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“Intelligence Prime Capital AIA Bot is the biggest innovation that has happened to Forex Trading with AI. – Crypto Sam


About The IPC AIA Bot

The AIA Bot is was developed by Intelligence Prime Capital in June 2021. IPC is a Canadian Fintech Company duly registered with ASIC and FINTRAC, recognized by Myfxbook and Wikifx. It was designed or programmed to help solve the encumbrances that comes with forex trading, especially analyzing the market and picking profitable trades. 

IPC AIA Bot Trade Profitability

When it comes to IPC AIA Bot trade profitability, you got nothing to worry about. The bot has a 97% win rate and 3% loss. It has a track-record of 6 months plus consistent trades in wins with minimal losses of not even up to 2% in a whole month!

The AIA Bot is the game changer for both professionals and newbie traders in the marketplace.

“All my 69 trades for December were all wins, pure profits, not even one loss! I can’t believe this kind of forex trading bot could exist. Now I can recoup all the money I lost to other bots with IPC AIA Bot. ”

De Oracle FXForex Trader


IPC AIA Bot picks trade three times early in the morning. It does not overleverage.

Auto Withdrawal

Every Saturday morning, IPC Bot calculates all your profits for the week and withdraws it to your IPC Dashboard without you touching anything.

Maintains Lot Size

The Bot can never use 0.1 for a $100 equity. That is to say, it uses lot sizes according to the size of your equity. Unlike other bots that increases the lot sizes each time the market lags behind.

Straight Wins, No Loss!

More Win Trades69 trades for the month of December 2021 no loss!High ProfitMade $4,406 in December alone just trading profits, referral earning exclusive.AccuracyPicks trade timely and closes it on time and in profit consistently!

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How Much Can You Make With IPC AIA Bot?

It’s better experienced than explained! You can earn as much as $52,450 weekly both from trading profit and referral commissions depending on your hunger. You can also make as low as $100 per day or week if you take it lightly.

However, your equity plays a very crucial role here in determining how much you can earn daily and weekly as an investor, not networking. You can choose to be one or both, if you are both, you can earn more!

Benefit 1

Daily passive income is guaranteed whether you are asleep or awake.

Benefit 2

Earn up to 45% every month on your invested capital irrespective of how the forex market is, profit is guaranteed.

Benefit 3

Enjoy massive commissions from levels 1 to 20 without any failure in the system.


They Say About Our AIA Robot

“The developers of this AIA Bot had people in mind, because I wonder how I can be seeing profits daily no losses, it has never been seen before in my little experience in forex trading. This is the best forex trading Robot in the world at the moment. If you are yet to try this company out, please do so, they are 1000% legit!”

Classic Touch

Business Woman, FX Trader, and Networker

Grow Your Bank Account In 2022!

Intelligence Prime Capital Bot assures you earnings unlimited if you take advantage now! When you see a system that’s legit, don’t hesitate to give it a try instead of saying it’s a scam!


Earnings Proof

One of the major earnings earned with Intelligence Prime Capital.

Withdrawal Of $51,204 Initiated

From the first picture $51,204.79 is the total earning for the week, but $51,204 is withdrawn.

Withdrawal of $51,204 Approved and Sent To The Recipient’s Wallet.

When withdrawal is made a code will be sent to your email to verify if it’s you, when that is done, it’ll be on pending for few minutes, then approved later.


Withdrawal Received

The withdrawal of $51,204 is now received to Huobi Global wallet, some people use Binance.

Daily Trading Profit

Daily Trading Profit

Simple Steps To Begin

If you wish to join the millionaires’ trend, follow the few steps bellow:

  • Get started by clicking on the green button
  • Type in the OTP verification code sent to your email. Don’t copy and paste, just TYPE IT, or you will get an invalid notification.

Steps To Join Cont’d…

Keep following the steps bellow:

  • Verify your IPC account and check if you have been verified via email.
  • Do your KYC and get approved
  • Make Deposit and activate your robot
  • Download MT4 App on Playstore (for Android users) or Appstore (for IOS devices)

Our Partners Love IPC AIA Trading Bot.

Here’s Why:

IPC Affiliate System 

1. You earn 10% when your referrals activate their bots.

2. You earn 10% for every deposit they made, even if it’s $100,000, you get $10,000 instantly.

3. You earn 30% from all your downlines’ trading profit every week the calculation and summation is done.

Apart from the IPC AIA Robot trading for you, Intelligence Prime Capital network marketing program payout is insane!. There is a lot of money to be made here guys! What are you waiting for? Join us ASAP!!!

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Forex Price Action Analyst


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