Destiny Child Tier List: Major Character Rankings 2022

Destiny Child Tier List

Destiny Child Tier List…Destiny Child is a fascinating computer game that is just accessible on mobile phones. It is a dream game that falls under the class of gacha. Albeit a gamer can pick to play the Destiny Child video game with a PC test system so they would partake in some PC gaming experience.

The component cards are classified as “Childs” and have four fascinating game modes for individuals that need to binge-play. Something we might want to bring up with regards to the Destiny Child game is that it has a ton of game characters in it. To this end, the game comes loaded with a level rundown.

The Tier list in the Destiny Child game effectively tells gamers where a person is positioned. Basically, with a level rundown, a Destiny Child play can accommodate the most ideal selection of characters, so they can concoct the best outcomes.

Destiny Child Tier List

Throughout this article, we would survey the various levels that are accessible in the game, and the rundown of characters in it.


Characters That Are Categorized Under S-tier

This is the most noteworthy level that a gamer can get in the Destiny Child game. It is a level that includes the best in-game characters in the Destiny Child game. Regardless of whether it is PvE, PvP, world boss occasions, or even raid, the Childs that are recorded in this versatile game is awesome.

With the game characters in the S level of the Destiny Child game, you are set to conquer your adversaries and get the most successes. Truth be told, with an S-tier character, you would when your opponent 9 be able to out of 10 times.

Here is s a rundown of game characters that you would find in the Destiny Child tier list game:

  • Dana the Tank
  • Chang’e the Attacker
  • Eve the Attacker
  • Mona the Tank
  • Bathory the Debuffer
  • Maat The healer


A-tier Characters

This is a level that includes the generally excellent units in the game, however not exactly amazing. Game characters in the Destiny A level are simply second best to the characters in the S level. There are a few slight possibilities that they can beat a few characters that you would find over the A level. Instead of disposing of cards that you find in the A tier, attempt to redesign them after utilizing them.

Here is an extensive rundown of Destiny Child game characters that have a place with the A level:

  • Patheon that majorly plays the role of support
  • Syrinx the healer
  • Neptune playing the support role
  • Mars the tank
  • Charlotte the Attacker
  • Krampus the Attacker
  • Noel the Attacker
  • Olga the debuffer
  • Thanatos the Attacker


B-tier Characters

This class of characters in the Destiny Child game is fairly disappointing. Here, you would get a harvest of Childs that are generally excellent in just one game mode. They are uncommonly planned and are the most ideal for explicit game modes. This is the reason want to be a master player should stay with them when generally required.

For example, the Leaf leather Daron is the best person to use in the World Boss occasions, yet is exceptionally awful in the other three game modes.

One thing with the Destiny Child characters is that they sparkle in one specific game mode and underperform in the other. Different characters that are classed in higher tiers normally can be highlighted adequately in excess of two game modes.

Here is an extensive rundown of the B-level characters in the Destiny Child game:

  • Khepri the Attacker
  • Abaddon the Attacker
  • Siren the Attacker
  • Leda the Support
  • Rita the Debuffer
  • Cleopatra the Attacker
  • Jupiter the Debuffer
  • Isolde the Debuffer
  • Mafdet the Attacker
  • Durandal the Support
  • Nicole the Attacker
  • Snow Miku playing the role of Support
  • Medb the Attacker
  • Serval playing the role of an Attacker
  • Jacheongbi the Attacker
  • Aria- Support
  • Naias – Support


Destiny Child Tier List: C-tier Characters

Honestly, any game character that falls into this Tier list is an absolute exercise in futility. They are down characters that generally radiate a less than ideal performance. This is on the grounds that they can undoubtedly be bested in the Destiny Child’s portable game. Here is a complete rundown of characters that have a place with the C-level of Destiny Child:

  • Epona-Support
  • Astraea-Healer
  • Werewolf-Support
  • Kasumi-Attacker
  • Brownie-Support
  • Myrina-Support
  • Cube Moa-Debuffer
  • Guardian Chang’e-Attacker
  • Verdelet-Support
  • Daoine Sidhe-Tank
  • Anemone-Support
  • Nine-Debuffer
  • Calypso-Attacker
  • Katherine-Debuffer
  • Marie Rose-Tank
  • Ailill-Attacker
  • Hestia-Attacker
  • Bari-Attacker
  • Bastet-Attacker
  • Elizabeth-Attacker
  • Frej-Attacker
  • Eochaid-Attacker
  • Makoto-Healer
  • Saturn-Attacker


Destiny Child Tier List: D-tier Characters

This is the last however not the least Tier that a gamer can find in the Destiny Child’s game. This arrangement of characters is totally pointless in the four-game methods of the destiny child portable computer game.

Here is the rundown of characters that fall under this class close by their parts in the game:

  • Venus-Healer
  • Metis-Healer
  • Oracle Werewolf-Debuffer
  • Pretty Mars-Attacker
  • Student Eve-Debuffer
  • Ruffian Midas-Healer
  • Eshu-Tank
  • Aurora-Healer
  • Hatsune Miku-Support
  • Dark Buster Lisa-Attacker
  • Midas-Debuffer
  • Raccoon-Tank
  • Diablo-Tank
  • Nirrti the Debuffer
  • Bikini Lisa- Support
  • Sunbeach Mona the Debuffer
  • School Swimsuit Davi- Support
  • Sytry-Support
  • Party Star Medb-Support
  • Catgirl Neamhain-Support
  • Catherine-Tank
  • Rin-Healer
  • Hermes-Support
  • Hades-Tank
  • Maou Davi-Attacker
  • Honoka-Healer
  • Morgan-Attacker
  • Lan Fei-Debuffer
  • Brigid-Tank
  • Ashtoreth-Attacker



Final Thought

The Destiny Child Tier List is a concise compilation of characters available in the destiny game categorized according to their potency and performance capabilities. As such, we put ourselves in the line to compile this rundown for your consumption, knowing the right Tier to go for in order to pick good performing characters to enjoy your gaming time.

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