6 Top Luxury Home Scents That Will Make You Feel Fancy In 2022

Luxury Home Scents The Smell Of Luxury

Luxury Home Scents: That feeling when you walk into a room that is well lighted, designed, and arranged can be awesome, but nothing complements a house like a proper scent, and although scents are in classes and types nothing beats a luxurious home scent.

These luxury scents are pleasant and unique fragrances that are emotion-evoking, mood-altering, and mind coding. It can calm nerves and it can add class to a home or a room where it is being used. 

These scents could be in form of luxury candles, reed diffusers, room sprays, and more. With a wide variety of scents, it will not be too difficult for you to find one that you can fall in love with. Visitors who walk into your home or office should have their moods enlightened by the luxury scents piercing through and patrolling the atmosphere as it has been proven that these scents can influence moods and trigger feelings.

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There are so many types of luxury home scent products out there by different brands, some popular brands include:

Luxury Home Scents Products

#1 Cire Trudon

Founded in 1643, they have consistently built and developed a reputation that has stood the test of time such that relevance in this century is not a fight. They have been in the business of crafting pleasant home fragrances for centuries and they have a commendable history when it comes to making the home smell great.

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They have been known for supplying beeswax candles to French Royalties. They are currently not living in their past glory as they have perfume candles and a whole other range of home scents that set the atmosphere of your home in the right order. One of the most sought out scents from the Cire Trudon scents line is the ‘Ernesto’.

#2 Atelier Cologne

If you don’t know about Atelier Cologne it will interest you to know that they are a brand popular for producing classy colognes and do not just make people smell good, they also make your home smell good with their scents. Allow Atelier scents to fill your rooms and have them smell fresh and nice. They have citrus creations which come as one of the recommended products from the brand from customer to customer.

#3 Maison Christian Dior

This brand speaks for itself loudly. The most amazing thing about this luxury scent is that you don’t even have to light them up for them to fill the room as the candle announces its presence in a magical way. One of the customer favorites includes the Fe’ve De’licieuse candle and the Bois d’Oranger Candle.

#4 Armani Prive’

Chances to inhale a luxury home scent from this brand will soothe your nostrils as the scents make their way all-around to sing you a welcome home song every time you step into your house after a long day. This brand has a combination of class and pleasure to deliver to your subconscious every time. An experience with this brand will not leave you regretting but recommending. You can try the Rouge Malachite candle, Pivoine Suzhou Candle.

#5 Diptyque 

A Paris brand founded in 1961, has now developed to become one of the top brands in the luxury home scent market. They have amazing scents that can elevate the atmosphere of your home and stand guard against unpleasant odors. The scent vessels themselves are often made by renowned porcelain makers. Try the brand’s Baies candle which burns slowly, after all, you can’t rush class.

#6 Fornasetti

Excellence, expensive, luxurious are the words that the Fornasetti brand associates itself with. It is one of the most expensive home luxury scents in the world. Their wax is hand-poured and they have eye-catching porcelain designs which reflect mid-century Italian luxury and designs. You can try the Cocktail Scented Candle for that luxurious scent that will keep your home smelling classy and fresh.


#1 Lennox & Harvey Heathlands Candle, $47


Lennox & Harvey Scent Candle | Digitalvaluefeed

With heat notes of untamed asters, eucalyptus, and pepper, this slow-burning soy candle evokes the feeling of adventure and grants your nostrils the wish of perceiving only the good from the atmosphere. This beautifully designed and pleasant fragrance is crafted by Lennox and Harvey.

#2 Nadjarina Classic Candle, $135

Nadjarina Candle (Refillable) – Digitalvaluefeed

Nadjarina was founded by Lindsey Mallon, it is an exquisite scent that dominates the atmosphere with a pleasant fragrance. It is dominated by Palo and mixed with vanilla, tobacco, fir, and oakmoss. It is sprinkled with assorted stones for an additional impact.

#3 Gateway Candle Co. In Banff, $25

Getaway Candle Co. | Digitalvaluefeed

Jenn Zajac launched the Gateway Candle Co to produce desirable and exquisite home scents. These destination candles are hand-poured in Los Angeles with a unique blend of waxes (soy, coconut, and apricot). The fragrance is soothing and affordable with a price tag of $25. The company’s best-seller is Banff, which recreates the crisp, piney, and cool, aquatic notes from a misty mountain hike. 

#4 Alicia Adams Alpaca Candle 02, $58

alicia adams alpaca | candle | Digitalvaluefeed

Damask rose is one of the world’s most beloved fragrance notes, but can easily overpower and dominate. So to soften the flowers distinctive personality. Smoky wood and clove were incorporated. The end result is modern, beguiling floral that’s equal parts grounded and ethereal. On top of that, the chicly-wrapped box makes it perfect for gift-giving.

#5 Fernweh Editions Fern & Petals Candle, $45

Fernweh Editions Fern & Petals | Digitalvaluefeed

Larissa Pickens launched Fernweh editions to transport you to the world’s most beloved destinations through fragrance. Fern & Petals captures the invigorating sensation of a spring morning hike through Pacific Northwest’s Cascade Range, when the ferns are glistening with dew and florals are just beginning to bloom. In addition, no detail was spared, from the hand-poured wax to the self-trimming cotton wicks.

#6 Gucci Freesia Candle, $343

Fill your home with the delightful luxurious fragrance from Gucci Freesia scent. The magical and exquisite content of this glass case candle may be expensive but worth the money as you are constantly reminded that this luxury home scent is in charge every time you walk into the house. It contains top notes of intoxicating African freesia that make way for crisp violet and galbanum at the base.

Freesia, medium murano candle | Digitalvaluefeed

Luxury Home Scents Summary

Some of the top luxury scents are made with lavender, palo santo, coffee, eucalyptus, fir, vanilla, pumpkin spice, peppermint, sandalwood, rose. With a variety of affordable and exquisite home luxury scents to choose from you have no excuse to not have a home that smells exquisite and excellent. Choose from the numerous options and have a wonderfully atmospheric experience in your home.


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