PayPal Money Adder APK Review: Legit or Scam? Don’t Join Until You See This Article

PayPal Money Adder APK Review

PayPal money adder is an app that is claimed to top up money to an individual’s PayPal account for free without performing any task. To run the PayPal money adder app, users are required to just fill the form and start receiving cash into their PayPal account instantly.

PayPal money adder is considered fake because PayPal’s security system is one of the top-notch payment processors in the world, and as such, they will disallow any fishy activity from applications perceived to pose malware threats to their database.

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PayPal Money Adder

Moreover, the PayPal adder will require you to input your email, the currency, and the amount you wish to receive, but it will not ask for your password.

It is the opinion of the general public that you avoid the free money system online like this. Because giving them access to your PayPal account or any other genuine online money-saving platforms may orchestrate a manipulation that could siphon your hard-earned money.


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5 Reasons You Should Avoid PayPal money adder APK

However, we have compiled a list of reasons you should steer clear of the PayPal money adder app below:

1 Internet Users Are Coerced to Do Promotions

Apps like this frequently force their users to refer and do promotions. Therefore, registered users of this app are obliged to fill a survey form and also tell their friends on social media about the promos claimed on these apps.

Whenever you come across free money online apps or platforms, have it at the back of your mind that these systems are conventionally fraudulent, and they must be verified thoroughly before jumping into it. Hence, tricking PayPal to siphon funds is an impossible game in the actual sense. That is to say, the PayPal money adder is not genuine and should be ignored at all costs.

These money adder apps scam alerts can be perceived through their email format, especially their salutations don’t tally with the way it should be done formally. The body of the email sent to you would carry “Dear Customer” instead of addressing the person by his/her first name. This, however, contradicts the proper organizations that address their customers by their first name via their mail.


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2 Buying the App Is a Loss of Money

While installing the app, you will be required to pay for it. But if you do, that’s purchasing an app that does not guarantee you results in the end, and for this reason, your money is gone because it’s a downside for users online.


3 Malware Download

Most of the PayPal money adder apps are virus-infested. If you don’t have antivirus actively installed on your phone, iPad, or PC, your important files on your device may be vulnerable to corruption.


4 Emails Are Auctioned to Established Companies

Sometimes have you ever wondered why you receive emails from strange names without you knowing how they got your email in the first place?

Email addresses of users can be offered to big companies who in turn launch out unrequested emails which most times get archived in your spam box. As such, these spam emails are irrelevant to users.

On the other hand, the PayPal money adder happens to gain some profits by selling out email addresses for big-name companies for good pay.


5 Phishing Activity

Phishing is the deceitful action to extract important or delicate data like email addresses for dubious reasons. Phishers appear as genuine companies to lure the naive individual to give out private information.

These imposters would duplicate PayPal’s method of email format by sending emails to customers asking them to authorize or grant them access to solve an assumed malfunction. These scam sites can also be recognized with their registered domain name despite whether the website address may appear to come from PayPal.



You don’t have to fall a victim to every platform online. The main reason for this article is to decipher the PayPal money adder apps and how you can identify their authenticity before making a purchase.

Finally, I hope you have gained some value, and are probably being saved from making a mistake in the future with this article. Kindly share and drop a comment if you feel other precaution steps need to be added to the list.

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