Top 5 Most Dangerous Places In New York You Never Knew

Most Dangerous Places In New York

This Is New York 

Most Dangerous Places In New York: Welcome to America’s most populous city. It is a city with all the attractions which visitors and tourists come to take in at different times of the year.  The city remains one of the most interesting places in America for a visit, tour, or residence.

The city has a skyline that is unarguably one of the most captivating in the world. The cityscape is their trademark. From here you can watch the sun as it sets and radiates its beauty on the empire state building and other buildings and features of the city. All of this experience can be taken in at the skyscraper museum.

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New York City was the first state capital of the United States in 1789 before it was moved to Washington DC.

Also, the city has the largest gold storage in the world. The vault is 80 feet below street level and contains $90 billion worth of gold.

Still, wondering why New York City deserves so much noise being made about it? Well, let me point out a few things that make New York City stand out.

New York City is host to the empire state building, the statue of lady liberty, times square, you can have fun at the waterfronts, visit the east village for Chinese cuisines, visit museums among many other fun things which you can do in New York.

More than 800 are spoken in New York City which means that the city plays host to various ethnicities and individuals. Because of these various ethnicities the city now has the liberty of picking from a wide variety of food to satisfy their curiosity and hunger.

By research, it is observed that 4 out of every 10 households speaks a different language other than English.

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Because of its potential, New York City constantly draws investors from far and wide who come with the dreams of leveraging the city’s economic and social potential.

Trouble In Paradise

Oh, I know you were not really expecting this after all the potential and beauty I have talked about, but there is trouble in paradise.

Amidst all the pictures that have been vividly painted in your head, it is still true that like many other cities around the world the city of New York has its own fair share of troubles and in this article, we will be paying attention to the most dangerous places in New York.

Watch Out For These Places

Let me start off by saying that although New York is a beautiful place with all its attractions and tourism potential it won’t hurt to know and keep in mind one of the places to not visit when you are in the city.

For your own safety, we will be listing a few places or you to avoid. The following are the most dangerous places in New York.

  • Buffalo, NY
  • Niagara falls
  • Rochester, NY
  • Albany, NY
  • Syracuse, NY

#1 Buffalo, NY

The city of buffalo is a beautiful city with breathtaking views and potential. The city has a population of 278,349. Buffalo is the second-largest city in the state of New York in America, it is at the eastern end of Lake Erie.

The city is near Niagara Falls and is in the western New York region.

Besides all the beauty of the city is continuously riddled with crime which seems to be on the increase and has made the city worthy of note negatively.

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With a population of 278,349 people, the average household income is $37,354 which brings about a poverty rate of 30.1%.

The city is known for violent crimes which are actually low when being compared to other cities and the chances of getting killed in buffalo city are quite high as the murder rate of the city is pegged at 24.0%.

With an increasing rise in crime within buffalo, it is not expected that buffalo will be coming off the list anytime soon. It can be said that the continuous increase in crime within buffalo is due to the poverty rate of the city.

#2 Niagara Falls, NY

Niagara is best known for its beautiful waterfalls, but this has not exempted the city from the devastating influence of crime as the waterfall itself has become a scary place to visit.

So on that note, I think it is safer to admire the beauty of Niagara waterfalls in photos and make the most of your imagination while doing so.

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The city has a population of 48,252 people and has a relatively low murder rate of 2.0%. The average household income is $36,346 and the poverty rate is 28.2%. 

The presence of the waterfall which has the potential to attract tourists and rake in some good income has failed to do so because of the criminal activities associated with the area.

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When it comes to Niagara Falls insisting on paying a visit to the waterfall is you insisting to become a victim of a crime that occurs sooner than later. 

For those visiting the city, it is safer to stick to the parts of the town which are safe for tourism.

#3 Rochester, NY

Welcome to Rochester, here death wishes are granted faster than you could imagine. Some call it the murder capital of the state. 2021 was the deadliest year in Rochester pertaining to murder as the city made history making it the deadliest year on record yet.

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The city has a population of 206, 848, an average household income of $35,590, and a poverty rate of 31.3%. This shows that the city is riddled with poverty.

For violent crimes about 800 per 100,000 persons have the potential to perpetuate a violent crime. And the murder rate is pegged at 35.3%.

Research has shown that the cities violence rises and often escalates and leads to murder and the figures don’t look to be coming down the last we checked this has made Rochester one of the most unsafe places to run to if you are intending to preserve your life or even raise a family.

#4 Albany, NY

Albany is the capital city of New York state. It became the official capital of New York State in 1797. The city has a rich history and remains a center for big economic activities. 

Doesn’t quite look like a city that is affected by crime in any way, but deep down Albany is a city that has its own fair share of criminal activities which bedevils it and has left many residents treading more carefully within the city.

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Your chances of being a violent crime victim in Albany is 1 in 113 and property crime is 1 in 36. 

Albany has a population of 97,478, a general average household income of $45,825, and a poverty rate of 22.9%.

The violent crimes Rate is 8,850 per 100,000 people and the murder rate is 16 per 100,000.

The murder rate is high and so is the violent crimes rate jaw-dropping.

#5 Syracuse, NY

Syracuse is home to entertainment, museums, performance spaces, art galleries, and many more features which make the city interesting. The city hosts the students’ favorite event which is The Great New York State Fair.

In reality, Syracuse is a beautiful place to live in having so much to offer socially, economically, and otherwise.

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But despite all of these good, the villain called crime continues to plague the city and the level of crime that is carried out within Syracuse has today made it one of the most dangerous places to live in New York.

The city has a population of 142,874 people with an average household income of $38,276 and a poverty rate of 32%.

The city is known for violent crimes which are currently rated 819.67 per 100,000 people.

Syracuse has a high murder rate of 22.14 per 100,000 people.

While the city’s murder rate is on the high side, the violent crimes rates are relatively low, but as we all know, a violent crime has the tendency to lead to murder in many cases.

The city has a high poverty rate which is one of the reasons why crime rates keep increasing within the rea. 31% of the population is currently living below the poverty line.


Trust me when I say that living in New York City can be an awesome experience. The feeling is indeed different, there is so much to see, do and become. The city is a beauty with the necessary facilities to support a comfortable living.

It is definitely where you would want to go for a good time or a vacation. Do whatever you like as the law permits, but stay safe while doing so and avoid these places for your own good.


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