3 Top Adriana’s Insurance Services For Californians 2022

Adriana’s Insurance Services happens to be the hub or center in providing local insurance for the inhabitants of Southern California, so if you are a resident in this region, Adriana’s Insurance Services would be the recommended choice for you. And as such, Adriana’s Insurance Services make available a wide range of solutions.

Adriana’s Insurance CEO is a Mexican-born known as Adriana Gallardo, hence the company’s name. The Insurance company has a fast-paced growth when it comes to insurance agencies seen around Southern California. Adriana’s Insurance Services features Life, Auto, and Home Insurance policies coupled with a bilingual workforce (staff), and has been around for over 25 years serving Southern Californians.

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Adriana’s Insurance Services

Adriana’s Insurance Services guarantees her clients the lowest rate for their policies by shopping around for them or on their behalf. For those who desire coverage that is affordable, Adriana’s Insurance is the real insurance plug for homeowners, life, and auto insurance policies.

However, Adriana’s Insurance Services focuses more on these top 3 (though not limited to these) insurance policies; auto, homeowners, and life. Therefore, we will take a look at them in detail and why the company may be necessarily your best option.


1. Adriana’s Auto Insurance

Adriana’s Insurance Services offer coverage recourse for drivers in Southern California. Ranging from young adult drivers (teens) to veteran drivers with many years of driving experience, Adriana’s Insurance provides a wide variety of help for massive risk profiles or records.

Adriana’s Insurance Services additionally assures her customers’ security when it comes to the best rate by working out agreement terms with carriers and by providing reasonable discounts for drivers to their clients.

Varieties Of Auto Coverage

Adriana’s Auto Insurance offers her customers the following:

Roadside Assistance:

Drivers can freely enroll for roadside assistance coverage via Adriana’s Insurance Services to get urgent-situation help in any case of car breakdown or accident.

Windshield Replacement:

Here, drivers are afforded the opportunity to recover costs for windshield replacement services.

Full Coverage Auto Insurance:

This Adriana’s Auto Insurance policy embodies the fundamental liability coverage needed by California Law. and as well provides concise, theft and collision coverages to a greater extent to protect drivers.

Physical Damage Auto Insurance Coverage:

In a situation where your car catches fire or there is a fire accident, the car is stolen, or hooliganism, your charges or expenses will be taken care of in this coverage policy.

Liability Auto Insurance:

In Adriana’s Auto Insurance, the fundamental requirements specified by California State law concerning coverages are put into play.

Adriana’s Insurance Coverage Discounts

Discounts available for Adriana’s Auto Insurance are not stated on their official website. Besides, Adriana’s Insurance Services do provide reasonable discounts for great drivers, specified on their website. Be that as it may, when discounts are provided for good drivers based on the auto insurance policy, these two categories below are taken into consideration:

Violation-Free Discount: This states that this discount is only available for drivers with no traffic violation in five years.

Accident-Free Discount: No accident recorded in five years

To gain access to definite details concerning how good driver discounts operate via Adriana’s Insurance Services, customers will have to solicit auto insurance quotes and communicate with the company’s agent.



2. Adriana’s Homeowners’ Insurance

Residents in California who are in search of homeowners’ insurance can see a variety range of whatever they are looking for at Adriana’s Insurance Services. The company provides different massive coverages for homeowners and tenants living in a number of various apartments. Meanwhile, Adriana’s Insurance Services do not list discounts available for clients, but they only guarantee minimum rates available on all homeowners’ and tenants’ insurance commodities.

Types Of Coverage

At times it can be cumbersome to see an insurance company ready to cover the particular home you live in. However, Adriana’s Insurance Services make available a lot of various coverage options befitting or appropriate for practically any kind of home.

And as such, enumerated below are available coverages for homeowners:

Specialty Homes:

Adriana’s Insurance Services can provide the policy and protection for those living in specialty homes with premium coverage requirements.

Mobile Homes:

Several other insurance companies or providers don’t provide mobile home policies for their escalated risk profile, which makes Adriana’s Insurance Services the right option for residents living in mobile homes.


Adriana’s Insurance Services offers policies that provide the safe haven you desire for your personal property, even if it’s a rented condo or you own it.

Flood Damage:

Though flood incidence is really a big deal for the residents of California, flood damage coverage can be profitable if your home plumbing system is faulty.

Hazard Insurance:

Should there be any fire outbreak or disaster, this policy coverage allows customers to file claims following up on the fire hazard in their homes.

Complete Homeowners’ Coverage:

This policy enables you to protect your own property with standard homeowners’ coverage.

Adriana’s Homeowners’ Insurance Discounts

There are, however, no stated details about discounts on homeowners’ policies visible or seen on Adriana’s Insurance website. What Adriana’s Insurance Services do is negotiate on customers’ behalf to shop at the most moderate and reasonable rate in California.



3. Adriana’s Life Insurance

Adriana’s Insurance Services becomes the solution for residents in Southern California looking for life insurance. The company provides a variety of life insurance alternatives predicated upon customers’ personal needs.

Types Of Adriana’s Life Insurance Policies Provided

At the moment, Adriana’s Insurance Services offers only two life insurance commodities to her clients; Term Life Insurance and Permanent Life Insurance.

Term Life Insurance

These schemes are created to provide workable coverage for a programmed period of time. installments are usually lower for these policies, and term life insurance to a greater extent provides living advantages too.

Permanent Life Insurance:

This insurance scheme offers coverage for the client’s life entirely. And these can, without any benefit of the doubt, put together the death benefits provided in traditional life insurance commodities with the enablement to pile up money value, adding more to clients’ financial inheritance.




Why Adriana’s Insurance Should Be Your Option

Adriana’s Insurance Coverages provides a better alternative for the residents of Southern California looking for a local or nearby insurance company that finds solutions to peculiar needs in the region.

Moreso, customers may not see the complete range of coverage alternatives that other more popular insurance companies might provide, they will definitely find the coverages that are their top priorities.

Moreover, for Spanish-speaking customers with many years of driving experience in need of help shopping for the best available policy, Adriana’s Insurance Services puts itself in the line to make it happen.

One salient point to keep in mind concerning Adriana’s Insurance is that it’s an agency; not a provider. Hence, the agency has functional engagements with the insurance companies listed below:

  • American Family
  • American Modern
  • Western Surety
  • RLI Corp
  • Pacificare
  • Neighborhood
  • Kaiser
  • Foremost
  • Exact
  • Civic Property
  • Blue Shield
  • Anthem Blue
  • Aetna

Deducing from the partnerships above, it reveals that customers do business with a middleman such as Adriana’s Insurance Services that carries out negotiations on their behalf to procure the affordable or lowest rate. On top of that, expectations may be dashed at times.

The report of the numerous ill comments poured out on Adriana’s Insurance Coverages in the last five years, connotes that customers always complain of disguised fees, billing problems, and rates that never meet their budgets.

As commonly observed in any insurance company, it is always in the best interest to make a lot of inquiries during the time of registration, especially write down the names of the agents with whom you communicate and ask for documented confirmation of any assurances, unique offers, discounts, or waived fees that are guaranteed.



Adriana’s Insurance Reviews, Ratings, Complaints, And Customer Satisfaction

Adriana’s Insurance gets a better than expected number of client protests. While the organization isn’t evaluated by AM Best or J.D. Power, they have gotten evaluations from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the Business Consumer Alliance. Adriana’s isn’t licensed by the BBB; notwithstanding, they have gotten an “F” rating with three client audits adding up to 1/5 stars.

Business Consumer Alliance recounts a somewhat unique story: With almost 1,500 requests on their organization profile and three protests included over the most recent three years, Adriana flaunts an AAA rating.

Notwithstanding, that equivalent profile likewise shows a purchaser grumbling goal list of 33%. That implies that shoppers filing a complaint with the organization through the Business Consumer Alliance platform are probably not going to get resolved through the complaint intervention process.



Other Policies Provided By Adriana’s Insurance

# RV Insurance

# Rideshare Insurance

# Mexico Travel Insurance

# Events Insurance

# Commercial Insurance

# Classic Car Insurance

# Business Insurance



Adriana’s Insurance FAQ

What Am I Required Of To Get A Quote From Adriana Insurance?

Clients looking for extra data with respect to accessible insurance approaches through Adriana’s might do as such by utilizing the organization’s free online quote aid or by calling the quotes hotline at 1-800-435-2997. When you are done filling the online quote form, clients will be requested their complete name, email address, telephone number, and actual location. Clients should be situated in California to qualify.

How Do I File a Claim With Adriana’s Insurance?

Adriana’s Insurance doesn’t process claims on behalf of its clients. All things being equal, the organization gives a full rundown of claims hotlines for the particular insurance agencies with which they work. To see the full rundown of insurance claims hotlines, visit Adriana’s Insurance site.

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