Caught Cheating: How Do You Handle a Chronic Cheating Partner?

Caught cheating is a very controversial topic in dating and marriage. It’s very obvious that cheating is becoming a DNA as the day goes by because of its prevalence in the community of lovers.

A lot of people are stuck in a relationship and marriage that’s kinda toxic because either one or two of the parties involved are cheating. It’s possible for both partners to cheat on each other, and that’s more like operating on the same grounds – both of them are guilty; no one is actually having a cheated-on feeling.

On the other hand, if one person is really the cheater, the one cheated on will feel no better at all. It hurts to see the one you love to make out with someone else instead of you; not giving you all the attention.

Who Cheats More?

If this question is thrown at a large audience composed of males and females, almost all the females will respond “the men.” Well, that may be true somehow because men seem to own up when caught cheating. On the other hand, women may not likely do so because our environment stigmatizes females that cheat.

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So what can we deduce from here? Both genders, from our recent research and statistics, cheat at a 50-50 rating. But that may be an estimation. Just know the Gap is no longer wide as before; perhaps 60/40 or 55/45. You judge!

How To Handle a Partner If Caught Cheating In 6 Ways

It can be really hard to even wanna talk to your partner when caught cheating before your very eyes. However, there are a few ways you can go about it without involving violence, whether you caught him or her cheating in the process or some evidence you have seen.

#1 Confront Your Partner

Most times things are not the way they appear. You may be pulling unnecessary strings when you’ve not gathered solid facts if he or she is seeing someone else behind closed doors.

Just confront him or her and talk about what you’ve noticed lately. Since your cheating partner realizes that you are fully aware of his or her escapades, it’s best to put the matter on the table and dissect it carefully.

When you act like nothing is happening, you will keep getting hurt and resentful.

#2 Pray

Prayer works too! In case you didn’t know, your cheating partner can come to his senses if you persist in prayers. This is one of the most effective systems to get your relationship and marriage on track again.

#3 See a Counselor

Counselors do great work to help piece together broken relationships. If you’ve confronted your partner and talked about the incessant cheating, and he’s still falling short of your expectations, go meet a counselor with him/her. When the matter gets out of control, it’s important to seek the advice of a relationship/marriage counselor.

#4 Give More Attention

Most relationships meet their Waterloo when it appears attention is no longer a concern. You must know that giving time to your partner is very crucial for both of you to thrive together. However, lack of proper attention will lead to cold feelings, attitudes, and resentment, which will eventually result in cheating.

#5 Give Deep Thought On Why Your Partner Is Cheating

You may be the reason for the cheating if you don’t envisage the matter. People with a stinking attitude will never admit their wrongs. And some become nuisances in the relationship, making his or her partner irritated often.

If something you never expected happens all of a sudden, it is better you first of all conduct a detailed assessment of your actions and inactions. There’s no fire without smoke. Before anyone starts cheating, there’s a crack! Also, think of ways you can improve your communication skills, dressing, giving, attention, romance, and what have you.

#6 Make Up Your Mind

You see, many times partners caught cheating incessantly don’t deserve second or too many chances. Your emotional and mental health is very important, you need to guard that with jealousy.

Cheating Partners are very hard to be trusted again. If he or she continues cheating after giving him/her benefits of the doubt and forbearing, you can talk over it with your partner and leave the relationship peacefully and with understanding. Not for couples, they should sort it out and live together while working out measures to minimize the cheating, and subsequently conquer it.

Final Thought

It is better to define the basis for which a relationship is established before taking it to the marriage level to avoid being stuck with a cheater all your life. Are you in a relationship? Have you ever cheated on anyone before? Do you have a cheating partner? How were you able to handle it? Kindly drop your opinions in the comment section let’s interact.



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