YouTube Shorts Fund: $100 Million Up For Grabs

YouTube Shorts Fund: $100 Million Up For Grabs


YouTube Shorts Fund…Creators on YouTube will be rewarded with $100 million for their efforts, and to encourage more contents on YouTube status. The YouTube Shorts Fund is a $100M asset to remunerate content creators on YouTube for their commitment to making imaginative, unique Shorts that amuse the YouTube group. We’ll contact large number of creators every month to reveal to them that they meet all requirements for a Shorts reward from the $100 million.


What Are YouTube Shorts?

Hello creators! We should discuss YouTube Shorts in this post. Another way for you to watch, find, what’s more, make short videos utilizing only your smartphone. In this post, I will guide you through what YouTube Shorts are the most effective method to get everything rolling with Shorts also, some prescribed procedures for utilizing them.

How YouTube Shorts Creators Can Start Earning up to $10,000 per Month

How about we begin without much ado? To start with, what are Shorts? Shorts are another video experience that lets you watch and make short, snappy recordings directly from your smartphone. Their upward (vertical) recordings of 60 seconds or less, also, give a simple, lightweight approach to make. Also, the interface you to YouTube’s two billion clients or users giving them a new, modified survey insight of unlimited comics, learning, music uncovering, and that’s just the beginning.

Regardless of whether you’ve been making and uploading YouTube videos for quite a long time or are simply getting everything rolling for the first time, you can in a flash reach and engage new crowds (audience) with YouTube Shorts creation instruments, which allows you to record and edit recordings on YouTube directly from your smartphone. Or then again, you can transfer Shorts by keeping the standard transfer stream on mobile, work area, or your choice gadget.

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In the event that you make Shorts utilizing YouTube Shorts creation tools, you can utilize our multi-portion camera to string various video cuts together. You can add a song or test sound from different Shorts or qualified YouTube recordings. You can add text after and control when it shows up and vanishes, control the speed of your video, and a whole lot more. Watchers can discover Shorts by going into the committed Shorts tab.

They can likewise find them on the YouTube landing page in their membership area on your channel homepage with the Shorts “Featured” segment, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Shorts will have their own survey experience separate from standard recordings or videos also when watchers click into a Short they can look through to watch and appreciate more.

YouTube Shorts Fund offers $10,000/month for creators

Since you realize what Shorts are, would it be a good idea for you to use them? Individuals are observing an ever-increasing number of Shorts all throughout the world. The YouTube Shorts player has now outperformed 6.5 billion daily views internationally. With its own different review insight, consider it an extra way for you to make and contact new crowds who have perhaps never seen your content on YouTube.

Shorts shouldn’t have any significant effect on the exhibition of your normal YouTube recordings (videos). Furthermore, YouTube is remembering your subscribers (that is having your subscribers in mind). In this way, YouTube will just send Shorts notices to subscribers who consistently watch Shorts content on YouTube.


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How Does The YouTube Fund Work?

The YouTube Shorts Fund is a $100 million asset that will be dispersed to qualified creators throughout the span of 2021 and 2022. Every month, you can acquire a Shorts reward somewhere in the range of US$100 and US$10,000 from the Fund with the sum changed dependent on execution measurements like your channel’s month-to-month Shorts views and where your crowd is found.

That is to say, content creators on YouTube will be selected randomly to receive between $100 and $10,000 on a monthly basis in the course of 180 days even if you are not yet accepted into the YouTube Partner Program.

Youtube Shorts Fund Offers Creators A Chance To Earn And Build Their Growing Content Businesses

Creators who make unique Shorts on YouTube might get a reward indeed, even makers who aren’t in the YouTube Partner Program. Every month, YouTube will contact thousands of content creators in view of their channel’s Shorts execution in the earlier month.

The entirety of your Shorts recordings will combine with your Shorts performance every month that they get views, not simply the month that they were posted. so regardless of whether you don’t qualify for the last or previous month, you may qualify one month from now. Along these lines, continue to make new Shorts content.


$100 Million YouTube Fund Giveaway: How Creators Can Be Eligible For The Bonus

This $100 million YouTube Shorts Fund update came with excitement as content creators on YouTube will be rewarded for being part of the YouTube Community. So, whether you are a new YouTuber or you have been in the game for years, if you follow the requirements listed below, you will receive the bonus.

  1. You must upload at least one eligible video every day for 180 days
  2. Channels must follow and abide by YouTube’s Community Guidelines, Copyright Infringement, and Monetization Policies.
  3. No channel is allowed to upload videos with watermark or logos from third-party platforms like social media, as well as non-original content. Also, reupload other creators’ videos from their channels.
  4. Creators must come from these 10 countries only; the United States, United Kingdom, Nigeria, Russia, South Africa, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, India, and Indonesia. However, they plan to extend this privilege to other countries not included in the YouTube Shorts Funds.
  5. Creators in the United States must be from 13 years of age and above, or the acceptable age.
  6. Creators within this age bracket 13-18 years must make sure their parents or guardians accept Google AdSense Payment terms and conditions.


Frequently Asked Questions For YouTube Fund


1. How Will I Qualify For The YouTube Shorts Fund?

Every month, YouTube will contact thousands of Shorts makers to guarantee a reward from the Shorts Fund dependent on their channel’s Shorts’ exhibition in the earlier month. A channel’s Shorts will figure in with their month-to-month performance every month watchers watch them, not simply the month the videos were uploaded.

There’s no particular presentation edge to meet all requirements for a reward. The degree of performance expected to fit the bill for a reward installment might change from one month to another depending on different variables, including the area of your viewers and the general development of Shorts.

Your channel’s Shorts performance is checked on consistently, so regardless of whether you don’t qualify for one month, you might qualify the following.

2. How Will I Know I’m Qualified For The YouTube Shorts Fund?

Makers will be informed that they qualify by means of email and notifications in the YouTube application after the primary seven-day stretch of every month. Both the email and notification will come with the measure of the reward and directions for how to guarantee it.

Qualifying creators ought to get these notifications soon after the first seven-day stretch of the month. They’ll have until the 25th of every month to guarantee their reward, or it might terminate.

3. How Much Can I Earn From The YouTube Shorts Fund?

Qualifying channels can get between $100–$10,000 every month. Rewards are changed depending on the area of a creator’s crowd. Therefore, the viewership and commitment expected to qualify may contrast between makers.

Extra payments will be made to your channel’s connected AdSense account. Tax retaining and abiding by other AdSense terms and conditions are needed to get paid.

4. How Do I Claim My YouTube Shorts Fund Payment?

Qualifying makers can choose CLAIM BONUS in the email or in-application alert to go to the Shorts Fund page in YouTube Studio. From this page, makers need to finish two stages to guarantee their reward:

> Acknowledge the bonus terms.

> Set up an AdSense account for the collection of the reward.

For channels with a functioning and connected AdSense account or those that get installment from an MCN or organization, your reward will be guaranteed subsequent to finishing these two stages.

Be that as it may, if you set up an AdSense account, it might require a couple of days for YouTube to make and connect the AdSense account to your channel. They will email you once your AdSense account is connected, and affirm whether your reward has been guaranteed.

How to play YouTube video in picture-in-picture mode on iOS


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5. How Do I Get Paid From AdSense?

To guarantee a reward and get compensated, qualifying makers need to ensure an endorsed and active AdSense account is connected to their channel. In the event that you as of now have an AdSense account, you’ll get your reward installment with some other month-to-month YouTube profit.

Setting up AdSense As A Beginner

That being said, if you meet all requirements for a Shorts reward yet don’t have an AdSense account, Google will assist you with getting everything rolling. From the reward alert email or in-application notice select CLAIM BONUS to go to the Shorts Fund page in YouTube Studio:

  • In “Step 1,” choose START to accept the YouTube Shorts Fund terms
  • In “Step 2,” choose START to register your AdSense account
  • When you are presented with the question of having an existing AdSense account or whether you have an AdSense account already, select No, I Need To Create One.
  • Choose to CONTINUE to be redirected to AdSense proper.
  • Select the Google account you wish to use for the AdSense account.
  • Accept terms
  • Enter your address
  • Then click on SUBMIT

Whenever you’ve made your AdSense account, more guidelines on the most proficient method to finish your AdSense profile will be sent to you. These incorporate submitting important tax data, affirming your own personal details are right and showing a method of payment.

6. When Will I Get Paid The YouTube Shorts Fund?

Qualified makers with a connected AdSense account can hope to get installment 4 a month and a half from the time they guarantee the reward. But if you don’t have an AdSense account connected to your channel, you will be notified to register for an AdSense or connect the current one.

An example of how this payment schedule work is below;

January The creator’s eligibility is counted on the channel’s Shorts performance for a reward from the YouTube Shorts Fund in February.
Early February YouTube goes through the performance of Shorts on your channel for the month of January, and alerts qualified creators that they qualify for the YouTube Shorts Fund.
25th Of February This is when qualifying creators grab their bonus or risk losing it.
March To Early April AdSense issues February reward installments to makers whose AdSense accounts are set up to get payments.


YouTube Channels that need to make an AdSense account might set aside more effort to get payment. The measure of time relies upon how rapidly the AdSense account is endorsed and payments details are set up or updated. This interaction might require a long while, and this process requires;

When set-up is finished, payment is issued via AdSense between the 21st and 26th of the month.

YouTube Shorts Fund Launches $100M For Creators


6 Ways Creators Can Benefit From $100 Million YouTube Shorts Fund

  1. Make sure your videos are very attractive with video filters
  2. Add multiple video clips together
  3. Upload videos from your phone gallery
  4. Include texts in your video; that means you should be able to narrate or take your viewers and subscribers on a journey. So, adding texts to your video can improve the quality of your presentation.
  5. Adjust how fast your video should be according to what you want or what you envision in mind; In recording YouTube Shorts, you have the liberty to experiment with your video speed.
  6. Add music to your video to boost the interest of your viewers.



This is one of the best compensation plans Google has ever established in her years of existence. Whether you are just starting out on YouTube, you are so sure that you will benefit from the YouTube Shorts Fund if you consistently upload at least one video every day for 180 days stretch. What you need to know is that you don’t need to record a long-form video to qualify; you only need 60 seconds or less. It’s now an opportunity for you to jump on YouTube and begin to make money with Shorts in no time.

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