Very Important Facts About K & L Wines: A Hit Or Miss?

K& L Wines

K & L Wines: For over 30 years K and L wines have been in service delivering a variety and wide selection of quality drinks to the people of America.

K & L was founded by Todd Zucker and Clyde Beff who have been childhood friends since 1947. It is a partnership that has grown to become a brand that has achieved some good strides for itself over the past years.

K & L started in California in the year 1976 but currently, the company has enlarged its territory as they now have a presence in other states of the nation such as Hollywood CA, San Francisco, and Redwood City.

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The brand is proudly a family business and has remained that way ever since it was founded in 1976.

One interesting fact about K & L is that the initials used by the wine label are the initials of the wives of the owners. Kay is the wife of Clyde Beffa Jr’s wife and Linda is the wife of Todd Zucker.

You Are At the Right Place

It doesn’t matter what you are looking for in a wine or the specific brand that you are looking to grab you can rest assured that K & L has got just what you need as they operate with the maximum desire to ensure that you don’t walk in empty-handed and also leave the same way you came.

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K & L offer a wide selection of wine varieties for you to pick from and they are not limited to that which is being produced within America, the 21st century, or the one before this one as they have an array of both classic and vintage bottles of wine.

 K & L has an inventory that includes hundreds of legendary wines that have been highly touted and they pride themselves in offering outstanding choices before the press writes them up.

Why You Should Go With K & L

K & L are in the conscious business of finding the best wine brands all around the world and offering them at the best prices. With this said it is important to know that their wine quest extends to every part of the globe with no exception whatsoever. So if your favorite brand is from somewhere in Antarctica be rest assured that K & L will fetch it for you and even deliver it chilled.

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They have one of the finest collections of Germany and Austria’s finest releases, the very best wines from Spain, Chile, and Argentina, a large selection of quality labels from Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa, a wide collection of variety and quality French wines, they also pride themselves as one of those in the USA with the most comprehensive collections of fantastic Italian wines and they also specialize in old and rare wines. These wines are directly imported from all over the globe.

Staff And Services

The company has an interesting and dedicated array of staff. The team is committed to attending to your every need from the moment you step into the store to the very moment you step out. From a warm reception to a friendly tour guide to help you make the right section, you will feel special and highly regarded. 

This treatment is not peculiar to the California store as the services offered at the California store can be seen replicated in a competitive manner in other branches of the store. The name is K&L Wines everywhere and location doesn’t make their services less effective.

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Also, the fact that they offer superior quality wines at affordable rates and competitive prices around the country also makes them stand out. The company purchases its wines from wineries in large quantities and their buyers travel to Europe several times a year to purchase from producers.

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This means that on trips thy can easily find wines that are not in the US market and also makes it easier for them to offer at affordable prices.

At K & L Wines the tasting panel tries thousands of wines each year and can recommend excellent wines for you which will fit your budget.

Website and Benefits

You can visit the official website of K & L wines to take a tour through their inventory of over 7,000 quality labels from all around the globe.

For members, you can also sign up as an insider to receive a mailing list to get exclusive savings on inventory clearance wines.

On visiting the company’s site you will see wines in all categories including best sellers, top picks, new arrivals, insider’s advantage, and coming soon. These will help you to navigate the site easier and help you know what people are drinking.



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