Best Weapon Skins CSGO: 50 Facts About Quick Weapon Reloading

Best Weapon Skins CSGO: 50 Things You Should Know In CS GO Weaponry & Combat

Best Weapon Skins CSGO: Becoming a legendary game player in CS Go, you will need more than a skill to succeed or really flow. There are top-notch weapons that can be switched almost instantly, but if you don’t understand how the system works, you will lose a lot of tournaments and money as well used on new weapon purchases.

Hence, I have listed 50 vital things you need to have at your fingertips if you must excel. And below is the rundown;

50 Facts About Quick Weapon Reloading

#1 when you quickly switch back to your weapon while reloading it doesn’t make you reload any faster you just risk the fact you mess up the whole reload.

#2 Go to your settings and turn on the 10-second warning volume to have easier times to clutch the rounds whenever the music starts playing and you have no kit just try to escape plus save your weapon if you have a defuse kit remember that you have maximum 5 more seconds to fully stick to the diffuse.

#3 When you are ct and all opponents have aks you don’t need to buy a helmet because AK equals one-shot headshot anyways.

#4 Avoid moving with WA as much as you can when peeking corners or engaging in a duel try to use only a and d to move plus stop because if you would use w at the same time you would also need to use s to stop yourself it just makes the whole movement way more complex because for accurate shots in cs go you need to be standing still.

#5 Enemies can see you earlier when you peek out with your left side so whenever it’s possible try to peek to your right since your player model is larger to the left and it all gets worse when you crouch as your player model gets even wider csgo live lesson never crouched peak, especially to the left.

#6 Also the closer you are to a corner the more it obstructs your vision meaning that in most cases you want to peek out behind the corners at the distance.

#7 You can’t see your own shadow in csgo but at some places for example dust2 longhouse other people’s shadows reveal their position way before they can actually see you making those duels kinda impossible for them to win you.

#8 Run the quickest with your knife or bomb out holding anything else in your hands will reduce your speed depending on a weapon for example Negev makes you the slowest.

#9 form ticking sound in a-bomb sight and b-bombsight is different.

#10 When you face down your player model loses plenty of height setting you up for some extra sneaky plays at some positions.

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#11 If you’re playing matchmaking and have bots in your team when one of your teammates says a radio command holds your position and someone follows it up with affirmative this usually makes the bots stand still so they won’t be pushing and dying early.

#12 Now if you want to control the bot simply spectate them and press your use key for most of us it’s E.

#13 It might sound weird but dropping weapons to toxic guys and in general, being nice to them to keep the overall team chemistry up could win your game.

#14 If you know that enemies might eco in the next round aka play with pistols 10 why not buy a weapon with a high kill money bonus, for example, a shotgun to farm some money for yourself. By the way, if you manage to knife someone you get 1500 USD rewards so it’s worth trying.

#15 You have four nade slots but if you use some of them close to your spawn you could use five or more grenades in one round just buy a new one from your spawn as you have 20 seconds to do so after the round start.

#16 You can run boost in cs go just climb on top of your teammate top guy’s jump will be the indicator for both of you to start running and then the top guy needs to jump again to get the boost, simple as that.

#17 When you reload your gun you’ll drop a magazine on the ground for the next 15 seconds.

#18 Dropping onto some objects could save you from fall damage, use them well.

#19 Planting a bomb takes a bit more than three seconds so when you have four seconds remaining into the round and you’re in the bombsite you still have enough time to get the bomb down.

#20 A regular grenade can serve multiple purposes; you could destroy some doors, you could use it as a cover to cross some places, and you could teleport weapons towards you, super general.

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#21 Whenever you throw a grenade you’ll be making a pin pull sound so if you know the enemy might be close to you rather don’t throw any grenades because you’ll be simply revealing your position and making yourself an easy target for them.

#22 You could also fake the pin pull sound without actually throwing a grenade just start throwing your nade but at the very last moment switch back to your weapon it’s not that easy to execute it consistently but practice makes perfect.

#23 If you hold the crouch key while dropping down and release it with the right timing before the ground there’s a chance to drop down completely silently.

#24 While defusing a bomb you can scope with your zoom machine drop a weapon switch fire mode and throw grenades all that you confuse your enemy by the way you control left-click grenades even while defusing just defuse start holding your right click then switch it to left-click and boom here’s your left click throw.

#25 In order to be extra sneaky use silenced weapons since it makes it way harder for the enemy team to know where you are shooting them from it’s especially effective, if you use those with one-way smokes which are certain smokes that give you one-way vision towards your opponents, so it’s very hard for them to see you, of course, you can find plenty of those smokes by browsing on the web.

#26 Light sources are visible through the smokes now if you pick your angles wisely and see the light disappearing it means someone is in between you and the light now all you need to do is shoot to get called as a smoke hacker.

#27 Always try to take the maximum out from the resources you currently have, if you have a shotgun prefer close corner duels, don’t go out in the open as opponents with rifles or SMGs will have a huge advantage against you in a long-distance fight also if you have decided to buy yourself an AK and opponents have a low buy round don’t go anywhere alone and try to hold distance because when you die alone enemies can take up your AK and save it for the next round or maybe even win the current round because of that.

#28 Don’t sleep on the importance of staying alive, especially in situations where your goal is to defend peek out get the info to fall back, and just by being alive in your position enemies will have a lot harder times controlling this part of the map since they need to always worry about your angle as well.

#29 If you want to b-hop in cs go then its way easier to do it when you bind your jump onto a mouse scroll up or scroll down instead of jumping with space and then feel free to watch any of the quick bhop tutorials on youtube to get the logic behind it.

#30 You can shoot and move most of the drop-down items by doing so you can literally be a deliveryman and get your teammate some utility or a better weapon.

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#31 Although the only way to move the drop-down bomb is either with doors [Music] or with a ball it doesn’t move much anyway.

#32 At some certain places you can throw Molotovs to deal damage through the floors make sure you won’t get barbecued yourself because you don’t want to give your opponent the nasty 200 IQ frag like that and whenever the situation requires feel free to try out your own fire luck.

#33 Don’t climb ladders with only a w if you want to be quick AF on ladders then climb them sideways and hold either W and D or W and A it works both ways up and down plus even while shifting if your goal is to be dead silent you’ll be still faster than with W only.

#34 When you rush someplace for example good old b and enemies mullet of your entrance if you don’t want to stop then just have one smoke ready to smoke the Molotov and go through it without losing any time it’s smart to talk it through at the beginning of the round who will be smoking the potential Molotov.

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#35 Csgo is a team game at all times try to think about how you can set up your teammates for easier duels give them the best flashes you got and also feel free to ask for support from your teammates think about it as a football formation do you have a good team you need to have a goalkeeper defenders etc not everyone can be attackers in football and not everyone can be shiny fraggers in csgo.

#36 Decoy fakes the main weapon sound you have in your arsenal at that point of time to fake that you have pistols only just drop your AK for a second throw a decoy and pick that AK up again simple as that.

#37 The evanta nuke is manipulatable with your user key and as told earlier for most of us it’s E.

#38 A deagle remains one hundred percent of its accuracy while you’re crouch moving.

#39 You can make your smokes float when your teammate stands in a Molotov and you throw a cloud of smoke at your teammate smoke pops immediately ruins a Molotov and will be floating in the air at the height you through it with this knowledge you could try to work out some one-way smoke so that you’d see enemy team first, easy as that.

#40 When you try to build three-man towers the top guy will be always sliding off because the valve doesn’t want us to break the maps but you can still successfully execute them when you build your three-man towers close to a wall or invisible wall so the top guy will constantly be sliding off onto a wall and therefore staying on top of the tower.

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#41 It’s kind of useless to try to gamble and smoke only one of the entrances off when you actually have no idea where your opponent might be when retaking a bombsite and you have no idea where the enemy might be just smoke the bomb and tap it once to make them panic or just first try stick with the diffuse.

#42 Damaging doors to achieve hippy-off angles might be a nice idea.

#43 The fastest way to knife someone is to right-click from the back or two left clicks plus a right-click from the front.

#44 When enemies execute your bomb site mullet of some places and you have a smoke you can just fake smoke to ruin the Molotov this way enemies will surely focus at this smoked angle too and you might get some easy kills.

#45 If you have another fully reloaded weapon nearby on the ground don’t be afraid to use it for example you can trick your enemies by shooting with one weapon and then pick up a new gun plus surprise them with a fully reloaded new weapon from the ground.

#46 Most of people know three types of grenade rows left click right click and both-clicks aka normal throw but actually, when you hold both clicks and release them at different times there are loads of distance variations to throw your grenades with.

#47 When you crouch moves backward and bounces your nade off from the ground it bounces way higher than without moving.

#48 Zeus is a very powerful weapon in close quarters why not give it a try in your next echo round

#49 Consider your weapon length at all times for example when you have AWP plus a pistol to work with you may want to use your pistol while sneaking out of places because with AWP people can see your long gun barrel as a nice little warning for them also that’s probably the only viable reason why it could be useful to sometimes remove silencers because it simply reduces the weapon’s length.

#50 You can make chickens follow you by pressing e and if you would press e on them again they don’t follow you anymore so you don’t need to necessarily kill them.

Now, if you got some value on this, kindly drop a comment and share it with your friends who would love to be armed with this knowledge when engaging in csgo. Thanks for reading!


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