10+ Strange Facts About Veronica Rodriguez You Should Know

Who Is Veronica Rodriguez?

Veronica Rodriguez may not have played the lead role in 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, however, she’s had an effect in any case. Veronica was highlighted in the third season of the show when her ex, Tim Malcolm started dating a lady in Colombia. In spite of the fact that Veronica and Tim have been separated for quite a while, they are as yet extraordinary companions who really get to know each other to co-parent their kid.

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Regardless of now and then appearing to be envious of Tim’s new relationship, Veronica kept on being a solid emotionally supportive network as Tim ended up going through highs and lows. Presently a standard on 90 Day Fiance: Pillow Talk, fans can’t get enough of Veronica’s guileful remarks and snide comical inclination. And as such, this article will list and explain 10 things you had hardly any insight into Veronica Rodriguez’s life.

#1 She Was Arrested

Before you get it twisted, Veronica Rodriquez is not associated with any criminal activity in any way, but she has, however, yet she has had a disagreement with the law. She was captured in 2016 for driving while hindered. There aren’t many subtleties in the episode so it appears as though she didn’t cause problems. However, she was reserved in Rowan County, North Carolina where her mugshot was seized.

#2 She Loves Spending Time At The Beach

Indeed, even following quite a while of living in North Carolina, Veronica is as yet a Florida young lady on a basic level. This implies that she adores taking out time outside, particularly at the ocean side (beach). Whenever she is back in Florida visiting her family, Veronica invests a great deal of time out on the water doing things like drifting, swimming, and oar boarding.

#3 She’s Addicted To Yoga

Veronica Rodriguez loves remaining dynamic, and one of her beloved ways of doing that is by rehearsing yoga. Whenever she has time, she appreciates getting outside and chipping away at yoga posture. Obviously, she’s been practicing Yoga for some time since she has a portion of the more troublesome postures totally under control.

#4 Veronica Claims To Help Her Ex Financially

At the point when Tim originally showed up on the show, he professed to be a business person and clarified that cash wasn’t exactly an issue for him. Notwithstanding, in November of 2019, Veronica dropped a bomb when she went on social media and said that she upholds Tim monetarily.

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She even affirmed that she had bought a portion of the gifts that Tim provided for Jennifer. It’s indistinct whether she implied that she has consistently supported him or then again assumed she was assisting on the grounds that he’d run into some bad luck. Regardless, this totally goes against the manner in which Tim initially introduced himself.

#5 She Charges $30 Per Video On Cameo

Showing up on Before the 90 Days and Pillow Talk have essentially supported Veronica’s social media presence. She has in excess of 62,000 followers and she has utilized that into different open doors also. She has an account on Cameo where she charges $30 for a customized video. Fans can request that she make the video in one or the other English or Spanish.

#6 She’s Originally From Miami In Florida

Like Tim, Veronica as of now lives in North Carolina and it appears as though she’s lived there for a considerable length of years. Nonetheless, she is initially from the Miami region. Based on her Instagram posts, she actually visits much of the time, so many of her relatives likely still live in Florida.

#7 She’s Employed Full Time

We should be genuine, the cast individuals on 90 Day Fiance never seem like they have occupations. Toward the start of each season, they will as a rule address how they help work, however, it generally appears to be unclear. In any case, we truly do realize that Veronica is profitably employed and has been for quite some time. On her LinkedIn page, she says that she functions as a lead sourcing relationship director.

#8 She Has Acquired 2 Academic Certificates

Veronica Rodriguez isn’t simply gorgeous, she’s brilliant as well. From 2003 to 2005, she went to the University of Rochester where she acquired an associate degree in political science and government. The next year, she signed up for Florida International University where she studied business and finished a four-year certification program.

#9 She Speaks English, Spanish, & French

Regardless of where you reside or what you accomplish for work, having the option to communicate in more than one language is something that can prove to be useful all of the time. Fortunately for Veronica, she’s ready to talk 3. As indicated by her LinkedIn profile, she communicates in English, Spanish, and French. Notwithstanding, she didn’t indicate whether or not she’s familiar with French.

#10 Veronica Rodriquez Has Cuban Ancestry

Since Veronica Rodriguez was certainly not a primary cast part on Before the 90 Days, fans weren’t given a lot of data about her, outside of her relationship with Tim. A few fans had inquiries regarding her nationality. Veronica was brought up in the United States, however, something like one side of her family moved here from Cuba.



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