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UPSN Tracking: UPSN is an abbreviation that stands for United Parcel Service United States. UPSN is sure to post, they are in the business of picking packages and delivering them to your local post office for pick up or in some cases delivering the packages themselves depending on the terms of the transaction between UPSN and the customers.

UPSN is an innovation that is more than 100 years old. In 1907, UPSN was a vision by two young entrepreneurs who were both teenagers who created what has come to be known as one of the world’s renowned delivery services with impeccable service delivery.

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It was founded by Claude Ryan and Jim Casey with nothing much but a vision and a loan of $100 in a basement in Seattle. The company took a bold step to make its first expansion move beyond Seattle in 1919 to Oakland, California which was the place where the name United Parcel Service was first considered and debuted.

In the same year, the cars which were used to execute its services were given the UPSN signature color brown which represents class, professionalism, and sophistication. It also made an expansion move to New York City in 1930.

UPSN began common carrier operations in 1953, serving commercial and residential shippers in some cities. They also reintroduced air service after its badly timed two-year venture which they had attempted in 1929.

In 1975, UPSN made history by becoming the first package delivery company to serve every address in the continental U.S.A which earned them the nickname the golden link. That same year UPSN went abroad for the first time offering services in Toronto. These are just very few of the strides that UPSN was able to make over the decades on its journey to become the largest delivery service agency in the world. 

In June 2020 UPSN had its first female and current CEO Carol B. Tome who became the 12th CEO of the company in the past 113 years.



UPSN is an international delivery service company receiving and delivering shipments to different continents of the world. The majority of respondents from a survey in 2018 said that UPS offers the best package tracking features among other U.S shipping companies.

With shipments being ordered from different companies such as Amazon from other continents of the world and the need for UPS delivery service, it has become important for people to be able to track their packages as it moves from continent to continent before arriving at their final destination.

UPS helps you have peace of mind with the UPS tracking technology. The UPS tracking technology shows you the progress of your package every step of the way either across town within the country or around the world. With this technology, it is easier to know how far your package is from you and its location at a specific time. UPS does this to the end that customers all around the world can find them reliable. You can track one or multiple packages with UPS tracking.

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UPS has developed a range of tracking tools that will help give you the precise information you need on your shipments wherever and whenever you may need it. It doesn’t matter the size or quantity of what you have ordered you can track them all.

Ups offers different ways to track packages and also provides ways to stay informed on the current status, unexpected delays, and the delivery of your shipment.



When you are creating a shipment with upsn you can assign a reference to the shipment such as a purchase order number or a customer number which could be up to 35 characters to track the shipment without entering a tracking number.



To be able to track your shipment on UPS you need to obtain your UPS tracking number which is usually sent via email after you make a purchase and a shipment order. For those making a purchase at a retail store, their tracking number is given to them at the location of purchase.

The tracking number is an 18 digit tracking number that starts with 1Z, followed by a 6-character shipper number which is a combination of letters and numbers, a 2-digit service level indicator, and 8 digits which identify the given package .you can enter up to 10 tracking numbers for real-time status. You can also sign up to receive SMS alerts by adding your mobile number when prompted.

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It is important to know the different UPS tracking statuses, some of these statuses are:

  1. Returned To Shipper: This means that a particular package has been returned to the original shipper.
  2. In Transit: The shipment is moving within the UPS network and will soon reach its destination on the initial scheduled delivery date and time.
  3. Exception: When a shipment has met with an unforeseen event on its way to a destination such as damage to the parcel, address unknown, etc, it is referred to as an exception and consequently the delivery date will be extended for this reason.
  4. On Vehicle: This means that the package has already been assigned to a dispatch rider with the UPS and will soon be delivered to you.
  5. Updated Delivery Date: when this is displayed it means that for some reason the initially proposed delivery date has been extended for some reason although it is still in transit.

Final Note

Ups takes reliability seriously and its services are aimed at proving this point to the world and it has stayed that way for a long time. So if you have a shipment or you are intending to make a shipment order with UPS you can do well to take advantage of the UPS tracking service and monitor your shipment as it transits until it gets to you.


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