Hi Dollars Review: How I Make $250 Daily Using WhatsApp

Hi Dollars Review: How I Make $250 Daily Using WhatsApp

Hi Dollars Review…What you need to do every day is to click a button in less than 5 seconds and then answer a question to get 2.5 high dollars for free every day. High dollars are cryptocurrencies and the value of these 2.5 high dollars is about 58 cents. Are 58 cents per day too less? how about $250 per day.

Hi Dollars Review: About Hi Dollars

Hi is utilizing blockchain innovation to assemble administrations that are local area-powered. Individuals from hi are the critical partners of this ecosystem and the business is resolved to augment membership esteem – not benefits. Our first help is the world’s first general cross-ecosystem mobile installment and monetary administrations platform.

What is the problem with the services in the traditional financial sector? The savings interest is too low but with a high handling fee being charged yet the service quality is poor and the service time is short the interval time for cross-border remittances is taking up to days or weeks.

Hi Dollars Review: Why Hi Dollars Is The Real Deal

What Hi.com can bring to members as a financial service that is more transparent free or with lower fees and higher interest the transfer and remittance speed is calculated in seconds. Hi.com uses blockchain technology to provide free and non-profit digital banking services to members who have hi dollars as long as you have a certain amount of hi dollars you can become a hi member and use the financial services provided by the hi platform.

Hi dollars has created the world’s 1st financial service platform based on chat software which can directly transfer, exchange, deposit, withdraw convert fiat currency and cryptocurrency on Telegram, WhatsApp, and other chat platforms. Hi members can also enjoy the benefits of various lifestyles developed by hi’s ecosystem free digital services and merchant special offers in the final stage of the project.

Hi.com which has a top-class domain value of several million dollars is supported by top figures in the blockchain and digital fields including the former CEO of Bitcoin.com and the former CMO of Crypto.com, and as such, the hi.com project is open and transparent. The founders Sean Rach and Stefan Rust both show real people in the official videos the professional official web pages and white papers also provide a lot of relevant information plus there are practical application scenarios.

Hi Dollars
Hi Dollars

Don’t you think this is a project you should join right away or you can trust? So how do we get hi dollars and become a hi member? Hi needs our daily attention because no matter how promising a blockchain project is It needs millions of us or tens of millions of our attention. Only our attention and participation can make Hi dollars valuable and make hi become a successful project for your daily attention. Hi now gives you 2.5 hi dollars in return, hi has just been launched two months ago when there were no more than 250,000 hi members in its first week of launching.

Be that as it may, you can still receive 10 hi dollars per day in its launch. There are currently 1,040,445 hi members at present and 419,527,474.68 Hi dollars in circulation already, you can still receive 2.5 hi dollars per day. I believe it can exceed 3 million users within two months, and that time you can only receive 1 hi dollar a day. So, friends shouldn’t you take this opportunity to join hi.com right off the bat so can the hi dollars earned every day be realized immediately.

Hi dollars cannot be cashed out at the moment; the hi dollars we get every day will be locked for one year and will be unlocked after the registration date plus 365 days after passing the KYC certification. Our hi dollars can be cashed out at the price one year later. So how much can each hi dollars be worth in addition to distributing hi dollars for free to people who pay attention to them every day? Hi will also pre-sell hi dollars, now the current price of hi dollars Is $1.0078 taking the current price of $$1.0078 as a reference then if we can get 2.5 high dollars a day it means we can get $2.5195 a day according to the white paper.

The hi Dollars has launched! Buy or get every day rewards.

When the number of members reaches a certain number, the official will reduce the quantity of Hi dollars that can be received daily, but the value of hi dollars will increase as the number of members increases. Hi dollars have risen from $0.01 at the beginning to $1.0078 now which has increased 46 times according to this trend when the number of members reaches several million 1 hi dollars equals $1 shouldn’t be a problem, at that time members would definitely don’t want to sell their hi dollars at a price lower than the official pre-sale price.

Hi Dollars Review: How To Become A Member

If you want to become one of the early members of this project you can click on this LINK and then come to the official website of hi.com. you can see that there are three icons at the bottom Telegram, WhatsApp and Web App. if you don’t see these three buttons you need to enter your referral’s nickname “Sambillions” here.

NOTE: This is very important! You won’t be able to register if you don’t provide my referral username, which is “Sambillions”

After submitting you can see these three buttons we can choose any of the three methods to register we just use WhatsApp to register; click on the icon of Whatsapp and you will be redirected to hi bot of WhatsApp it will automatically generate a message you just press Enter, choose the language you want here I choose English to enter “1”

Now we need to enter our nickname; this nickname does not need to enter a real name just enter a nickname you want. This nickname will be your invitation code in the future then hi bot will directly ask you a question you will receive the daily reward after answering the question when we enter “hi” the menu will be displayed in this menu we can see many functions similar to the services provided by banks which can be executed by selecting the corresponding number let’s try and choose “6” and send.

Please verify your identity; 1st you need KYC verification to use this feature the reason for KYC identity verification is hi dollar doesn’t just become a cryptocurrency but a financial institution running on the blockchain and therefore they are legally obliged to verify their customers on top of that because you can get hi dollars for free by just pushing a button.

The KYC process is necessary to make sure that each human person only has one account and nobody just uses robots or buys 10 sim cards register 10 WhatsApps accounts and create 10 hi dollars accounts to claim more rewards.

Hi Dollars Review: How To Complete KYC Certification/Verification

Then how to complete KYC certification? We enter “hi” enter “8” settings if you want to change your nickname or change the language you can change it here we enter “2” verify identity then click this link we will go to the login page of the web app enter our phone number, and then the next step will go to the key verification page click confirm continue on this device, you can take a look at the term and conditions.

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1st both options need to be ticked before you can proceed to the next step for the primary step you must first verify your email address enter your email address then send a verification code fill in the verification code here then proceed to the next step. The 2nd step is to take your selfie and you need to allow the web app to use your camera 1st and you can upload it after you take it.

Step three you need to upload a photo of your id card or passport and then select your country click next when everything is done it usually takes only a few minutes to get your KYC successful. After your key is successful let’s try the function of cash hash we can use this function to generate cash hash.

Sending And Receiving Hi Dollars Via Submitting CashHash

Any member only needs to submit the CashHash to receive the fund let me try to generate a 1 hi CashHash and then send this cash hash to others, then others just copy this cash hash and paste it on the highboy of WhatsApp. This one hi dollars will be directly deposited into your flexible account. Okay, now I am going to send out a 50 Hi CashHash I will put this CashHash on the screen you can receive 50 Hi by typing it in the high word by word. Remember to leave a comment below to let everyone know.

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So how do you get high dollars every day? Every day at 0 Greenwich meantime is updated you can come back to WhatsApp at any time throughout the day to receive your rewards. Very simple steps, open WhatsApp find hi bot enter “hi” select one to receive daily rewards, and then answer a question to receive rewards, after that you can enter 4 to see if you have already received the reward.

In Hi you can see that there are three flexible accounts; savings account, vault account, and rewards account, after the one-year lock-up period you can transfer the hi dollars in the rewards account to the flexible account for spending, at that time if you want to earn interest you can choose to transfer hi dollars to the savings account.

How To Increase Your Earning In Hi Dollars

So how do we get more hi dollars to make more money? Hi envision building a large global community of hi members who finally get to experience feeless and seamless financial services. It is therefore important that members spread the word far and wide instead of paying 3rd party advertisers hefty marketing fees, hi prefers to reward hi members directly as a result hi has developed a special referral program where the referrer can get 50% of the rewards received by the referrals including all downstream rewards received by them.

Referring others; the referral earnings apply for all downstream referrals across all levels in perpetuity, this referral program sounds a bit like multi-level marketing which gets paid by encouraging existing members to recruit new members, but MLM needs your downline to pay money to join hi does not require any investment and it is risk-free.

Leveraging On Your Downlines To Earn More

If your referrals didn’t promote it they just wasted less than 5 seconds of his time every day to pay attention to hi project on his mobile phone he could get 2.5 high dollars which are now worth $1.0078 and may be worth more in the future. You can take a look at this data; the 1st level reward is 1.25 hi dollars the 2nd level reward is 0.625 hi dollars and the third level is 0.3125 hi dollars when it goes down to the 10th level it is 0.002441 hi dollars.

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If we refer to five people which can be your family, your friends, or friends on the internet, and then tell your referrals the same thing to refer to five people, let them pass on like this and pass on when you reach level five you can get about $250 hi dollars every day if calculated with the current price of $1.0078 it is $58 per day if calculated at the estimated price of one point $1.00 a year later it would be $250 a day.

The hi Dollars has launched! Buy or get every day rewards.

The referral reward can be transferred to the current account when it is unlocked after one year. After one year you can continue to receive passive income from these referral rewards as well. Please take note of these few points in this Hi Dollars Review;

  • You can only get the referral rewards when your downline claims their rewards every day and you have to claim your rewards every day as well to get the referral rewards you got that day.
  • This referral reward will only be credited after it is updated at 00:00 Greenwich meantime every day.
  • You need to complete KYC before unlocking after a year to get the rewards you receive every day and all the referral rewards you get. Your downline also needs to complete KYC to get the referral rewards from them.
  • If there is any value in the hi dollars that you get unlocked after one year depending on whether there are more than enough hi members in the hi project, whether the hi applications and hi ecosystems provide value.

Therefore, before joining it is necessary for you to learn about this project; look at its webpage and white paper or join the official telegram group and so on. I know you may still have a lot of doubts, queries concerns you can check the FAQ on hi webpage if this article and FAQ still do not answer your question please leave a message below I will try my best to answer you. And please don’t forget to use my username “Sambillions” as a referral username because you will be asked for it. Thank you!

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