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Breakfast in bed is a great way to get your spouse or partner to tingle up with blushed giggles, irrespective of who gets it done; whether the man or the woman!

Hey there, lovers! Today we will be looking at romantic ways to spice up your love life as couples with breakfast in bed. Stay with me!

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If you’re one of those boring partners around lacking the love fervor, it’s time to get lit! It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been married or courting for years, what is important is that you can always, without limitations, spark up the feelings you first had.

What Is Breakfast In Bed?

Breakfast In Bed is a romantic light meal prepared solely to surprise a partner. It’s more prevalent amongst couples. However, it is presented in the wake of your partner yawning up from sleep only to find a tray of meals before him or her in bed, as a way of saying “good morning sweetie!”

Breakfast In Bed: 10 Romantic Ways To Get It Done

#1 Honeymoon

The first way to try this out is during your honeymoon. Honeymoon is a great time for couples to express good love to each other with a full package of surprises, and one of them is breakfast in the bed!

#2 Vacation

Vacation with your spouse can give you the room to unleash this element of surprise. While your wife is sleeping you could wake her up with a kiss planted on the forehead or cheek to feed her.

#3 Valentine’s Day

This should be very personal as to preparing a wonderful wake-up call meal in the early hours of Valentine’s Day! It’s a once-in-a-blue-moon romance that you must not play with. It’s a perfect way to begin Valentine’s Day filling the atmosphere with romance and love!

#4 Home

Breakfast In Bed Tray should be normalized with couples, at least once in a while adventure. It can be done at home, not only on special occasions. Once in 3 months is a great idea to consistently build stronger bonds in marriage.

#5 Birthdays

A birthday is a reminder someone is getting older, and perhaps hitting milestones of achievements. So, it’s a perfect moment to include breakfast in the bed to make it a memorable one for your partner.

#6 Anniversaries

We celebrate anniversaries a lot ranging from weddings, relationships, work, and career anniversaries. Taking advantage of anniversaries to add breakfast in bed tray to the list is off the hook for your partner or spouse.

#7 Mother’s Day

Your wife and mother of your kids deserve a romantic treat on this special day. Making her munch something delicious in bed in the morning wouldn’t be a bad idea. After all, she’s been the one taking care of the house and kids, so you can make that morning a special one for her.

#8 Father’s Day

Your husband and father of your kids can be startled with a breakfast in bed tray! It’s simple, all you gotta do is serve him in bed and make him blush all morning! A perfect way to say, “sweetie happy father’s day, I love you!”

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34 Breakfast In Bed Recipe Ideas

  1. Spicy Moroccan Eggs
  2. Sausage and egg baps with spicy tomato sauce
  3. Peach Melba smoothie
  4. Chocolate and almond croissant
  5. Spiced bloody Mary’s
  6. Black pudding potato cakes, fried eggs, and tomato chutney
  7. Poor knights of Windsor with blackberry compote
  8. Baked eggs with spinach and tomato
  9. Squash, goat’s cheese, and rosemary pancakes
  10. Soft-boiled egg, bacon, and watercress salad
  11. The ultimate makeover: Full English breakfast
  12. Veggie breakfast bakes
  13. All-in-one-baked mushrooms
  14. Vegan tomato and mushroom pancakes
  15. Shakshuka
  16. Seven-cup muesli
  17. American blueberry pancakes
  18. The great breakfast burger
  19. Banana pancakes with crispy bacon and syrup
  20. Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon and chives
  21. Baked eggs with ham and spinach
  22. Raspberry, chocolate, and hazelnut breakfast bread
  23. Waffles with banana and salted caramel sauce
  24. Spiced oatmeal fritters with coconut caramel pears
  25. Brummie bacon cakes
  26. Homemade crumpets and burnt honey butter
  27. Lobster muffins with poached eggs, caviar, spinach, and hollandaise
  28. Simple nutty pancakes
  29. Poached eggs on avocado and feta toast
  30. Ricotta strawberry french toast
  31. Marmite eggs Benedict with waffles
  32. Matcha breakfast bowl
  33. Soft-boiled eggs with pancetta avocado soldiers
  34. Cardamom buns

The above-listed recipe ideas for breakfast in bed tray are perfect to prepare for your spouse.

Moreover, the idea behind breakfast in bed tray is to make a particular morning with your partner a special one.

How To Make Breakfast In Bed a Special One

  • Get the food items ready the night before the morning
  • Wake up very early before she does (you should know the time your partner wakes up in the morning)
  • Make sure it’s his/her favorite
  • Play a cool romantic song in the background
  • Reminisced while taking some bites
  • Look into each other’s eyes romantically
  • Feed your spouse
  • Pick up the tray to the kitchen yourself

Benefits of Breakfast In Bed

  • Improves bonding
  • Fresh arousal of romantic feelings
  • Increases care and love
  • It shows appreciation
  • It reaffirms affection and attention
  • It makes your spouse or partner feel special and valued
  • Satisfaction


Final Thought

Breakfast In Bed may look simple and can be ignored most times, but this is one of the little things that spice up marriage and relationships. In case you didn’t realize, this little act calls the attention of your partner to the fact that you care and can create a bond beyond your imagination.

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