6 Freaking Hot Free Sex Positions For Married Couples

Free Sex Positions: Sometimes sex is a little different when you’re in a relationship. You and your partner probably have a few things in common, and that can mean that you’re more comfortable being yourselves around each other.

With this in mind, ask yourself: How can I be intimate with my partner? What makes our time alone time special? The answer might surprise you to know that there may have been some sexual intercourse that did not hit cloud nine.

So, in this article, I will reveal six mind-blowing free sex positions that married couples can deploy and enjoy more pleasurable lovemaking!

6 Free Sex Positions For Married Couples

#1 Seashell

This position can’t be bested for a sex meeting that is totally open. You’re lying on your back, very much like in missionary style, with the exception of this evening, take a stab at bringing your advantages onto your spouse’s chest.

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Furthermore, assuming you have the adaptability, cross your lower legs behind your head for added strain. This is an incredible one for when you need to encounter an exceptionally profound penetration.

#2 Legs Over Shoulders

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This position is a straightforward change of exemplary missionary position that is simple — but delivers vast outcomes. With him on top of you, put your legs over his shoulders while he moves to and fro. This missionary elective is awesome for the people who appreciate further deeper penetration.

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#3 Edge Of The Bed

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“This simple position can make deeper penetration points as you open and close your legs. Also, the clitoris is prepared and accessible for feeling,” Van Kirk says. To play out this position, one partner rests on the edge of the bed while the other stands at its edge. The standing spouse is in charge of the development, while the other takes it all in.

#4 Reverse Cowgirl

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Get on top of your spouse, yet face the alternate way for a new twist on the missionary position. “You both get to partake in an alternate angle as one partner can sit up or lay lined up with the other’s legs,” says Kat Van Kirk, Ph.D., an AASECT-guaranteed sex specialist and the occupant relationship master at Adam and Eve.

Not exclusively will they have a pleasant perspective on the rear of you, however, you’ll likewise be well-positioned to watch yourself in the mirror — assuming you’re into that.

#5 Facing Each Other


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With one partner situated in a seat, the other will get on top. The two of them can rock up and down while you feel the power of thoroughly searching in one another’s eyes. Or on the other hand, for another position, “face away from your spouse and you have some control over pushing while he holds you in,” Van Kirk says.

#6 Standing Ovation

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Albeit this position requires strength or stamina from one partner (possibly the male spouse), it’s most certainly worth the work. Face your spouse as they’re standing, then fold your legs over their waist.

“This position permits you to crush on your partner in the middle of between their held pushes,” Van Kirk says. On the off chance that you really want to enjoy some time off, don’t stop the activity — all things being equal, have your partner push you up against the wall.


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