Institute For Personal Development: Few Facts You Need To Know

Institute For Personal Development

Brief Introduction

Institute For Personal Development: Emotional, physical, and mental wellbeing are states of human life that cannot and should not be toyed with. For some, it remains a priority to protect and improve upon as a lot depends on the state of these three.

A minor decline or deviation from what should be a standard in the operations of these three things can deter a person to a great extent leading to unimaginable outcomes in both the short and long run. This fact has necessitated the emergence of psychiatrists and psychologists who are well equipped to offer the best of these services. 

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The institute for personal development is concerned with psychiatry, counseling, functional medicine, and the restoration of health for as many who fall into the category of those who need their services.

The Institute for Personal Development is a member of Duly health and care. The aim of the institution has been to provide excellent psychological, psychiatric and integrative medicine services to several patients one at a time.

The institute is concerned about the emotional well-being of every individual that crosses their path and they aim to create mental and emotional stability that will enable individuals to live their best lives. The adoptions of different unique techniques mixed with modern medical approaches have been a huge success as the results which have been produced have been encouraging and laudable. 

Their teams of professionals are dedicated to putting you on the right path that will lead to that freedom you desire in your mental health, physical and emotional health. The approaches adopted by the Clinicians and professionals are patient-based and nurturing approaches which are peculiar for using a variety of traditional and non-traditional therapies, emerging methods, and technologies to help individuals achieve long-lasting emotional, physical, and mental wellbeing.

For these professionals the vision is clear and the goal is properly defined and the pursuit to achieve outcomes that are in favor of their patients still remains a priority day after day.

History And Overview

The Institute for personal development was founded by Dr. Ronald Wuest in 1991. The establishment of the Institute for personal development was born out of the passion to provide excellence in health care. The institute has seen growth and gained recognition for providing psychological, psychiatric, and integrative medical services that have impacted in no small way the field of behavioral health care services. The Institute for personal development has run for 31 years to date. It was later acquired by the Duly Medical Group.

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 Due to the growing need for mental health care services, emotional and physical excellent health care service among their patient community Duly Health and Care decided to acquire the Institute for Personal Development in May 2019.

This acquisition was to help facilitate and extend the reach of the Duly Health and Care to its patients and this was an acquisition that was necessary at the time to help expand behavioral health services to the broader suburban communities that they have served for more than 20 years. IPD’s expertise and long-standing reputation in the field of behavioral health went ahead of them to encourage the acquisition by Duly Health and Care as their sets of values were clearly in alignment with the Duly Health and Care’s strategy for providing integrated, top-notch, patient-centered, and holistic patient care.

As a member of the Duly Health and Care, IPD has a team of more than 50 Clinicians across ten Chicago locations including Orland Park, Downers Grove, Chicago, Joliet, Naperville, Ottawa, Romeoville, Morris, and Lisle.

About Duly Health and Care

Duly Health and Care formerly known as Dupage Medical Group is a multi-specialty physician group that operates independently. It is made of different medical professionals who have the vision of providing excellent health care service delivery to the community at large. The group is located in Illinois. The Duly Health and Care has over 750 primary health care and specialty physicians in over 100 suburban locations in Chicago. The Duly Health and Care utilizes leading-edge technology and innovative treatment to ensure the provision of efficient, excellent, and compassionate healthcare ensuring that every patient gets the best which produces leading results in the medical field.

The Duly Health and Care multidisciplinary team includes child, adolescent, and adult psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, and therapists who serve individuals of all ages, families, and couples in both individual and group levels, health and wellness physicians, and psychologists.

The Institute for personal development continues to blaze the trail with top-notch leading behavioral health care service delivery. With professionals at their best, you will experience nothing short of excellence when you encounter this team of medical professionals. The continuous search and pursuit for better ways to serve the patient community through their medical research and adoption of new necessary technological trends are what keep this establishment at the peak of their game.



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