Top 20 Highest Paying Jobs in Canada in 2023 ($200k and Above)

Top 20 Highest Paying Jobs in Canada

Top 20 Highest Paying Jobs in Canada is a job that pays more than $200,000 a year: does it seem too good to be true? Wrong! If you have the necessary qualifications, there are several job options in Canada that will pay you at least $200K per year. We combed through job postings to see what positions come with a large salary check. Here are 20 of the most basic.

20 Jobs in Canada that Pay $200k and Above

1. Airline Pilot

A highly experienced airline pilot can make over $200,000. The job can be stressful but also involves international travel. Required skills include good communication skills, being able to make good judgment calls, and, of course, having a pilot’s license.

2. Medical School Professor

Doctors observe money then do the people that teach them the way to be doctors. To be a professor at a school of medicineyou would like to possess a medical degree with specialization within the field you would like to show in, also as clinical experience and research skills.

3. Forensic Pathologist

Most forensic medicine jobs are government positions and involve examining corpses to work out the explanation for death. To qualify for this career, you would like to review medicine then complete a one-year residency in forensic medicine.

4. General Practitioner

In Canada, general or family practitioners can add a hospital or in small private practices. Private practice can usher in extra money but your income isn’t guaranteed. To be a GPyou would like to possess a medical degree, do two to 3 years of residency, and have the licensing required by your province or territory.

5. Anaesthesiologist/Anaesthetist

Wherever there are hospitals or clinics, anaesthesiologists will have employment. You’ll work alongside surgeons and may concentrate on anaesthesiology for specific sorts of surgery, like neurosurgery. you would like to review medicine, complete a five-year residency and obtain the specified licensing for your province or territory to practice as an anesthesiologist.

6. Psychiatrist

Psychiatrists can make overflow $200,000 a year as full-time staff members at hospitals or clinics but can make even more private practice. To become a psychiatrist, you would like to qualify as a doctor then complete a five-year psychiatric residency.

7. Hospitalist

A hospitalist may be a doctor who takes care of patients specifically while they’re in the hospital. Some hospitalists are general practitioners while others are specialists, like lung or kidney specialists, or have specialized in medical care or medicine.

8. Dentist

Like doctors, dentists in Canada can add clinics or private practice. within the cities, competition is hard but you’ll increase your earning potential by moving to a smaller centre or specializing during a field like pediatric dentistry or oral and maxillofacial surgery.

9. Truck Driver

Truck drivers often work on a contract basis and obtain purchased each load they move. If you’ve got your own truck, you’ll land lucrative contracts which will even include benefits. the most required for the work may be a valid driver’s licence for the sort of truck you drive but you furthermore may get to be willing to figure long hours.

10. Auto Sales Associate

Most auto sales associate jobs come with a base salary and commission, which could push your income to over $200,000 if you have a great sales record. Excellent communication skills and the ability to think like a customer will be your greatest assets in this job.

11. Parliamentary Commissioner

Parliamentary commissioners, such as the Commissioner of Official Languages, make over $300,000 a year. To qualify for the job you’ll need a degree in a field like law or public administration, management experience at the executive level, and a good understanding of Canada’s parliamentary system.

12. General Manager

A company’s general manager has to oversee different departments, from sales and marketing to finance. You’ll need to be a good communicator, be able to work under pressure, and be able to delegate. The specifics of the job depend on the company you work for.

13. Financial Advisor

Licensed financial advisors are in demand and well-compensated. You can increase your marketability by getting licensed to sell life insurance, mutual funds, and securities rather than just one of the three and by also qualifying as a certified financial planner.

14. Management Consultant

Companies are willing to pay good money to management consultants who can help them streamline their performance and increase their profits. You need a bachelor’s degree in a field like finance, marketing, or administration and can then train to become a certified management consultant.

15. Business Process Analyst

A business process analyst looks at all the different aspects of a business, including IT, quality, and service, and finds ways to streamline business processes. You need a degree in business operations, management or IT, and excellent communications and analytical skills for this job.

16. Construction Manager

As a construction manager, you need to know about construction methods and technologies. Your job is to oversee construction projects from start to finish, including working out how much they will cost and how long they will take to complete, selecting and hiring subcontractors, and dealing with emergencies.

17. NDT Technician

An NDT or non-destructive testing technician inspects and tests materials for damage and imperfections. This is an important job in the oil and gas industry, whereas an NDT technician you’ll inspect piping and machinery.

18. Petroleum Engineer

Among the highest-paying jobs in Canada’s oil and gas industry is that of a petroleum engineer, the person who figures out the best ways to extract oil and gas. However, you need to be where the jobs are: Alberta and British Columbia pay higher wages than elsewhere.

19. Structural Engineer

Structural engineers at the high end of the scale can make over $200,000 a year. The job basically involves calculating and, if necessary, finding ways to improve the stability and strength of buildings. You can work with new constructions or specialize in the restoration of heritage buildings.

20. Sales Consultant

Sales jobs aren’t known for their high salaries but if you sell the right thing and sell it well, you can make several hundred thousand just in commissions. Among the highest-paying sales jobs are those that involve selling digital media, medical devices, software, and outsourced services.

10 Best Paying Jobs in Canada

  1. Surgeon
  2. Anesthesiologist
  3. Psychiatrist
  4. Corporate Lawyer
  5. Investment Banker
  6. Senior Software Engineer/Architect
  7. Marketing Director
  8. Management Consultant
  9. Petroleum Engineer
  10. Sales Director (Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, or Technology)

Please note that the salaries for these positions can vary based on factors such as location, experience, and demand, and these figures are just rough estimates. Additionally, some of these jobs may require advanced degrees and significant experience in the field.

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