the act of prostitution. In this case, the prosecutor must present evidence that the two parties agreed to the act of prostitution.

Furthermore, a law has recently been passed in California that deals with prostitution. However, It did not legalize providing sexual services for payment. Instead, it changed the kind of evidence to engage when prosecuting someone charged with prostitution. Also, it inoculates sex workers charged with prostitution, while they relate details of a serious crime.

This law took effect on January 1st, 2020. However, another bill has been paid to invalidate loitering for the purpose of attracting and engaging in prostitution.

Penalties For Engaging In Prostitution

Prostitution is a crime, though it is punishable with a fine and a short jail term. However, the punishment of a defendant is based on several factors, such as if it is the defendant’s first offense or where the violation occurred.

  • First offense: a fine of $1000 and up to 6months jail term.
  • Second offense: a compulsory 45 days imprisonment.
  • Third offense: Also a compulsory 90 days imprisonment. This also applies to subsequent offenses.

There are additional penalties if a defendant is caught using a car, within 1000 ft of a residence. The defendants might have their driver’s license interrupted for about 30days.

Summarily, those who are convicted of soliciting for the act of prostitution can be asked to register as sex offenders, though most of them are not. Thus, one must be careful not to fall, victim.


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