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Luxury Baddie Aesthetic

Luxury Baddie Aesthetic: Also known as the Beauty Guru, Baddie luxury aesthetics was founded during the lockdown. They value making ladies look beautiful, being confident, wearing makeup. The Baddie Aesthetic is one of the most popular major trends right now.

It originated from Instagram and Tiktok and it is all about attitude and confidence, this goes to prove how much social media has influenced our physical and mental life which is reflected in our fashion sense when we consider the Baddie Aesthetic. Baddie Aesthetics offers a wide range of classy and trendy outfits for you to replicate for any occasion ranging from dinner outfits for hanging out with friends or an outfit for the gram.

They have enough trendy ideas for you to replicate and rock confidently. Good thing is that these trends are easily replicable be it a blend of high fashion with streetwear these Baddies trends got you covered and allow you to stay in trend. The Baddie Aesthetics features soft pastel shades, oversized sweats, and chunky sneakers. A blend of strong makeup and a sporty twist gives off an effortless and sleek feel to every outfit.

Luxury Baddie ladies are women who know how to have a good time and enjoy life while looking their best. Their hair and makeup are always flicking and admirable, and their bodies are always found in a trendy design fashion worn on Instagram. As earlier stated you don’t need to feel left out because of cost as being a Baddie is more about feeling confident in your own skin.

So if you are craving a baddie look irrespective of your budget these are some of the best luxury aesthetic outfits you should check out and also try out from the Dark Academia, Y2K, Soft Girls, Cottagecore, Femboy, and many more aesthetic variations. 

9 Top Luxury Baddie Aesthetic Ideas List

#1 Luxury Baddie Aesthetics

Luxury Baddie Aesthetic is typified by a life of glamour and fashion comfort. It is an aesthetic that involves very expensive things blended with the Baddie aesthetic. The Baddie luxury aesthetics shows off brands such as Gucci, Prada, Givenchy, and Versace.

Luxury Baddie Aesthetic - Digitalvaluefeed

These brands are mostly being rocked by celebrities who have enough money to spend on the purchase of these items. These items have been found on celebrities which include Cardi B, Saweetie, Beyonce, Bell Barz, Rihana, Nicki Minaj, Doja Cat, and many more others.

These celebrities have been caught wearing expensive brands and in Silk and satin dresses, boots, faux fur coats, clothing with sparkles, rhinestones or fur, and heels. These are accompanied by accessories such as diamond and pearl jewelry, sunglasses, hoop earrings, chokers, tiaras, handbags, and purses.

#2 Y2K Aesthetic Outfits

The Y2K aesthetic outfit which is also known as kaybug is one of the most trending and sought-after Trends right now. It is seen everywhere on Instagram, Tiktok, and every other social media platform right now. The Y2K aesthetics outfits are wide-reaching and continue to reach wider appeal as time goes.

Y2K Aesthetic Outfits | Digitalvaluefeed

The Y2K Aesthetic is distinctive and draws its inspiration from the fashion and cultural trends of the 90s to mid-2000s. This style is quite distinctive because it combines futuristic trends with a slight retro edge to spice up looks. The Y2K aesthetics features chunky sneakers, shiny materials, pleated skirts, baguette bags, and colorful sunglasses. The most popular aesthetic outfits of the Y2K right now are pastel-colored camisoles, high-rise flared jeans, colored sunglasses, and lots of hair accessories.

The major themes adopted by the Y2K aesthetic include vintage luxe brands like Dior, Prada, and Versace, relaxed Denim, and chunky sneakers. Also, crop tops cannot be left out. You can check out and purchase the Tie-Dye strap seaside top for $23.60 or the High-waist explosive pants for $42.50.

#3 Vintage Aesthetic Outfits

The Vintage aesthetics outfits involve 1980’s-1990’s vintage outfits such as clothing and accessories combined with Baddie and some Hip-Hop fashion. All these elements in combination do not affect the aura of Baddie.

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Vintage aesthetic outfits usually comprise vintage t-shirts, skate shoes, chunky sneakers, vintage jewelry, and straight leg or baggy fitting vintage jeans and cargo pants. Vintage clothing outfits keep the life cycle of garments going and their memory reflects through the wearer to another generation. You can blend your favorite old wears anyhow it pleases you as there are no rules that govern the wearing of vintage.

#4 Soft Girl Aesthetic Outfits Of Luxury Baddie Aesthetic

With the Soft girl aesthetic you can appear delicate and romantic. They are everywhere on Instagram, Tiktok, and Pinterest right now as a single search of the keyword will give you numerous search results revealing its popularity. The soft girl aesthetic outfit is girly and dreamy and the colors of the clothes match.

Soft Girl Aesthetic Outfits | Digitalvaluefeed

This look can be achieved with a crop top tee, a mini plaid skirt, mom jeans, or cords all in the pastel shades. You can also put a cardigan on top of this if you feel like appearing a bit extra for the gram or public show-off. But most importantly it is worthy of note to know that this trend relies on pastel shades such as baby blue, bubblegum, lemon, sage, and lemon.

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However, its original inspiration is drawn from the Y2K style. The Soft girl outfits have some similarities with the Kawaii aesthetics in Japan, preppy styles, and VSCO and E-Girls styles, but the subtle difference helps this aesthetic stand out. 

You can check out the soft girl gray gradient cardigan which costs $34.60 and the blue Tubular letter print for $58.80.

#5 Cottagecore Aesthetic outfits

The Cottagecore aesthetic outfits are inspired by the Regency and Edwardian periods in Europe. It is one of the most demanded aesthetics on Tiktok in 2022. It depicts the idea of a simple life in the countryside. It is best described by loose-fitting, flowing dresses and skirts with long sleeves or puffed sleeves.

Cottagecore Aesthetic outfits | Digitalvaluefeed

Soft and natural colors are the major colors that are explored by this outfit. The fabrics, patterns, flowing dresses, lots of lace and gingham, leg of mutton sleeves, and handmade accessories are the things that typify this aesthetic outfit.

#6 Dark/Light Academia Outfits

This outfit is motivated by thirst and passion for knowledge. It romanticizes knowledge and education and brings back feelings from the 1847s-1940s. Here the aim is to create a bookish look that is completed by dark hues and cozy academic details.

Dark/Light Academia Outfits | Digitalvaluefeed

Some of the best light and dark academia aesthetics outfits right now are classic long coats, plaid suit vests, checkered blazers, wide wool trousers, white shirts, turtlenecks with long skirts, plaid skirts, tights, and hair bows.

#7 Grunge Aesthetic Outfits

Grunge aesthetic outfits started with punk and metal bands influencing rebellious styles in the 1980s. The distinctive styles of the Grunge aesthetic outfits are inspired by underground music scenes from the 80s.

Grunge Aesthetic Outfits | Digitalvaluefeed

Grunge is an edge style that is characterized by dark colors, plaid, leather, band tees, black boots, black denim jeans, converse sneakers, and a unique hairstyle that went against the colorful and preppy look of that time. This outfit defies mainstream sentiments in a rebellious way.

This aesthetic outfit style is simple and you can blend in any type of outfit as long as you keep the overall vibe of the aesthetic which are dark colors and neutral, black, or gray shades.

#8 Indie Aesthetic Outfits

The Indie aesthetic outfits make room for the expression of individuality and independence. they are inspired by the early 2000s fashion style and its adoption into the current fashion trends has seen it experience some modern touch and modification to suit the taste of the present time.

indie aesthetic outfit - Digitalvaluefeed

Indie aesthetic outfit is characterized by graphic T-shirts, chunky sneakers, colored dress pants, bucket hats, and baggy cargo pants.

The style also blends with elements from the skateboard culture of the 90s with bright colors from the early 2000s Y2K aesthetics.

#9 E-girl Aesthetics Outfits

E-girl in this context is an abbreviation of electronic girl. This aesthetic outfit dates back to the early to mid-2010s. it was coined to describe a type of girl who uses the Tiktok app. It shares similarities with pastel Goth and plants mom.

E-Girl Outfit | Digitalvaluefeed

This aesthetic outfit shows off a geeky yet sexy feminine personality that is slightly dark at the same time. It takes its inspiration from E-mo, scene, Goth, Grunge, and anime but is often confused with Y2K aesthetics.

You can rock the e-girl aesthetic outfit in beige cargo pants, blue jeans, sleeved shirts, black striped long-sleeve shirts, oversized band shirts, black jogger pants, acid wash jeans, and sharp winged eyeliners. Also, the makeup for this trend tends to be over-sexualized.

With a wide range of aesthetics to choose from you can decide to rock any aesthetic wear which you choose, explore, try out new things and enjoy the journey to fashion freedom and creativity.

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