Verizon Near Me: How Many Corporate Stores Does Verizon Have?


Verizon Near Me: Verizon was founded in April 2000 in Bedminster as a joint venture of American telecommunications firm Bell Atlantic and then became Verizon communication and British telecommunications company Vodafone.

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The company started in New Jersey in the United State of America which serves as its headquarter currently. Verizon is an American wireless network operator. It previously operated under the name Verizon wireless as a division of Verizon communications.

The Store’s goal is to move the world forward for everyone by expanding digital access, protecting the climate, and preparing people for the jobs of the future. They are moving the world forward in their own way the best they can and know how to Take it one step at a time as they head into a greater future. The company became the sole owner in 2014 after purchasing Vodafone’s 45 percent stake in the company.

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Verizon is the largest wireless carrier in America with 142.8 million subscribers as of the end of 2021, there are currently 6,479 retail stores all over the united states of America as of January 2022, with the highest number of stores found in California with a total number of 538 stores.

Also, they offer mobile telephone services and wireless broadband to the United States. It covers about 99 percent of the United States of America’s population with its 4G LTE broadband services. The Store offers mobile phone services through a variety of devices, its LTE in rural America program with 21 carriers participating covers 2.7 million potential users in 169 rural counties. Verizon is currently developing a 5G network.

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With the aim to make life easier and services better, The Company has set up stores near you which you can visit to get your questions answered about upgrades, discuss your account and get help troubleshooting your device and get your bills paid. Also, there are sales representatives you can speak to before you arrive at the store. It is about saving your time and conserving your energy while making the most of your day. 

The Company stores are owned by the Company themselves while third parties are the owners of authorized Verizon retail stores under license and supervision from the Company. In the Company cooperate or authorized stores The Company set up and employ the services of staff that are trained, qualified and competent to stand to represent the Company in serving customers. In these stores, the Company products can be found. 


You can locate a Verizon store near your area using the Company store locator on The options lined up will be options to attend a workshop, schedule an appointment, or manage an existing appointment. Also, you can use the My Verizon Mobile App to access the options given above. You can also check the store hours to be sure that the retail store near you is open.



The best way to get your challenges met and problems attended to on Verizon-related issues is to visit a Verizon store near you. Problems ranging from OS or understanding the basics of 4G LTE or even 5G will be resolved by a Company expert.

To get the most out of the Company it Is important that you know and have access to their retail stores so that you can have your challenges sorted out and help you enjoy the Company to the fullest.

But if you have moved out of an area where you are familiar with the Company retail stores around you, don’t bother yourself with manually trying to find a Verizon store near you, maximize the advantages of the store locator and also do well to speak with a Verizon customer representative before arriving the store to enjoy special treatment and excellent servicing.


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