Amazon KDP For Smartphone Course

FINALLY REVEALED! How Any Dummy Can Make $500 – $1500 Monthly Without Writing a Single Book On AMAZON KDP

Congratulations! The SEARCH Is OVER!!! The Amazon KDP  For Smartphone Secret Strategy Is HERE!

  • Have you been hoping to get started with the Amazon KDP Business Model but it never worked out because you don’t have a laptop? Would you love to be trained on how to create and publish ebooks on Amazon completely with just your smartphone for free without writing or sign up fee in Nigeria? 
  • If the answers is yes, then congratulations! You are not just lucky, you are blessed to have come in contact with the information on this page at this point in time, because you will be blown away by what I’m going to share or reveal!
  • I could show you how I make over 855 sales every month using a secret unique strategy that has been proven overtime by my students/team
  • How much will you pay for training that will make you rich forever? I wish that you will become the next millionaire simply uploading 15 – 20 pages word documents using our simple but effective strategy!

Hi! I’m Sammie Andykhan, Digital Marketer, Affiliate Marketer, Content Creator, Copywriter, Ace Blogger, Web Designer, SEO Expert, E-preneur, Online Business Coach, YouTube Channel Growth Expert & Digital Product Creator.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Earning $500 – $1500 Monthly Designed For Just Android Phone Users

If you are yet to realize that your smartphone can become a cash-breathing machine, then you are still on a “looonng tin!” The world has evolved technologically over the years that our android devices are designed in such a way that you can make money from home, literally turning your phone to a mobile business center.

Amazon KDP Business was not possible with phone before now, but we have disrupt the system and the status quo – you no longer need a laptop to publish books on Amazon!

$1 is now ₦865

Not knowing how to take advantage of the Naira trend to earn some dollars online, is a clear sign you don’t know how money-ready your phone is. The time you consume on social media and YouTube burning data, if you convert that time to making at least $10 (₦8,650) daily from just 1 book, you would be earning $300 (₦259,500) in 30 days.

How much can ₦259,500 do for you working from home, compared to your 9 – 5? For your information, students are not excluded, even if you are still in Secondary School! What matters is not your age, but your MIND!

It came to a point I got fade up of being broke, especially seeing my mum and siblings struggling to make ends meet. My mum was a food vendor. Every morning by 3:30 AM she would strain out of the bed and prepare for her food business.

I could see the pain and frustration in her eyes whenever she would come home with food half in the coolers. She left the business and started frying akara (bean cake) by the road side.

It got to a point that the fire began to affect her health. That was the height of it! I died to mediocrity instantly in my mind – I needed to find a way!

When I told my mum to stop cooking that I will place her on a monthly salary she didn’t believe it. I had to tease her with ₦50k pocket money. Wondering how a young man that was damn broke between November 2020 and March 2021, could suddenly become a breadwinner!

I Can Say Boldly Today That…

  • I have an apartment
  • I’m happily married
  • I have smartphones
  • I have a good laptop
  • I take care of my family
  • I have been able to kick off my business brand
  • I have been able to set up a business for my wife, my mum, and my mother in-law
  • I now focus on God’s purpose for my life

All made possible by making the decision to pay the price, hard work, and the grace of God!

Enroll for the Training

Learn how to start printing dollars and pounds on your android device uploading a simple word document of about 15 – 20 pages to Amazon!

₦12,999 (NOW)

20,000 (SOON)

The Laptop Curse – Reality Is Always Glaring! I know how many times I have been put off by the idea of earning dollars only with PC. Many individuals I came across had interest in Amazon KDP but their only challenge was they didn’t have access to PC. Hence, the need for this course!

And if you are one of those who gets discouraged whenever laptop is mentioned when it comes to doing business online, worry no longer. With your android phone, internet connection, and willingness to go though the training, I will be showing you the strategic steps to make $500 to $1500 monthly uploading 15-20 paged documents on Amazon, from start to finish with just your Smartphone!

What Do You Mean By Amazon KDP?

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is one of the significant business arms of Amazon that deals with the publication of books. Authors who seek to publish their works for people to see and purchase can find succor in Amazon KDP.

It’s now easier for authors to put their books in front of millions of readers across the globe on one platform. In that case, KDP is not designated to a specific location but opened to all races from every nation. That means you can publish your books from anywhere in the world irrespective of your tribe.

To explain further, Amazon Kindle Publishing is a business opportunity that allows you to publish easy-to-assemble books between 15 and 20 pages long on the Amazon Kindle platform.

Moreso, you publish eBooks on highly sought-after niches like Business & Money, Health, Relationship & Marriage, and some low-key gold mine niches or markets. Kudos to the large audience Amazon has! They would drive a flood of interested buyers to discover your eBooks.

These interested buyers with their credit cards in their hands would gladly purchase your eBooks (the price would be in dollars).

One of the most important things you should have at the back of your mind is that it is not uncommon for people working on this KDP Business model to make as much as $15,000 every 30 days. And of course not everyone would achieve this milestone, some would not earn a dime at the end of the day because of poor strategy.

Furthermore, while others earn as high as $45,000 selling children’s books, you could earn very little. it depends on the effort you put in and the strategy (information/knowledge) you gain access to.

Amazon KDP Business Model Is Not a Rocket Science!!!

Get it once and for all! You can publish 1500 books if you like, but without a Guaranteed STRATEGY, you will only be looking at a $0.00 income report on your Amazon KDP dashboard, and it will stare back at you!

My Simple Story!

I remember when I started out with Amazon KDP in November 2020, I borrowed a laptop from a church member and attached myself to someone who knew a little about publishing books on Amazon. About 3 weeks later, he was not comfortable anymore with my presence, so I stopped going to him.

Then I decided to tow a different path. However, he only taught me how to publish books on Amazon with PC without the strategy to get sales on them. I knew I had to pay the price to get a course and position myself properly!

Where was the money to pay for the course? I didn’t have! I resorted finally to doing menial jobs in order to gather some money. Still, I could not raise the needed amount, so I borrowed and added to pay for the course.

I burned nights and data going through the course. When you are determined to pay the price for success, you will break free from mediocrity! I started implementing what I learned, but unfortunately the owner of the laptop needed his PC for a 1-year course, then I was thrown off balance!

Where do I go from here? At the time, I already published 6 books using the strategy I learned from the course, luck smiled on me and I made some sales while I was away trying to borrow another laptop.

What Price Can You Pay For Your SUCCESS In Life? – wishing you could do it will NEVER replace ACTION. Nobody cares about your excuses, all they care about is your RESULTS or OUTCOME!

At the time, I could only access my Amazon KDP dashboard with my android phone to see my earnings. And the search for another PC proved abortive.

As a very inquisitive person and resilient individual, I persevered to discover how I could use my phone instead of being a burden to people.

I spent time researching till I discovered how to publish books on Amazon with my phone piecing different resources together. When I started with phone, I struggled a lot for 2 months before I eventually gained mastery, got my first pay and the rest is history!

Publish Your First Book In Three Simple Steps Within 30 Minutes

To be sure, Amazon also makes money from every sale you get on your books on the Kindle Store. And as of June 2022, Amazon paid out $43.4 million to all the publishers on Amazon KDP known as the KDP Select Global Fund. To publish on Amazon is very simple with our strategy, more like what you will see below;

Have the idea of what people are searching for on Amazon. The idea is to solve a problem. People search for solutions to their challenges!

Research about the solution and create a book that solves their problems. Format the book, design your cover, and get your manuscript ready!

Upload the manuscript to Amazon, optimize your book to rank with the strategy we will show you. Boom! Sales starts rolling in!

Why You Would Need This

  • Emancipation From 9 – 5 > I can put it to you with all humility that about 85% of employed individuals in Nigeria don’t love the job they are engaged in. If you are in Lagos you will understand better! This business model will help you actualize freedom from getting stuck in the traffic from Monday to Saturday looking all stressed up and worn out!
  • Financial Freedom & Lifestyle > Money is an integral part of man, the lack of it will result in a lot of unimaginable issues or challenges. If you have ever been broke before, then you know where it hurts the most. Who wouldn’t love to be free to travel anywhere or go on vacation without being at the mercy of his or her boss?
  • Time Management > If you use all your time and energy to work for your boss or in a public sector (civil service) and retire at age 65 after 35 years of service with just ₦55,000 monthly pension, what benefit is there? Is it the disease you end up with or weakness of the body? But what if you retire at age 40 instead? When you have money, you save time because there are a lot of projects you would complete within a short period of time!


One thing I noticed about Sammie Andykhan is the way he breaks the thing down that even a dullard can grasp every detail of the way! And it’s way too cheap for the unmetered value I’ve gotten from the course. I think he is literally cheating himself when other KDP coaches are selling it very high! I highly recommend this course anywhere and any day!

Uddy Michael S.


All I would say is the course is so in-depth, and as a serving corp member in Warri, Delta State, Nigeria, I can say I’m blown away by such wonderful layout strategy that got me my first sale in less than 24 hours after implementing it. Chai! Thank you very much sir! Now I will be receiving my allawee and getting paid every month from Amazon KDP business. I’m so excited!

Goodluck Peter


If you would ask me, I believe Mr Sammie deserves to price the course as high as #25,000. I am someone that is very difficult to wow, but going through this course, I can say this man has results o! I’ve met a few patient people in my little life but this guy surpasses them. I now believe everything he described on the course sales page, they are 100% accurate! God bless you sir for being considerate!

Israel Jacob


I never knew you could create a book within an hour using a robot. Sir, what more can I say? You are a genius, indeed! The tactics he showed us how to use the AI for free and write plenty books is mind-blowing! I don’t have much to say, but God bless you and increase your IQ. Thank you!

ND Akpan


It’s the passion for me, how he will be telling you that he wants you to succeed at all cost. Sir, I think you should raise the price o! This course is very loaded with value. Most of all, thank you for making it cheap for people like us who are still students to buy. More grace sir!

Vera Clark G.


Straight to the point, sir you are the best online tutor for me! Who would ever imagine I could really make money online! This is my first time doing business on the internet and actually seeing results. Your strategy magnates success sir, ororo dey your head boss! Thanks a million!

Blessed Ade



No serious person jumps into a venture for nothing, there’s a reason behind everything we do. Let’s look at a few facts about Amazon Kindle Business. Why do I think the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Business model would be right for you?

  • It doesn’t involve neck-breaking capital to get started. You don’t have to break the bank to fund it.
  • It is easy to set up (even for newbies as far as you can use your smartphone and are ready to submit to acquire the necessary knowledge, information, or skills)
  • You don’t need to write the book yourself, nor be an author. You can even buy a very cheap book, repackage it legally and resell it at a high price
  • You don’t require your personal hosted website to begin. Amazon has already provided a space for you to list your books in its marketplace
  • You would earn in dollars (very vital)
  • It could become a wellspring of stable monthly passive income for you via royalties cheques if you set it up well
  • You only need a smartphone with an internet connection or access
  • You will be paid for life

Who wouldn’t like such a Business model where you can operate with just your smartphone? There’s no Business as sweet and comforting as one that generates money while you sleep.

How Amazon KDP Business Model Works

Starting out with Amazon KDP should not be a difficult task at all. Knowing how it works is key to succeeding in your publishing career. Below we have a few things to note about KDP Business Model:

  • Upload your manuscripts or book files to the KDP platform.
  • Publish your books and wait for them to be reviewed and then go live when it’s approved.
  • Readers can buy your books and download them immediately to their devices.
  • They can also buy your paperback copy and Amazon will utilize its print-on-demand technology to produce physical copies of your book and ship them directly to the buyers in whichever location they are.
  • Amazon will give you a commission known as royalties for every one of your books that are purchased on the KDP platform.


After all is said and done, you may want to try it out on your own and by yourself. But that may not go well with you in the end, perhaps frustrated because of lack of sales. Whether you like it or not, everyone needs a coach! I personally paid N40K to get access to the Amazon KDP Course, and since then I have never looked back or regretted my action!

How about if I coach you or take you by the hand and show you a step-by-step guide on publishing your first book and making sales within 24 hours? Yes, you heard me! Does it seem impossible? Anything is possible!



This course is designed to cater for the need of those who are completely new to the system, and the publishers, though already utilizing the Amazon platform, but can’t realize their best when it comes to sales.

For your information, this course is mobile-friendly and well-organized in video format to guide you through the process from start to finish. 

What you should be guaranteed of is that you don’t need the following skills to get started:

  • Advertising skills
  • Marketing skills
  • Writing skills
  • Graphics designing skills
  • Fluent in the English Language
  • Even if you are a slow learner, we got you covered (you will have uninterrupted access to the course immediately your payment is confirmed; that means you can re-watch the videos over and over again until you understand everything at your own pace)

    NO CAPS!

    1. 1Laptop Alternative: Everything is done from your mobile phone no matter the model.
    2. 2Best Part: Sophisticated tools to help you succeed without sweats. These are secret tools that will cut down your labour by 85%
    3. 3Automated System: Print hundreds of dollars daily while you sleep. You don’t need to actively publish books everyday. Deep secret!


    Is it a law that every course that is packed with enormous value online must be very expensive? Does the price of a course really project its actual value?

    You may wonder if this is a joke, no it’s not! If you believe every KDP course seller out there inflates the prices of their courses, not everybody follows that trend. I have tested several Amazon KDP courses on the internet, both on laptop and mobile phone, and they are packed with similar strategies.

    The least price you would find on the Amazon KDP course in Nigeria is ₦15,000. Yes, that’s the amount! Having discovered that almost every course creator on this subject out there is pegging the course price between ₦15,000 to ₦59,999, hence, I purchased one for a whopping ₦40,000.

    To be very frank, these courses are great with an awesome step-by-step guide to help you become a profitable publisher on Amazon Kindle Store. However, when I considered it, I realized that many people were dead serious to buy but because of insufficient funds, they could not purchase it. Many of them would come to my WhatsApp and plead with me to help them recommend a cheaper one they can afford.

    What I Did…

    Then I decided to take the pains to create my own course from scratch to finish with my smartphone. This course is very strategic because you will find the secrets in other high-priced courses, as well as my own secret discoveries in the course of deeper research.

    As you must know, my course is one of the best Amazon KDP courses for beginners or newbies. So, whether you have experienced publishing on Amazon or you are just starting out, this course is for you.


    If you want to make money in self-publishing, you must of a necessity have a coach who will guide you to success in the book publishing business. And it would be a privilege for me to fit into that shoe, taking you by the hand and showing you the most profitable method to make crazy sales on every book you publish on Amazon Kindle Store.

    In this Course/Training, you will learn how to create and upload a word document of 15 – 20 pages to Amazon Kindle in 30 minutes without writing a single line of a paragraph or paying writers. You gain access to the secret of selling organically without running Amazon ads.

    What People Are Saying About Our Course

    “Very Loaded, Yet Simple!”

    “I love your course sir! Irrespective of the fact that I’m very new to online platforms, but you made it so simple that even a child can follow though without confusion.

    I can still remember that beam on my face when I saw 2 orders on my dashboard 3 days after I published my first book. I can’t help it but thank you for giving us this valuable asset. God bless you sir!”

    Jane Ugochi
    – Photographer

    “Way Beyond Value…”

    “This is extremely the height of perfection, when value speaks you know! First, I must confess that I doubted the validity of the things you said on this page when I clicked to see, because there was just too much hype about the course.

    Well, I said let me try and see the outcome if it’s worth it, and the price was encouraging as well. Going through the entire course and implementing the strategies, I can believe every word you say sir, even if you have another course I will buy again and again. Thank you sir!

    Tessy Edmund

    “Priceless Course!”

    “I just want to stop by and say a big thank you for helping me build a source of income to support my ministry. It’s crazy how I could get paid in dollars and convert the dollars to Naira at a very high rate, and within 3 minutes I would receive alert on my phone! How did you even get to discover this strategy, sir?

    God will bless you o, that I didn’t even regret buying this course! Thank you very much sir, I’m just short of words!

    Pst. Victor


    What’s standing between you right now is this bridge page and the checkout page to conquer and move over to the other side of financial freedom.

    The thing is whether you accept the truth or not, we will still be balling and printing dollars every day relaxing on the sofa even if you don’t take advantage of it today, it’s all up to you!

    ₦12,999 is hanging in there for a while, after the countdown is over, it’ll go straight up to ₦20,000 unapologetically! With the high level of value you’ll get I should be pegging the price at ₦20,000 compared to my co-creators out there!

    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Secure Payment

    A Few More Testimonials to Prove it Works for Real People

    “His Strategy Works!”

    “Hello Sir! My name is Helen Francis, I’m here to thank you for the privilege to earn passive income from home. I intended using the N12,999 to part pay for my tailoring apprentice, but I sacrificed for your course.”And sir, I have not regretted ever since I took that action. I’ve paid the full amount for the fashion designing skill and take care of my bills. God bless you sir!

    Helen Francis
    – Fashion Designer

    “The Right Coach For The Business…”

    “Sir, your humility for me! He’s a patient teacher. Even the Private WhatsApp Group is value loaded because he always updates us when new strategies emerges, only for N12k? Mr. Andykhan no cheat yourself o please, you too much, you deserve more!

    Steven Esuk
    – Public Speaker
    Sammie Andykhan

    Creator of Amazon KDP Smartphone Course

    About the Author

    All my life I have been a go-getter; I don’t miss good opportunities when I sight one, and I don’t depend on people for anything, except the Almighty God of all creations. I’m a believer in possibilities no matter how the going is hard!

    I have, by the Grace of God, trained over 500 students who are doing massively well in Amazon KDP, each of them making a minimum of $650 monthly using the same strategy I will be showing you in this Course!

    I’ve suffered countless financial losses in Ponzi schemes over the years. Started out my internet entrepreneurship in 2016. Graduated from the university in 2017 (B.A Hons.). I’ve gone through thick and thin, hardships of all kinds till I almost lost confidence in myself, attempting to hang the boots that I may not be able to make it in life!

    I just want you to be inspired and stay strong; trust in God with everything in you, and keep grinding till you succeed. Lazy people can never break free from mediocrity. It takes sacrifice to enjoy the life of luxury.

    Excuses are cheap, hard work is expensive, that’s why poor people don’t live in mansions, only the rich do! I wish you success, but I hope you love yourself much to accept it!

    Enroll for the Training

    Learn how to start printing dollars and pounds on your android device uploading a simple word document of about 15 – 20 pages to Amazon!

    ₦12,999 (NOW)

    20,000 (SOON)


    • Profitable keywords strategy to rank organically without Amazon ads
    • How to get positive reviews and 5star ratings on all your books in other to drive more sales and climb higher in ranks
    • How to curate valuable content from Blogs, Article Directories, and YouTube without writing anything single word
    • Profitable methods for running strategic Amazon ads with as little as $1 and making crazy sales
    • How to write book summaries that sell in the first 2 hours
    • How to research Google Trends and 10 websites to create books and publish instantly within 30 minutes
    • Get access to my book pricing strategy that will be very hard for people to ignore
    • The secret tools I use to do in-depth research for profitable keywords to create books within 1 hour

    All of these and more!

    The Complete Package You Will Gain Instant Access Today

  • Guide to registering or opening an account with Amazon KDP and filling in your Tax details appropriately (worth ₦15,000)
  • How to open a US Bank account online to receive your sales royalties from Amazon every month without spending a dime, and also get a $25 welcome bonus instantly for FREE! (worth ₦15,000)
  • How to create books on the most search topics, and the 10 websites my students and I utilize to tap into trends that generate sales immediately after you publish your book (worth ₦45,000)
  • The keyword research strategy that will make your books rank very high with guaranteed sales ( Value N35,000)
  • How to access all the compulsory tools that I use with my students to make up to $5,000 monthly (worth ₦30,000)
  • How to identify and enter submarkets’ best niches to discover best-selling books to model after and generate sales like them (worth ₦25,000)
  • How to boycott paid writers and create books by yourself under 1 hour without spending ₦45,000 to ₦50,000 as other KDP courses teaches (worth ₦40,000)
  • A step-by-step guide to creating, editing, formatting, uploading, and publishing your books to Amazon Kindle Store using just your smartphone (worth ₦10,000)
  • Gain access to our SECRET websites my group of students and I use to create at least 5 book Summaries every day and publish them on Amazon (worth ₦60,000)
  • Secret strategies to get quality reviews and 5star ratings on all your published books (worth ₦10,000)
  • Best guide to running Amazon ads profitably and technically (worth ₦35,000)
  • Strategic keywords placement to rank higher organically and generate predictable sales without running ads (worth ₦10,000)
  • Access to my premium content generation strategy blueprint to create unlimited books and publish them on Amazon without writing one line of a paragraph (worth ₦50,000)
  • Access to Payoneer best alternative with instant verification and create US, EUR, & GBP Accounts ( Worth ₦10,000)
  • Therefore, the Complete Profitable Blueprint worth is valued at ₦345,000. Woah! Is that how much it’s really worth in actual fact? But you said it’s the cheapest online!

    We Are Not Done Yet…

    Mouthwatering Bonuses You Will Also Enjoy In This Blueprint

    • How to get Canva Pro for free (worth ₦25,000)
    • How to design attractive book covers on Canva with a mobile phone (worth ₦10,000)
    • Lifetime access to my secret WhatsApp Group for further mentorship and updates (worth ₦30,000)
    • My 3 best tools to spin content without losing its originality and also plagiarize-free – original content (worth ₦10,000)
    • How to eliminate the 30% Tax on your KDP account legitimately in order to receive full payment without charge (worth ₦100,000). You know if you earn a minimum of $500 for instance, and you are charged 30% ($150 – ₦106,500), you will receive $350 (₦248,500) instead of $500 (₦355,000). What if you get the exact amount you earned? It would not be a great idea, right?

    Now, how much are you going to pay for this training/course? ₦12,999 only for everything you will learn worth over ₦390,000. If you say I’m not fair for making the price ₦12,999, then I would suggest you do your own research and find out how much others are selling theirs.

    Our Strategy vs The Others

    Here’s a section that you can help you decide whether you wish to go the analogue way or the digital way, manual or automatic, done for you templates by an expert or do it alone and get frustrated in the end.

    Our Strategy

    • Ready-made templates, no need to stress yourself over doing it manually.
    • Create up to 3 books daily under one hour each.
    • Removal of 30% Tax on Amazon KDP monthly Royalties payments – your 100% earnings is credited to your dollar account
    • In-depth research for profitable keywords that will rank your books
    • Secrets proven hacks to rank higher and become best seller organically without running a single Amazon ad

    The Others

    • Frustration in starting everything from the scratch.
    • Create one book by doing rigorous research and writing it manually – 1 book every 3 days.
    • Pay 30% Tax on Amazon KDP Royalties monthly payments – you receive only 70% of your total earnings
    • Poor keyword research, leading to little to no sales
    • poor strategy that will hide your books’ visibility and get them swallowed up in the competitive niches

    amazon kdp smartphone courseamazon kdp smartphone course

    Here’s TheEXTRA You’ll Get

    • A secret AI Tool to help you create unlimited books for free without writing a single line of paragraph (Value ₦50,000)
    • I will show you a secret website you will curate billions of contents – I call it the CONTENT BANK (Value ₦35,000)
    • How to make your books unique and very neat (100% original – plagiarism-free) (Value ₦10,000)
    • Design sleek book covers and paperbacks with Canva free (Value ₦15,000)
    • Access to the secret tools I and my students use to extract profitable keywords (Value ₦15,000)
    • How to extract your competitors’ keywords they are ranking for and join the best sellers league (Value ₦10,000)

    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Secure Payment

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don’t get the desired result/benefit that our course promised by a span of 60 days, 100% refunds if you implement all you are taught and you get nothing. Also, you have perpetual access to the course.

    The Catch: You must show us an evidence that you followed through diligently and didn’t get the result

    Frequently Asked Questions

    I Don’t Have a PC, Can My Mobile Work With This?

    Definitely! Hence, this course is solely designed for android phone users. You have nothing to worry about!

    What If I Get Stuck Or Stranded Along The Way, Can I Get Any Assistance?

    Yes, we have a private WhatsApp Group where like minds are to help you solve any challenge you may have

    Must I run Amazon Ads Before Making Sales?

    Nope! Our results are all organic. that’s why it’s necessary to enroll for the training so that you will know how it’s done & the strategy we implement. However, you can triple your sales with Amazon ads as well!

    How & When Do I Start Earning?

    When you start publishing and doing it regularly coupled with our strategy

    How Do I Get Paid?

    You receive your royalties into a dollar account. In this course, we will show you the platform online we receive our funds in USD, EUR, & GBP, then convert it to Naira at a very high rate (black market) and withdraw to our local bank account

    Do I Have To Promote My Books On Social Media Platforms?

    Amazon receive approximately 2.9 billion visits monthly, and has over 300 million users. So, there is no need to post your books on any social media space. However, if you have a large loyal following/audience, it won’t be bad to try!

    P.S.: There’s an old saying that goes like this, “an agbero who don’t wake up early in the morning will not find a bus to hop on.” This may sound hilarious but that’s absolute truth! A hunter who feels lazy to go hunting will not have meat that day.If you have gone through the content on this page with the proofs showing this system works and still doubt or refuse to take action, well, there is nothing more I can say or do! My intention is not to lure or cajole you into enrolling for the course, but to present an opportunity before you to either join the league of millionaires or ignore.

    However, if you are tired of being broke just like I was, then go ahead and use the link below to proceed to the purchase section or the checkout page and make payment with your bank card or better still chat me up on WHATSAPP to do transfer; either way you are on the right path. Congratulations in advance!

    Welcome To The ACADEMY!!!

    Yes, I Want To Get COURSE Now!

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