Higher Education Monster Truck – Huge Cool School Bus To Catch Fun


Higher Education Monster Truck: They’re humongous. They’re a bit scary, if only in size. And maybe monstrous too, no wonder they are called monster trucks. And Higher Education Monster Truck is one of them. Used for showbiz and entertainment purposes, these trucks have been stealing shows in which they appear, causing heads to flip and jaws to drop in amazement as these spectacular wheelers thrill the spectators with their acts.

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How much do you know about these incredible vehicles? Dive in and find out. 


First, before we look at what Higher Education Monster Trucks are, let’s get a hang of what monster trucks are in general. 

Monster trucks are spectacular vehicles manufactured for the purposes of entertainment and competition stunts. Obviously, this means you won’t stumble upon a monster truck on the road since they are not built for the road, especially due to their size and weight – you don’t want to find your roads split open after a couple of monster trucks have ridden over them with their heavy-duty suspension, do you? 

Monster trucks came into the scene in the 1980’s performing as side acts in competitions and sporting events like motocross, mud bogging events, and tractor pulling events. At such events, they were used in car-crushing performances. 

Monster trucks were initially manufactured by putting a few touches on stock pickup trucks and SUVs, however, nowadays, manufacturing companies create these monster trucks from scratch with that intention, installing chassis framed with tubes and using fiberglass for the bodies of the trucks. 

The size of these trucks varies slightly, but an average monster truck entered into these competitions is about 12 ft tall furnished with off-road tires of 66 inches. 


This is a variant of monster trucks owned by Michael Vaters. Caters owns the company Vaters Motorsports in Hagerstown, Maryland. The Higher Education Monster Truck is so-called because it is the first and only truck modeled after schooling and education in the Monster Spectacular competition. 

If you saw a Higher Education Monster Truck say on TV, how would you spot one? First, it is yellow, like the random school buses used to convey kids to and from school. It is flat-nosed with really large, humongous heavy-duty tires with ¾ scale. 

This monster truck was first launched in 2011, April 9th, precisely. Its first unveiling was at the 2011 edition of Monster Spectacular. According to sources, it was inspired by Vaters’ best friend’s wheel stander, Cool Bus. Ever since its emergence, the school-themed monster truck has been a favorite amongst spectators and fans alike. 

The truck is a noted rival of the Instigator truck as both trucks have competed in races side by side a couple of times including in the Trenton 2013 competition. 


Apart from its schoolbus-modeled look, the Higher Education monster truck uses a 557ci A&C racing performance engine and an FTI performance 2-speed Powerglide transmission. As for its tires, it combines 66 inches Goodyear and 66 inches 2nd generation BKT.  

Also, one peculiar feature of the Higher Education monster truck is its moving stop sign. The sign unfolds and sticks out when the truck halts and folds back inside once the truck is in motion again. 


Monster Spectacular is an annual tour organized in Quebec, Canada, and the other Canadian States such as Montreal, Ottawa, Regina, Saint-John, etc, as well as a few states in the United States. The show features monster trucks, freestyle motocross, BMX, ATV racing, and more.

The Monster Spectacular, the largest monster truck circuit in Canada, is a breathtaking event that has brought together all thrill-seekers for over 30 years.

The shows are energetic, fun as well as exciting with thousands of fans and spectators gathering at every location. It was as such an event in 2011 that the Higher Education monster truck was launched officially. 

Would you love to watch this spectacular vehicle alongside thousands of boisterous, adrenaline-filled fans? My guess is yes.


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