Money Robot Submitter: Rank On Google’s First Page In 3 Months

Money Robot Submitter could be the gamechanger for your blog or website that has been struggling to get noticed by Google.

Ranking the first page on Google is a survival of the fittest game. It’ll take a lot of stamina in domain authority and other requirements to be considered one of the top 10’s.

However, it was easy to scale through in ranking on Google many years ago because the competition was not as fierce as it is now. But right now, you will need to work your ass out before you can even feature on number 10 of Google’s first page.

Be that as it may, it may not be as hard as you think, because many systems have been developed or invented to ease the burden of having to learn or know SEO before ranking on Google. And as such, One of the most profound discoveries I came across recently is called Money Robot Submitter.

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Money Robot Submitter

If you are, in actual fact, building a full-time business to generate consistent revenue online for as long as possible, especially if it’s in Affiliate Marketing, Digital Marketing, YouTube, Website/Blogging, and any other aspect that has to do with the internet and people, you must understand SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Moreover, for you to ignore SEO is to ignore making money online through the channels you set up. Why do you think some websites rank consistently for some keywords belonging to a specific niche? SEO! If you are not conversant with SEO, you are not in business, or you may probably run out of business.

If you would notice, this is the reason a lot of websites/blogs fizzle out or get abandoned along the way because SEO may have been ignored.

You must also know that if you want to rank naturally; just posting articles, videos, or whatever the normal way, it may take you years to see results. This is where SEO does the magic for you by making your little efforts worth it in the long run.



Money Robot Submitter: The Foundation To Your Success As a Content Creator Online

This article is dedicated especially to bloggers, YouTubers, website owners, and online businesses. Now, three (3) specific areas are very fundamental and foundational in ranking on Google’s first page, and these are Keywords, Backlinks, and Optimized Content.

Though not limited to the three mentioned, there are others that are important too, but these three form the threefold cord that ranking is predicated upon.

You should also understand that no matter how beautiful, fast, and secure your website or blog is if those three are neglected, you will wonder why your much effort is producing little to no result. I’m talking out of the experience!

# Keywords

Keywords are those terms people search for on Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Keyword research is very important before posting any content on your blog or YouTube channel. If you create content around terms people rarely search for, you are only running in circles.

# Backlinks

After keywords, backlinks are the blocks or elements passed to you from high authority sites that build your website or blog’s authority to rank and compete with others for a specific keyword, especially if they are “Dofollow links.” How you get backlinks is by having your site’s link in high domain authority sites. When that happens, Google begins to recognize you as an upcoming authority because of the domains referring to you.

# Optimized Content

Content optimization is a technique deployed to ensure that content is created in such a way it can be searched by the largest target-specific audience with a high propensity of reach. And these include;

  • endeavor to make associate keywords available in your content
  • Adding meta and title tags
  • Internal and external links
  • Headlines for CTRs
  • Visual images for user engagement


Enough of the lecture! Let’s get to the main item…Introducing…MONEY ROBOT SUBMITTER!



About Money Robot Submitter

Money Robot Submitter is an AI SEO software developed and programmed to help perform SEO functions to rank websites/blogs on Google’s first page in the shortest possible time. It is also designed to rank videos on YouTube, which in turn leads to more views and more revenue.

Money Robot Submitter is known to be the world’s most powerful and efficient link-building software with over 7,541 websites connected to it. And it is designed for website owners, SEO companies, small and large media companies, and big corporations.


How Money Robot Submitter Software Works

Money Robot Submitter supports endless website platforms through automated SEO/Link Building. Hence, in this regard, since SEO Link Building requires a lot of work and time in creating accounts and profile links, email verification, and submitting your content to thousands of websites, SEO software happens to be the panacea to doing these tasks and ranking without dissipating energy mechanically.

Money Robot Submitter takes up this responsibility to submit your website’s links to thousands of high authority sites linking back to yours and feeding your site with hundreds of thousands of quality backlinks, which increases the domain authority of your site. From there you will build an unlimited number of links leading to a surge in traffic and more money is made.

Money Robot Submitter has 10 built-in main platforms that support backlinks and content submission, these are;

  • Web 2.0 Blogs
  • Social Network Posts
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Web Directories
  • Wiki Articles
  • Press Release
  • Article Directories
  • Web 2.0 Profiles
  • Forum Profiles
  • RSS


10 Powerful Features Of Money Robot Submitter

Money Robot Submitter is endowed with 10 magnificent features that beat other SEO software available in the market.

#1 High-Speed Submission

Money Robot software is built with multiple threading features; more like 100 people working at the same time to rank your website on Google’s first page.

#2 Smart Submission Operation

The creation of profile links and accounts is automated. You are not required to set it up manually, it’s operated handsfree; on its own! This process is fully automated (automatic) including auto email verification, it is done completely off human control.

#3 Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The Money Robot Submitter software makes use of Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer to assume real human activity (acting like real people using the site), and can as well bypass any bot detection.

#4 No More Searching And Scraping Website List For Manual Link Building

Money Bot software has massive server resources that crawl the web searching for websites with high domain authorities that can pass quality backlinks to your own websites by submitting your content automatically to these sites.

#5 Article Spinning & Rewriting

This is one of the most exciting features of Money Robot Submitter, in that it makes articles unique when submitting. The software is programmed to rewrite whatever content it fetches automatically in order to provide you with unique content in multiple selective versions so as not to be penalized by Google due to duplicated or better still plagiarized content.

#6 Backlink Monitor Checker

This AI software governs and traces all your live or active backlinks as well as your anchor texts, including every other information that relates to your backlinks with a shoot measuring up to 500 threads per second!

#7 Free Customer Support

This software has a 24/7 live chat support system through Skype, emails, ticket support, and their official Facebook group.

#8 Auto Site List Update

Money Robot Submitter AI software server crawlers harvest new high domain authority websites on a daily basis. Hence, you receive a new list of sites provided daily to help you rank more. This implies that you don’t need to manually search and scrape websites by yourself when the bot can do it a thousand times in a split of seconds.

#9 Automatic Captcha Solving

Almost 99% of websites you want to create accounts and profile links with have captchas, sometimes so very annoying! But this bot does this work for you for free. It can solve any captcha no matter how complicated it looks, ranging from photo captchas, calculation captchas, and others.

#10 Money Back Guarantee

With Money Robot Submitter, you have a money-back guarantee feature. That is why you’re given 7 days to test run the bot for free, plus 7 days money-back guarantee in case you’re not comfortable with the SEO tool.

However, if you wish to try out the bot, kindly CLICK HERE.


NOTE: Money Robot Submitter is only free for 7 days. However, if you want to explore the full power of the bot, you will have to either purchase the monthly subscription plan ($67) or the one-time payment for a lifetime license ($497).


Money Robot Submitter Pricing




It’s amazing how you can be so relaxed knowing that your SEO strategy for the ranking of your blog or website is going on while you only attend to posting content, while they get indexed on Google automatically; completely automated!

This is the dream of every blogger, YouTuber, and website owner out there who wants to rank higher on Google’s first despite the fierce competition. To rank on Google’s top 10 means more traffic, and more traffic means more sales, more clicks on ads, and more revenue.


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